Monday, January 14, 2013

The Weekend Recipes and Homespun Christmas Plans....

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you all had an awesome weekend.. 
We are having our January thaw here in Eastern Canada.. 
Melting going on everywhere.. 
Made for a great weekend.. 

The weather is so mild that there is a fog...
Very pretty, actually.. 

Yesterday we had some great church.. 
Good teaching, preaching and fellowship.. 
God is so good... 

Then on Saturday our daughter and husband picked us up and took us to the city.. 

The grandsons were on the hill so there were just the four of us.. 

We decided to try out a new Grill they just built in Moncton.. 

It is a lovely restaurant.. 
We really enjoyed their food.. 

Wonderful appetizers.. 
Med bread with 4 different dips... 
And calamari.... Delicious.. 

I was excited to see if I could make something the same.. 

So today I made some Naan bread but did not get the lovely color that was on theirs.. 
I found other recipes after that tell you to spread butter and broil.. 
I think I need to try it again but Terry said it tasted good.. 

I only made 2 of the dips.. 
Olive Tapenade ...   and Aioli...
They were good!!


This would be lovely to serve to company.. 
They also had salsa and a smoked salmon dip which would be easy to do..

For lunch today we had a homemade Irish Stew.. 

So needless to say we did not require much supper.. 
The bread thing was nice for a change.. 

Shonda and I discussed our Homespun Christmas plan.. 
I thought I would share it with you all in case any of you would like to give it a try, also.. 

Just the two of us are doing it..
 This is the first try so we will work out the kinks.. smile.. 

We are going to spend $50- $60.00 limit on each other.. 

Everything will be bought at Thrift stores or yard sales, homemade or makeovers.. 

We will only spend the limit on the gift and the supplies it takes to remake the gift.. 

We both decided we do not want any more snowmen.. smile.. 

We will start right away..... 

This is a redo idea that I did before Christmas as you recall.. 
Shonda loved this.. 

A $2.50  Santa from the Salvation Army turned into this.. 

So, this would end up costing about $5.00...  
The only cost was the beard... 

Some ideas that I can think of are.. 

Doll re dos, tablecloth ideas, wood items redone and so on..

I gave her some coffee spoons and an angora shawl for Christmas that I found at Thrift.. She like those.. 

Maybe a second hand scarf or such.. 
We both like primitive so it should be easy.. smile..

If any of you would like to do this with your daughter or friend just leave me a note and perhaps we can exchange some ideas as to what we are doing throughout the year.. 
We could pick a day each month and tell some of our ideas... 
Pinterest will come in handy doing this, I am sure... 

Well, this is all for tonight my dears.. 
Thanks so much for dropping by and welcome to the new friends who have signed up for the blog.. 
Love having you.. 

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you all.. 



  1. Faye, it's funny, but I am already thinking of next Christmas, too. I am going to make some of the wreaths with all my unused bulbs and gift them to people this year, and I'm starting this month.

  2. Hello Faye, What a great idea to do with your darling daughter. I, too, have already been thnking that I have to get going. What to do yet? Not sure.

    1. Now is a good time to find thrift store Christmas stuff as everyone is getting rid of it.. eh? xo

  3. Great idea the snow photos..
    Please send some to me friend.
    Woolie hugs

    1. You should get it in the mail any day now.. grin.. xo

  4. love your photos!
    they look very happy together!
    sounds like a wonderful meal out!
    it also sounds like you will have loads of fun throughout the year!
    so good to be with your family.

    1. Yes, Annie they are a darling couple .. So blessed.. xo

  5. Lovely photos ! Looks like you all had a great time all the food looks and sounds Yummy ! A great idea to do with your daughter sounds like you girls will be busy ! Have a good evening !

    1. Thanks Elaine for being such a faithful reader.. xo

  6. Hi Faye;

    Thanks for sharing your ideas for a Homespun Christmas. I am going to talk to my family to see if they would like to do this. Years ago when the kids were younger we did something similar - our gifts to each other were hand made - it was a lot of fun.

    I would love to share ideas!!!!


    1. I am phoning you right now.. grin.. Need to talk to you.. xo

  7. All the food look yummy. The pics at the beginning of the post were that on you land? If so, you are so blessed. Blessings!

    1. Hi Patty.. No, they are not on our land but nearby in Salisbury... Lovely farms.. Thanks for your sweet comment.. xo

  8. The food from the restaurant looks good, but your food looks better! It always looks so delicious and like it was made with love. I like your homespun Christmas idea!

    1. Hello Tamera.. Thanks for the lovely comment and visit.. xo

  9. Your Irish stew looks so good that I just might have to make some myself :) Have a great night.

  10. Wonderful work on the Santa and it sounds like a blast but I do not have extra time but someday I would love it.
    What an enjoyable day you had.

  11. Morning Faye,oh your stew looks so so good...your Santa turned out so wonderful, great redo.......The Homespun Christmas is a great idea, Blessings Francine.

  12. Good morning Faye. I am curious about the new Grill in Moncton. What is it and where? Please?? We often eat at the old Hynes Restaurant on Mountain Rd. for it's good old fashioned cooking but are up to trying a new spot next time we're down. I like your homespun Christmas gift idea and can't wait to see what you come up with. Love the barn photos. The first one is a beauty with it's cupola. Have a lovely day. It's much colder this morning but nice and sunny. Hugs. Pam

    1. Hi Pam... It is called Moxie's and it is located on Mapleton Road just before the stop light to go to Costco....
      They have a great variety... Nice people working there, too.. smile.. xo

  13. Faye, What a great idea for a daughter and mother to share. I would love to do it but not sure my mom would be the same. lol. I actually may start the idea and share my "redos" with various people on my Christmas list. I am trying to make alot of my gifts for next year. I have a few scarves on the the go, knitted dishclothes, so I guess not really redos, but make with TLC. :) Maybe I will get to do a few redos and keep for myself. My house does need some decorating completed and what a great day to spend some spare time. I love doing projects, just never seem to make the time. Looks like you had a lovely dinner out in MOncton. I love the Santa, he turned out great. OK I better get started on some ideas, maybe I will stop at the dollar store today and buy a notebook to write some down in. Hugs to you Fay for always inspiring me. :)

    1. Hi Krista.. Well, you are sure on the right track making scarves and dish cloths.. I may make her a Tim's cozy but my needle skills are not as good as yours.. smile.. We are not just doing redos but just homemade... xo

  14. I usually do handmade gifts at Christmas...I would like to actually do your challenge though... I wonder if my sister would be intereseted? I suppose that if I started to make gifts now, I'd have quite a collection by Christmas :)
    What is the name of the place you ate at?? BArry and I like to try new places, especially if they come with a recommenation.

    1. Hello dear girl.. The name is Moxie's on Mapleton Road just before the stop light for Costco... xo

  15. Great idea! I am excited to hear all your ideas. The food looks delicious. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  16. Your snow pictures are beautiful. I LOVE the idea for the gifts. I think I am going to discuss this with my mom and see if she is up to it. You did an amazing job with the santa. He is adorable. Have a great day. HUGS.

    1. I bet your Mom would love this idea, Holly.. Let me know.. xo

  17. Always cozy to visit with you!
    Ah Irish stew! So heartening!

    1. Hi Christine... Love having my Irish friend.. xo

  18. I'm going to look at those recipes, I've tried making naan bread before with little success. Yours looking delicious, as does the restaurants. I LOVE calamari, hubby doesn't though, so I almost never get it.
    I have no idea what I will do next Christmas, this years was hard, I sure hope next year is better than this last one was. I'm not complaining, God has been good.
    Your daughter is so pretty, and her husband looks like a very nice man. So funny to learn that their best friends are friends of mine. When Carla and Jock lived in BC, their best friends were my sis Sue and her then husband Eric. I love those people, I miss them.
    Hugs, Cindy