Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Date Night....

Good Evening there dear hearts.. 
Here we are another Friday night.. 
And another Date Night.. 

I wonder how many of these Terry and I have had.. 
In just another month or two we will be married 43 years.. 
That is older then a lot of you sweet girls, eh? 

I could not sleep the other night and I was remembering some of those early days when there was just him and I.. 
We were just a couple of kids.. 
We had moved to St. John and did not know hardly anyone.. 
We only had each other for a bit.. 

Friday night was special even then.. 
He worked away most weeks in those early days  and came home on Friday night.. 
I would try to have a nice meal ... 

I had the most lovely gas stove.. 
It was yellow and had a grill in the middle...
It was the best stove that I have ever had.. 
I wish I still had it.. smile.. 

The other night as I lay thinking about those days I tried to remember my dishes and I couldn't ..

My pots and pans were avocado color (it was the seventies..grin)
My aunt and uncle gave us a lovely rose set of flatware... 
But I can't remember my dishes nor can Terry.. 
We both remember the ones that his dear aunt gave us for special but not our everyday ones.. 

Oh well.. 
Our memory is not what it used to be.. 

We went to Sussex today and did our grocery shopping.. 
It was fun as we kept meeting people we know and love.. 
We decided we would buy a steak and make supper here at home rather then eat out.. 

I set the table with the little set I found at the Thrift store the other day.. 

I so love them.. 
And the lovely place mats..
They have sort of a French Linen look, eh? 

Terry and I now use Martha Steward's cutlery.. 
A Christmas gift from him several years ago.. 

And the little napkin rings that my friend Dawn gave me many years ago.. 
The cloth napkins have a "H" embroidered on them.. 

 Terry has decided that I have finally learned how to cook a perfect steak.. 

Finally, after viewing so many cooking shows I think I have conquered it.. smile.. 

Creamy mashed potatoes and lemon buttered broccoli ... 

All finished up with .... 

Homemade Apple Pie.. 

The steak cost $3.00 so I think it was much cheaper to eat at home.. 
It is nice to go out, of course but it is lovely to do something a little special at home sometimes..

Today the dear man bought me two herbs in pots .. 
Basil and Thyme... 

Each time we go I hope to get one or two and get my window sill full for the Winter..
Do you girls have herbs growing ?

I started some spouts, too the other day.. 
Mustard ones.. 
Have you started any yet? 

I hope you enjoyed the wee trip down memory lane with me.. smile.. 

We have come a long way down the road so every Date night is another blessing from the Lord.. 

He is over on the couch eating peanuts and I am on the lazy boy chatting with you girls.. 
It is precious just being here in the lamp light together.. 

God is good and we are blessed.. 

Take care and have an awesome weekend, my friends.. 


  1. How romantic :) I can't say that I can cook meat- always overcooked and dried out :( I was actually thinking today bout starting some sprouts soon- the kids love to watch them grow as do I...hope to see you soon *smile*

  2. I'm sure your steak could beat any restraint one. It looks sooo good! Did you bake, broil or pan fry? Let us know.

    1. Hello Jackie..
      How did I cook the steak.
      I pan fried it in butter, olive oil and a clove of garlic...
      Thanks for dropping by my friend..

  3. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane. We have you beat, hubby and I just passed our 48th anniversary. He has been sick with cancer since June. Lucked out with one surgery. This one he has to have radiation but our hopes are high and we thank God for every moment. Boy does that steak look good.

  4. Papa and I prefer to have supper at home as we are home dwellers and like to get comfy after dinner and have a cup of tea . I love to make him something yummy and know he and his tummy are happy lol ! I love your table setting so sweet ! Ok I am going to say it I was 3 when you and Terry were wed now ya know how old I am but my mind is a lot older due to being raised on a farm you really have to grow up fast farming ! Your supper looks and sounds good and that apple pie how delish . Thanks for sharing your wonderful evening with us and I bet your cooking and baking so surpasses any restaurant ! Have a good evening my friend !

  5. That is so sweet you still have date nights, love that.....those are one of the cutest plates I`ve seen, love the picture.......mmmm, steak looked good but homemade apple pie is my all time fav....Have a wonderful weekend Faye, Blessings Francine.

  6. so good of you to share, the steak looks wonderful.
    I love your table, as always!o
    Those dishes are just so pretty!

    so good sometimes, just to be to home!
    have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Faye, Those plates are right up my alley with the barn and the countryside. I am glad you were having a nice date night. We have them once in a while. Nice dinner, candlelight and a movie. I am looking forward to seeing all of your herbs. Tomorrow they finish painting my kitchen. Then I can start to think about herbs and decorating it. Finally.

    Enjoy each other and the weekend, dear Faye.

  8. Happy anniversary! Time flies when you're having fun:)
    I think it's great to splurge with a meal at home...I like to do that with salmon sometimes...the steak looks good too.Be blessed ~ Lucy.

  9. Oh Faye! I am so honoured that you have included us on your "Date Night". Happy Anniversary to a sweet couple! Supper looked delicious, but my invite must of got lost in the mail! :-) Every day is a blessing!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful evening, Faye~ James and I both prefer to eat a nice quiet meal at home than eating out.
    I turned 43 in October and I still feel like a kid, so that means you haven't really been married all that long..... *grin*

  11. It's wonderful you two are celebrating 43 yrs together!
    You know, I've always had a problem cooking a steak well. So last year DH tried it one evening (he NEVER cooks) after checking out tips on the internet cooking sites, and I admit it, the steaks were fantastic!
    You got your steaks for a great price. They're v. expensive here.
    Have a blessed weekend

  12. Hi, my dear!
    Oh, it is all so wonderful. Especially 43 years together! My stomach is growling looking at the food! Thank you for listing the tip above about cooking the steak. We usually only have steak if Steve can grill it. He does well at it! Me? Not so much! Actually, he does a lot of the cooking- he is really good at it and enjoys it. I do like making pies. Your pie crust looks so deliciously flakey!

    I love the table setting! The plates and placemats are perfect! I do think the placemats look very French. I am with Christine, all of our meat prices are expensive. I guess we both will have to live vicariously through you! Okay, I am really hungry now. I guess I will have to go eat my bagel!

    Oh, and I try to do the Herb thing. First, I don't have large enough window sills, and I can't quite find the right sun. They do well on my deck. I kind of have them huddled by the door outside right now. They are still okay. I would love to grow rosemary, thyme, parley, and basil, as those I use the most!

    Love and hugs to you dear! Hope you are staying warm!

  13. It's so nice that you've been married for so long.
    And Friday night date nights too :)
    Your life is just as it should be, blessed.

    Love your thrift dishes, and you set a very lovely table.
    Steak sounds good, and your looks tasty; even to this girl that rarely eats beef.
    Great price too! My sweet husband was looking at steaks to buy yesterday, and they were around the $8.00 per pound mark.

    We've been married, going on 26 years, and I can remember some of our early dishes, and furniture.
    I wonder what ever happened to the special gold plated cutlery that we received for our wedding?
    You've got me thinking now *grin**.

    Enjoy your weekend, stay warm and enjoy those herbs and the cozy candlelight.


  14. Hi Faye. It's so nice that you and Terry have a date night regularly. We don't have one set in particular but sometimes get out to the city for a meal on the weekend. I am still using our first dishes. Corelle's Butterfly Gold. They are over 35 years old now and we bought them on our honeymoon in New England. I guess they are vintage like us. :) Your table looks so pretty with the lovely blue and white plates. I love the placemats! And you know what? You can't get a home cooked meal in a restaurant for that price and there's nothing wrong with staying in for a date as long as hubby helps with the dishes afterward. Right? Have a blessed weekend my friend. Pam

  15. Sounds like a lovely night! I much prefer staying in with my husband and cooking dinner. I really like your table setting. It's so cute! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! My husband and I are coming up on our 7th and I look forward to the day when we're approaching our 43rd anniversary together :)

  16. This is so beautiful. I like it to read about your lovely night! Wow: 43 year!

  17. Your post got me to thinking about our first dishes... they were Corelle with the navy design around the edge. I don't have them anymore but I do have some of the flatware. I don't remember what the design was called but it was made by Oneida. After nearly 40 years I still cannot consistently cook a perfect steak... once in a while I get lucky though! Thanks for the trip down memory lane... have a great weekend!

  18. I so enjoyed walking down memory lane with you. Your steak dinner looks delicious and the pie looks wonderful. Such good food. I really like the plates. You have such beautiful dishes. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  19. Date nights, if you ask me over time I believe they just get sweeter. I love the sounds of what your old home/kitchen was like...and yes before my time, as I'm 40. I loved to hear that you and Terry still date and talk..I think that's a lost art. Arthur and I are and always have been best friends, life just gets better each year even with ups and downs.

    Enjoy the weekend, and glad you all are now over the flu!

  20. What a beautiful table setting and lovely evening. No wonder you both decided to eat at home; your steak and side dishes look every bit as delicious as any I've seen in a restaurant! May God continue to bless your date nights, and I thank you for how you encourage others with your sweet spirit. And by the way, I love the pictures in your header collage. Are those pictures of your hearth and home? So lovely and welcoming.



  21. Faye,
    Thank you for visiting us and following Red Rose Alley. I'm so sorry you lost your dad - I lost my sweet dad over twenty years ago too. It's hard when we lose our parents, but they are always in our hearts. All these dishes look so yummy. There's nothing like homemade apple pie. I hope the new year is being kind to you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  22. We spent a lot more for a lot less Friday night. I think we'll stay home and cook.

  23. Wow - how fantastic!!! How wonderful your marriage must be! My hubby and I celebrated out 22nd Anniversary Dec. 15th we went out. I love how you did the setting like that for home. Maybe I need to "surprise my hubby with that idea" - thank you for sharing this!

  24. Faye, What great memories and special times you have had. God has certainly blessed you and Terry. I love date nights! Like you, I enjoy date night at home sometimes also as it can be so special and relaxing. Sometimes life gets us so busy we do not take time to stop and relax. Happy Early Anniversary to you and Terry. I love the dish and table setting and of course your supper looks so yummy! Enjoy lots more date nights together. :)

  25. The Lord is generous indeed.. and the Wisest of Wise! His forethought in pairing us up with someone to love for a lifetime. I am so thankful.

    Love the dishes. What a feast you prepared. If it tasted half as good as it looks, I'm looking for a dinner invitation. You live in Oregon right? ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  26. What a sweet story, I love to hear real love stories. Your date nights sound very romantic and your steak indeed looked perfect! Love and hugs, Cindy

  27. I enjoyed this post here! Thank you for sharing. You are doing a great job being the keeper of your home. You have been married as long as I have been living. We are almost at 26 years of marriage! Woohoo!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!