Saturday, January 19, 2013

Looking forward to the Lord's Day...

Good Evening, my dears.. 
Here we are..
Another Saturday night.. 
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day.. 

I think for tonight I will just do a little sharing..
I hope you don't mind..

If you are new to the blog then I do this every once in a while.. 
I just write about something that is on my heart..
Of course you don't have to read it.. smile..
But I hope you do..


Many years ago as a very young child up to the age of 5,  Saturday nights at our house were not very nice.. 

My Dad belonged to a very large family with a lot of brothers and they along with  my Gramp loved to party.. 
Saturday night was a time to dread because they would all get drinking.. 
And you all know the things that can happen ... 
I hated it... 

Then one rainy night an old friend of our family dropped by and shared the news that Jesus Christ had saved his soul... 
He was a changed man and he was full of joy..
He witnessed to my parents and told them that they could be saved..
That Jesus Christ would forgive them of their sin.. 
He would cleanse their hearts and lives and give them a new life in Him... 

Shortly after that my parents turned their lives over to Christ and our home was forever changed... 

Saturday nights were very different from then on.. 
We prepared for Sunday.. 
The Lord's Day.. 
He became the centre of our home.. 
And there was joy ... 

Now years later I look back on that and I am so thankful for the dear man who brought the gospel to our little humble home.. 

And tonight... 
I am still looking forward to tomorrow.. 
The Lord's Day.. 

I had a friend tell me once about how she was at a BBQ and it was next to a church.. 
The party were laughing because these folks were in church for over an hour or so..

I have not forgotten that statement..

Can you imagine that thanks to God's mercy we are given a whole week.. 
24 hours a day.. 
7 days a week 
168 hours a week

And if we spend 1 hour dedicated to Him during all those hours that the world thinks it is a joke? 

Sometimes I marvel at the mercy of God... 
Man is such a puny thing but in his mind he thinks he is bigger and better then the Creator of this world.. 
God help us... 

Sometimes you know we as Christians get tired... 
Not tired of the Lord but just tired of trying to live for Him in a world where the enemy of this world has deceived us and robs us of our joy..

Circumstances can cause us to get hurt and deceived.. 
And joy goes out the door.. 
Even the simple joy of looking forward to going to church on Sunday.. 
But tonight I love the joy that I feel in looking forward to tomorrow.. smile.. 

Today I was looking out the window and mentioned to Terry that I hoped the snow would stop so we would be able to get to church tomorrow..
 He laughed and said .. 
Pray, Faye.... Pray.. 

Going to church is not something that a lot of people think is important and they certainly don't think that it is necessary.. 
But for us we believe it is essential.. 

The Word of God in Hebrews 10-25 says...
And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.

Going to church helps to strengthen us and it builds our faith.. 
It encourages...
There is sweet fellowship in worshiping God with others who love Him, too..

When you have children at home it is so important to teach them that Jesus Christ deserves a few hours of our week.. 
He is more important then a sports event or a shopping trip.. 
Your children need to learn this.. 
Their souls are eternal.. 
They need to know that Mama puts God first..

I know that some may disagree with me on this but that is ok.. 
Blogging can be about sharing what is important to us.. 
Everyone may not agree but we can respect each other anyway..  

 I am glad you dropped by.. 

And to you who actually read all of this I hope it has inspired you to put Jesus Christ on your weekly schedule.. smile.. 
He is worthy... 
He paid a great price for our souls.. 

I will try and share my heart theme next week.. 
Most of my hearts are made and stuffed.. smile.. 

Take care of your sweet families and leave me a note if you have time.. 
Love to you all.. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your feelings and your story. It is always good to hear of God's love for us.

  2. Good post. I like the testimony and sharing. Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

  3. Hi my darling Faye
    Always love seeing you and WOW, look at all that snow you have... We have none.
    The rest of the county is in the grips of a deep freeze and yet, no snow outside.
    But we do have rain forecast :-)
    Yes, Faye :-) I read your post as you I know are smiling at me as you read this .
    You have a good and peaceful day.. keep warm and lots of love from this end xxx

  4. hugs and blessings from snowy down south.
    thank you for sharing!

  5. You jogged my memory tonight Faye. My daddy pastored a little country church until way after I was a married woman. But I can remember when I was small on Saturday night our hair was washed and we sat under one of those old table top hair dryers with curlers in our hair until it was dry. Clothes were layed out even down to the shoes. We sat around the table and studied our Sunday School lesson and our memory verses as Daddy put the finishing touches on his sermon. Wow, things have really changed. We still prepare for church on Sunday here at the home place. Mr. P. picks out the songs for the congregation and I practice them on the piano. Clothes are in oder and plans are made for lunch. I agree God gives us ALL his time. We should willingly give him a small amount of time in his house on Sundays. Thanks for sharing . Hope the snow stops and you get to go worship in God's house tomorrow.

  6. DEAR faye, what a lovely post.I seek him each day in prayer.He is the head of my house. my frist love.I need him to get by each day.He is my life.oxx

  7. Very encouraging post Faye. Me and grandbaby Hailie have been down with a nasty cold and I was thinking about not going to church tomorrow but if we feel even a bit better, I think we'll go. We're lucky...our church is right next door to us so even with the terrible storms we're getting right now we can just walk a few steps :) We've got about a foot of snow now and it's supposed to keep going all night and tomorrow. Lots of shovelling ahead of us....LOL

    God Bless and thanks for sharing your heart with us. So glad you're Saturday nights are better now :)

  8. Oh Mrs.Henry~
    I am always so blessed and encouraged when I read your postings!
    The little church in the picture looks very similar to our church! :)
    Tomorrow we are planning a fellowship meal and then a Singsperation in the afternoon....another church will be joining us for that!
    Almost all of the food is in the crock pots and ready to be hauled off to church, all the clothes are ready & we are stil practicing a few songs!
    Have a blessed Sunday~

  9. I'm grateful that you shared this.

    I smile and say... I'm glad I don't have to go... to church.

    I get to!! amen?!?!?! ;)

    Enjoy worshiping our Lord, tomorrow.

  10. I enjoyed hearing the story of how God transformed your home when you were so young, Faye...
    I agree with the importance of parents teaching their children~ I am so thankful for my parents who taught me and lived it and I shudder to think of where I would be today if they hadn't. My dear Momma has gone on home but if she could she would tell you it wasn't always easy because I had to learn some lessons the hard way, but I am what I am today because of their example.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart. I for one was blessed. :)

  11. Hi Faye, thank you for sharing what the Lord laid on your heart today. What a blessing you are as you share your faith here on your blog. And what a wonderful story of your parents salvation. How that one visit from a new Christian changed the path of your household forever. God bless you as you Faye. You are being true to your heart and sharing your faith. Hugs, Pam

  12. A beautiful photo and post ! I may not go to the lords house but I have faith and believe in my own way ! I do hope the snow stops for your Lords day ! Have a good evening my friend !

  13. Just amazing the way Jesus changes lives! The most powerful testimony to who He is for sure!!Thanks for sharing and yes it can be a challenge to raise children in this generation, but thankfully He is still the same, yesterday, and forever.
    Blessings~ Lucy.

  14. Awe Mrs Henry,
    Maggie told most the afternoon & evening Smile...
    I will just add, I am so thankful for your
    "Saturday evening Sharings"! I am blessed by 'all' you
    share & I so look forward to reading each post.
    God so knows what we need to read/hear and provides.
    Why oh why so miles to your place...?
    We need to think on that!
    Have a wonderful Lord's day & talk to you tomorrow or Monday Ha! Smile
    Hope you & Mr H are feeling all better now & the weather will cooperate :)
    Blessings & Hugs~

  15. You are 100% correct Faye. Thanks so much for sharing. May God give you an extra blessing tomorrow.


  16. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony of how God brought your parents to Himself and how your home was transformed as a result. My oldest son read to us, in preparation for tomorrow, a portion of Scripture which will be the text for the sermon we hear, Lord willing. What a blessing. And you have reminded me again of the privilege we have of being in the house of our Lord. And the picture you posted is so beautiful. May God bless you this evening as your heart is prepared for worship and fellowship with other believers, and I thank you again for your post this evening. God bless.


  17. I always love your posts Faye! Thank you for sharing tonight. This reminds me of all of the Saturday nights I spent preparing 4 children and us adults for Sunday's. The Sunday dinner, baths, sometimes curlers in the girls hair. There were children's clothing- our boys always dressed up and wore ties and sweaters and the girls always wore dresses- hats and gloves on Easter.We always went to Sunday School and church. The best day of the week. Thanks for the reminder. Have a blessed Sunday. ~Sara

  18. I shared your blog post on my Facebook, hope you don't mind. Blessings~Sara

  19. Very nice...very very nice, I write and maintain a blog which I have entitled “Accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it. I’m your newest follower.

  20. I am so happy that your family found the way & turned their lives around! Enjoy your day tomorrow to the fullest & have a blessed week! Love to your family.

  21. Such a beautiful post! I wish every Christian could read it. Then perhaps our churches would be filled with people worshipping God. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  22. Bless you Faye for sharing...the story of the salvation of your childhood household was so touching...putting God first is so very important. I too was glad when they said unto me..let go unto the house of the Lord...blessings

  23. Hi Faye ~ lovely post! I have not yet found the right church, but I'm working on it!... Meanwhile love to read scripture and write my lottle always warms my heart, as do your posts...Pray for a 'church' family for me? : )
    Its so what I want.
    xx Alex

  24. Thanks for sharing Faye. I wanted to let you know and share with you that I went back to church today. I volunteered in the toddlers room. I felt I needed to do something to get me back through the front door. As yoy know I have so much to be thankful for. Going by myself always seems a bit harder for me. Have a great week Faye.

  25. What a great story, Faye. It really shows how powerful it can be when you invite God into your life. I'm so glad your family changed after that night and thankful for the man who witnessed to your family! Thanks for sharing :)

  26. what a lovely story of hope and inspiration! I remember talking about this to our kids having God the biggest, most impt part of our we need to start our day in prayer...then I was cleaning my 10 yr old sons room and taped to his alarm clock was a sign to himself. "pray first."

  27. Dear Faye: Your post couldn't have arrived at a better time. I get your posts the day after you send them out... I have felt heavy all day because when hubbins got up this morning he felt his cold was too bad to go on to church -- he hadn't slept much all night. I stayed home with him and I didn't need to. I have missed going and after reading your post I've pondered there could be a day in the future when simply going to church will take courage and faith in the face of some kind of tribulation... It was too easy for me to stay at home today and now tonight I am sorry for it. Your encouraging post was full of love and a hug of grace for me as you used the Word of God to teach Truth. I love seeing your prim ideas, supper menus, and bread recipes, but my favortie posts of all are the ones that you write to point us to Jesus.
    God bless you!

  28. Loved the beautiful picture of the ol country church and as always, your heart warming post. You have such a special gifting of writing that brings to life a story in our minds. So thankful that one day a man answered the call of God to reach to your family. I cant say that I had the struggles you faced as a young child but am thankful that I did grow up preparing on saturday nights for the Lords day. I am truly blessed to have had two wonderful parents that taught & instilled into us children a love for the Lord. In todays day & age it seems like less & less young couples are attending churches and bringing their wee ones. I can only hope & pray that in these last days people will realize that the time is so nesr and be drawn back .... I appreciate you so much and am always blessed when I read your posts. I look forward to each one! God bless you today ... J Bond

  29. Faye, What a beautiful heart of Love you have and testimony. God is good to rescue us isnt he?!! I so appreciate your sharing and agree with you that he deserves at least 1 hr. a week but, he does deserve way more than that doesnt he?!! You have blessed me much ! God Bless, Sandy P

  30. Thank u for te wonderful heart touching posting.

  31. Hi Faye,
    You blog meant so much to me today. I loved that you are so transparent about the change in your family and the importance of taking time for worshipping in the midst of our ever-busy lives. I will be forwarding this to some family members and friends. Please know that you ministry of compassion and dedication to posting your heart's truths live on through so many....and will not return to you void!
    bless you!
    Paula in Seattle

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  32. Thank you for sharing that story. It echoed my pastor's sermon today about setting a living example for your children. God bless!

  33. Oh Faye, your posts are just so full of wisdom...I always learn something! I pray that you and your Terry had a wonderful meeting at Church. You're right - our children are always watching, our lives are being watched - it isn't what we say, but what we do that is important to these little people. Thank you for the reminder :) I'm so glad that man come to your house when you were small. With love, Carly xx

  34. Well said! I'll add one more piece to your wonderful post. Ten years ago my husband and I understood the truth that the church is the body of Christ (we who believe are the living stones) and that the building we gathered in was not the church... It was just a building where the church gathered. What difference did that revelation make? It helped us to put denomination in perspective and opened us up to seeing His body in everybody that believed on His death and resurrection and called Him Lord. It helped us to be more willing to live our everyday for Him, understanding the importance of ourselves in the functioning of His body here on earth. It caused us to love more which in turn deepened our relationship with our Savior. I know this is common knowledge among believers but I thought that maybe I should fill this space with it. Many people are confused by denominations and think that there are many churches, opening the way for unitarian thinking. If they can see there is only one Church (and Jesus is the way) and many buildings, perhaps the argument that "Christians can't even agree" will be stilled. Different members of the body just feel more comfortable worshiping a certain way so therefore are more comfortable gathering together, creating denominations. Your testimony is so encouraging. I'm praying over this post right now that many will read it and make a decision for Jesus!

    Blessings, Debbie

  35. I love you, Faye, .......because God does and you share His Word.


  36. What a beautiful story, Faye,you have brought tears to my eyes. I don't know about you, but the older I get the more I love church. I was ten minutes late on Sunday because I was picking people up and I got lost and they weren't ready and everything was going wrong. I finally got there and none of the children in my sunday school class were there, and I was so upset... then the presence of God moved in and it changed everything... God is so good, I love Him so, if only others realized what they were missing, but they look at you like you're speaking a foreign language when you try to explain.
    Thanks for sharing! Love you! Cindy