Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold days ...

Hello ... 
Hope all is well with you.. 

Very cold and windy days here ...

Enjoying staying home and puttering around.. 
What I do best so I have been told.. smile.. 

We bought some salted cod the other day and made some fish cakes.. 
Do you make them?
I don't think they are a Maritime Canadian dish but might be...
And a homemade tarter sauce..
Here is the link for the fish cakes..
 Click HERE..

The recipe made enough that I was able to freeze a couple of packages for later..

Oh, the other pic is of Lentils and Rice.. 
Yummy with cumin, turmeric and such..
Not Terry's fave but I could eat it for breakfast..  
Maybe... I should just be a food blog.. smile.. 
Hope I am not boring you all... 

We were to the city yesterday and bought groceries for our dinner  with friends later on this week.. 
I am quite sure I am making Chinese...
I may change my plans.. Who knows... 

Well, dear ladies this is all for tonight.. 
I have a good book on the go and want to read for a bit.. 

Thank you so much for dropping by.. 
Looking forward to your lovely comments.. 

I was talking to a friend and she reads the blog but did not realize that you can read the comments at the bottom by clicking on the word comments.. 
Just in case you didn't know.. OK? 

Keep warm, dear hearts... 


  1. Beautiful close up pics Faye. Yep, it's cold here too, but not half as cold as in your part of the world. You know us, living here :-) one flake and the country comes to a stand still. Mind you, we do live in the warmest part of the country in the Winter and as yet have had very little snow. But we have loads of rain coming again......
    AS A FISH EATER :-) I know you will understand that too, brilliant recipe. :-) x x x Take care in the cold :-) xxxxxxxx

  2. Lovely photos, if I were not full, they would make me hungry!
    Here the cold is bitter, but already the Easter flowers are 2" high.
    Spring will surely come our way before too long. An early one, I believe.
    Smiles & greetings!

  3. I love fish cakes, I used to buy them at a deli near my old apartment years ago. I have to check out your recipe. Stay warm, Faye, and enjoy your book. xo

  4. I like puttering around too. :) Never had cod cakes. I'v had crab and salmon cakes. My husband actually makes the BEST ones. Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

  5. I am allergic to any fish other than shell fish!It's a shame because fish is suppose to be so good for you.

  6. One of my favorite things to do, putter around......not a big seafood eater though love fish... Blessings Francine.

  7. It was a great day for puttering Faye. I'm glad I didn't have to go out today but I do tomorrow. ;( I think fishcakes is a Maritime tradition indeed. But not something I enjoy. Stay warm Faye. Hugs, Pam

  8. I too love fish cakes and puttering.
    Along with some stitching.
    Warm woolie love

  9. Never had fish cakes but I do love to putter and take photos . Everything looks good . It is cold and snowing here tonight the wood stove has been on over drive this week and so has my crock pot lol ! Stay warm and cozy and have a good evening !

  10. Bitter cold here today with a few flurries but no accumulation. There are actually dought concerns because of the lack of snow...personally I am fine with it but I know the negative effects so I pray for snow like I prayed for rain all summer long.

    The cold and wind makes my hands so dry so I have been thankful for your Gardener's Salve recipe. I modified it a bit and have used Rosemary for the essential oil. I have a little thing of it in my purse, in my coat pocket, in the truck , and in my car lol! I even made a batch to share with each of the ladies from our Garden Club for Christmas and they love it! Thank you so much for sharing it Faye.


    PS My BIL swears by the salve, he wears leather gloves for his job and they take the moisture right out of his fingertips so he loads up on the salve before he puts his gloves on.

  11. supposed to be even colder tomorrow, so says my dad :( I heard some schools were closed in the north today due to the extreme windchill...a good reason to stay inside and keep warm

  12. I love your beautiful snowy pictures, Faye... we're supposed to get more snow on Friday. Two snows in one week around here is unusual... I'm sure there is not a jug of milk or loaf of bread to be had at the grocery store... *grin*
    The fish cakes sound good~ I usually make salmon patties. James can take them or leave them but I LOVE them. Especially my grandmother's recipe... I can't make them taste as good as hers did, though... *sigh*
    Hope you stay warm and enjoy your book!

  13. Yummy looking photos! The lentils and rice looks like a dish I would really love. My kind of food :) Enjoy your night with your book, Faye!

  14. Great pictures. I make a salmon cake that my family loves. I don't think I have ever had lentils. It looks good. I also love to read. There's nothing better then a good book.

  15. I do like fish cakes and tartar sauce and yours look especially yummy!
    Keep indoors as it's certainly chilly out!

  16. You certainly make cooking enjoyable Faye! Thank you for that :) I also enjoy lentils and rice...a staple here at the cottage. Blessings to you today!

  17. Hope your days is warmer's a bit cold for us down south in my neck of the woods, a chilly 32° ! I know for those of you who live where there is 'real' cold, your probably laughing :)

    Faye, when you speak of food I just love it, I'm always inspired...and then hungry! But as I say coming by your blog for a visit is a real treat. Hope your enjoying your book and have a blessed day!

  18. Hello Faye:

    We here in New Brunswick certainly have been having our share of brrrrr cold weather! I do try and always remember to thank the Lord for this weather, because I think it makes me appreciate the less cold days all the more:)

    I do apologize for not letting you know just recently how much I do appreciate your blog. It really is a nice place to escape to for a few moments!

    My poor daughter and her husband have been sick with the flu now for 25 days, so I'll be heading over there tomorrow morning to do some cleaning and cooking for know, "Mom Things":) They are never too old for a mother's tlc.

    Take care, and can hardly wait for your next installment.

    Kim (from Saint John)