Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Enjoying these days...

Hello everyone.. 
We are having a very windy day here in Eastern Canada.. 
Actually, there has been a weather wind warning ... 

The bird feeders have  blown over and the old wood angel on the outside of the house is beating a tattoo on the wall.. 
There has been a bit of rain slashing against the windows, too.. 

As you know this is my kind of environment.. 
An early bedtime for me tonight.. smile..

Just sharing a few pics of the last few days.. 

We had lovely services on Sunday and Trevor and his family came for dinner.. 
We worked on a little project that one of the grandsons has to do.. 
A plant terrarium.. 
I had a few plants that he could use.. 

And then on Monday we had a coffee date with Shonda and Dave.. 
That was great fun.. 
Shonda and I visited the health food store and a Thrift shop while the guys did the hardware stores.. smile..

And then yesterday we visited Dustin's... 
He even drove us around to the shops... smile.. 

So good to enjoy our days visiting with our children.. 
Thank you, Lord... 

Otherwise, I have been working on decluttering of bathroom cupboards and such.. 

Baking homemade breads and trying out a new pasta..

Found the lovely cookbook at the Thrift store..

James Beard is my fave bread maker but this book is dedicated to my preferred food group.. 

The olive pasta was so simple and good... 
Cook your pasta and prepare some olives, olives oil, garlic and scallions..
Mix together.. 

There is not much snow so there are herds of deer everywhere.. 
And we have been enjoying a couple of squirrels this year..
The birds were very busy today...

Friday is supposed to turn freezing cold again so we need to enjoy the mild temps, I guess..

A little happy birthday to one of our dear grandsons today.. 
He is such a blessing to everyone..
We love you, Matt... 

Working on some new creative things.. 
Can't help myself, I guess... 

Anyway dear ladies enjoy the rest of the week.. 
Take care...

First thing in the morning, she dresses for work, rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started..
Proverbs 31-17


  1. Rolls up her sleeve....I like this. It looks like your week has been wonderfully blessed Faye :)

  2. sounds like the good life! so happy for you!
    looking forward to the things you always share.
    we have heavy rain,then wind & snow will sweet through tonight & tomorrow.
    just so thankful to love the Lord!
    hugs and friendship!!

  3. Hi, Dear Faye!
    I love that verse! I need to stitch that or something... I love your bathroom! I love wainscoting (I call it bead board)! You bathroom is old fashioned farmhouse country but with a relaxing spa feel. Does that make sense? ;) I love that little chubby squirrel. I just really enjoyed visiting with you and hearing what is new. It was near 60 here today, but blustery rainy storms are coming with a cold front and snow possible. Yikes. Can't complain after hearing about the cold temps up north! 40 below. I would NEVER EVER leave home...

    Love and hugs!

  4. Hello Faye ! Wonderful photos . Sounds like you have been busy, best way to be eh ? It was warm here yesterday and today and we had two thunderstorms yesterday and rain since Mon it is soggy and sloppy here , temps to drop during tonight and we are to be getting a snow rain, freezing rain mix . I love the bead board paneling in your bathroom so fresh looking ! Well off to make tea , have a good evening !

  5. It a blowsy wet night here Faye but I'm loving the mild temperature aren't you? I can't believe you have next to no snow there. It looked like that at Christmas in Sussex too. We haven't had much snow this January and now this second melt will take it down again. We leave Saturday for Fort McMurray to see our family. I'm so excited and can't believe we are going after 2 more days. I really need to start some packing! Take care and enjoy the rest of the week. Hugs, Pam

  6. Happy Wednesday Faye Henry! We had our share of wind and now rain that is flooding several areas.. high 60's yesterday and low 20's tonight...crazy weather...Love your pics! Now I am craving homemade bread with butter and honey..Blessings to you and yours!

  7. Why does that verse not say she starts her day with coffee and stays in pj's?? I guess I have a long way to go before I get anywhere close to catching up to that proverbs 31 lady!!

  8. High winds in my part of the world too .....but things have settled down and its calm your bathroom...very pretty....blessings

  9. Hello Faye, A little rain and wind here today but high of 60. Colder weather headed this way. Another soup day, I think! Your bread looks delicious. Glad you were able to see many of your family this week. We saw ours 4 out of 5 days last week. Papa had a surgery on his foot. All is well. Thank God for special favors.


  10. Sounds like a great couple of days. I have bread rising in my kitchen right now. I love the smell it gives the house.

  11. I really love this post! The photographs, your story.
    It gives me a boost to roll up my sleeves and start my day with a big smile!

  12. That olive pasta would be for me. My husband doesn't like olives. When I read your stories I think about a few years out for me - will I be able to find such contentment like you have without my girls? I have one getting married this year and maybe...the other the next. I try to think of the Prov. 31 woman - but, hard woman to keep up with. Blessings from Wisconsin

  13. Beautiful photos Faye;

    Sounds like you have had a great week so far.


  14. Morning Faye, sounds like you enjoyed the past couple of days....That bread looks so good.....Love to watch the birds at the feeders, great entertainment.....Keep Cozy, Francine.

  15. I am so glad you got to visit with everyone. Sounds like such a fun time. I wish you could come to my home and declutter. I think I need a professional declutterer. You know like that hoarding show that comes on tv. I never watch it but I certainly understand the concept. (lol) Enjoy your day and God bless.

  16. What a blessed week. Thank you for thinking of your readers and sharing with us.

    God bless you!

  17. I just discovered your blog today and added it to my reading list. Lovely photos.

  18. So nice to see the pictures! They gave me a reason to smile during my "busy" day at work. ;-)

    Victoria :-)

  19. I just love your photos! They always convey such a warm, cozy feeling. Your bread and pasta look delicious!

  20. Always a joy to visit with you, dear Faye. Your bathroom is very pretty and LARGE, I have a photo of mine on my blog today, that I'm working on at present and it's about 1/4 the size of yours. It takes all kinds.
    Your pasta looks yummy and so does your bread. And Shonda is so beautiful!
    I am doing a post on homemade soft soap that I mixed up and thought I would link it to your blog. I remember seeing your recipe, I think.:) I'm off to look for it now. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  21. Hi Faye... we just finished eating your No-Knead Rosemary Rolls the past few days and now you go and show me that bowl of olive pasta! If I keep reading your blog, I'm never gonna get out of my kitchen! Guess I better go "roll up my sleeves" and get back in there... 8~D

  22. Oh, I so enjoyed your post today and the accompanying music. Thanks for sharing your life.

    I've been trying new combinations of salad ingredients. Loving salads this last month!

    Do drop in for a visit!

  23. Hello~
    Looks like some lovely days...:):)
    We have had some very busy ones due to snow removal! We have alot:)
    The bread looks very good! Have a great weekend and LoRD bless you both!
    Hugs~ Prayers~ Love ya~

  24. Good evening...Mrs Henry~
    Was checking in for our Saturday eve post?
    We always share the scripture for family time?
    Well, we will 'wing-it'
    Pray all is well & yall are busy.
    Stay warm, we went all the way to 8* today after days of
    below zero & minus wind chills ...yes it 'felt' warmer! Ha
    Blessings & hugs~
    Lori for all