Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February days..

Hello to all of you.. 
How is everything going for you? 

Just sharing a few pics tonight of our doings.. 

The Petitcodiac River yesterday.. 
The tide was in and the river was high.. 

It was a bleak and grey but we had a fun day..
Visited our youngest son and let them do a test on the baked donuts.. smile..

Made a wreath from fresh bay leaves.. 
It is to hang in the kitchen... 

Enjoying my new coffee cup that was a gift from our daughter.. 
Love the humor.. eh?

We visited our little market and bought a bag of apples..  

We did a bit of thrifting .. 
I love old marmalade crocks and found 3 plus a tray for $4.00... 
I have a plan for them which I will show you later..  

I had some basil that needed using so I did a flavored salt.. 
It smells so fragrant when I open the jar.. 
All you have to do is put some kosher, sea or coarse salt in a jar then layer with whatever herb you prefer then a layer of salt then herbs and so on.. 
Just let it sit and test it every once in awhile.. 
Use it as you would regular salt.. 

Made a pie for supper tomorrow.. (Valentine's Day)
It is our favorite and I do not use much sugar.. 

Thank you everyone for taking time to drop by and leaving your wonderful comments.. 
You are all awesome and I appreciate your visits.. 

Have a wonderful day tomorrow.. 
What are you all planning for the special day? 
Looking forward to hearing from you.. 



  1. I put a valentines card in Papa's lunch for him for tomorrow PSST ! it's a secret hehe ! Sounds like you had a good day ! Wonderful photos and that pie looks delish ! We don't do valentines day cause every day is special and full of the little things that count ! Happy Valentines day you two crazy kids !

  2. Evening friend
    I always love your photos.
    Wonderful thrift finds.
    Going to meet a special friend and do some thirfting Friday.
    Pie is perfect for Valentine's day!
    Have a wonderful one.
    Love and joy in Him

  3. Faye, that pie looks divine! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. The bay leaf wreath is very pretty and the apple pie looks yummy. Have a wonderful Valentines Day. I love to go thrifting.


  5. that pie looks so good!
    hope you two "love birds" enjoy your Valentine's Day!
    smiles & grins!

  6. Evening Faye, yum yum, that pie looks so good......Great thrift store finds, love the little crock......Happy Love Day, Francine.

  7. I need a coffee cup like that. Very cute. I will have to make one of those wreathes for my kitchen. Pie looks yummy.

  8. Your wreath is just lovely and I'd beg for a slice of your pie!!
    God bless

  9. Happy Valentines Day Faye, I love the looks lovely. Did you just use regular bay leaves from the bottle? They look larger than the ones I have? My hubby is taking me out for wings tonight for Valentines Day and then I am hitting the gym (Civic Centre) to work them off. lol

    Have a great day Fay, love your postings. :)

    You are always a busy and productive lady.

    Hugs Krista

  10. Happy Valentine's Day Faye;

    Looks like you had fun. Your wreath looks sweet.


  11. Happy Valentine's Day! I love the coffee cup. My oldest, Jessica, would love it. She is very fond of coffee (as am I). Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours Faye! The river sure looks cold!! We are still at our daughter's so will enjoy the day with her and our sweet grandsons. We 'pigged out' on potato chips, chocolate and chocolate cupcakes while playing a game of Mexican Train Dominoes last night so that was our celebration for today as our son-in-law has a meeting tonight. Fun times. Hugs, Pam

  13. Happy Valentine's Day, Faye!!!!...and Terry :)smile!

    I hope you 2 have a wonderful day celebrating your love...and the love of Christ the one who gave you each other ;) Pie sounds good! Each year Arthur and I celebrate Valentine's Day at home with our children, as we celebrate with a dinner and lots of yummy sweets! Our children we feel are a gift from above, given because of our love~grin~ Also as our daughters have gotten older and are waiting for the Lord to bring the "right" man, Arthur wants our daughters to have a special day given by those who love them most, us...until the day they are given to their husband. So, Valentine's day with the's fun, and lots of love to go around.


  14. Oh Faye that water looks sooooo cold.
    I used to have a Bay Leaf wreath...our son/dil gave it to us one Christmas....I even pulled the bay leaves from the back to use in cooking.
    I must say thought the pie is my favorite of all the

  15. I always enjoy seeing what you've been up to. Your pie looks good, the salt sounds interesting and the bay leaf wreath is very pretty.
    Hugs, Cindy