Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Good Evening my dears.. 
Here we are in the middle of the week already.. 
It seems there is going to be some snow in our future.. 
I believe quite a bit if the weather agrees with the forecast.. smile.. 

Oh well.. 
We are used to it and when you think about it we are over halfway through Winter.. 
We will soon have milder temps and less snow.. 
I am not rushing anything, mind you... 

I am posting something a little different for tonight.. 

My friend Pam had put something on Face book and it was so neat that I decided to share with you all... 
Her and her hubby love it.. 

Frozen Pineapple...

This is what she wrote... 

 2 pineapples chopped with my ninja (in the picture above)... 
(she said just to use your chopper, blender or what have you).. 
Put it in mason jars and store in your freezer.. Take one out approximately 3 hours before eating.. 
Ta Da...
You have a slushy pineapple.. 
Healthy and delicious.. 
She often takes them in her lunch for work..
Eat with a spoon...

Thank you, my friend... 

She also wanted me to post a recipe for a pan of squares that I made to take to a lunch last weekend.. 

I think they are called...


In a large bowl put in..
 1 cup of sugar
 1/2 cup of honey
 1/2 cup of corn syrup... 
Mix well and microwave for 2 minutes or just until dissolved.. 
Do NOT boil.. 
Then add 1 cup peanut butter and stir well.. 
Have 6 cups of Rice Krispies ready and stir into mixture and coat... 
Press into a buttered 9 x 13 inch pan..

Then in a bowl place 1 package of butterscotch chippits and 1 package of chocolate chippits and 1/2 cup of peanut butter.. 
Place in microwave for a couple of minutes.. 
Bring out every 30 seconds and stir.. 
Keep heating until all is melted.. 
Blend well and pour over the mixture in your pan..

Place in fridge until firm then leave out.. 

These are very high in calories but simply delicious if you love sweets.. 

I took them to church for a little lunch we were having.. 
Our sons were both there and I asked Dustin what he would like to eat.. 
He said he would like one of those Rice Krispie squares that I used to make but never do anymore.. 

After he bit into it I asked him who he thought made them.. 

To be honest I don't dare make them anymore... 

Do you recognize this place?.. 

Yes, the dear old Bay of Fundy ... 
Pretty cold ... 
Every storm I wonder how the cottage is doing and if the big old elm tree is still standing.. 
Must be or we would have heard.. 

This is all for tonight my friends.. 
Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your lovely comments.. 
I so appreciate them.

May God bless and keep you all.. 


  1. We do strawberry freezer jam around here...I have never tried pineapple..sounds great. I love seems my body craves them the older I, I will stay away from your crispies recipe....We had 60 degree weather here in Ky today. Me and the hubby worked out all day..We have had very little snow. Hoping your week is blessed!

  2. Yummy ! All looks and sounds soo good ! Nice photos, thanks for sharing ! Yes we had a beautiful sunny day today and yesterday and the winds were calm , Miggs and I had fun both days out side going for walks , playing and I taking photos but we are to be getting a snow storm tomorrow ! Have a good evening !

  3. I saw the bars on pinterest. They look so yummy! We had snow today and more tomorrow. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  4. I love pineapple, sounds so good,
    the bars, I think sound too good!
    they would disappear in a flash here.
    love seeing pictures of the bay!

  5. Faye - thank u for posting my treat for pineapple. I love it. No sugar is what I like. Thank u soooo much for the sweet recipe. Will love them I am sure. C u soon. Can hardly wait to spend our day together

  6. Sorry forgot to sign above post. Pam calhoun

  7. Evening Faye, thanks, love pineapple, the bars look so yummy....Blessings Francine.

  8. The Rice Krispie bars sound yummy! I wouldn't dare make them either with only the two of us here to get into lots of trouble :)

  9. Faye, what a wonderful idea! I would have never thought to freeze pineapple. Thank you for the tips!

  10. Faye, you always have the best recipe ideas! The frozen pineapple sounds so refreshing and I love anything chocolate so those squares sound delicious. I hope you don't get too much snow on the weekend but it does sound like a bad one coming. Take care. Blessings, Pamela

  11. Hello dear Faye, The pineapple recipe is just what my whole family loves....cold and refreshing! I will be making that .....especially this summer. We eat quite a bit of fresh pineapple here. Guess I had better stay away from those delicious looking squares...too many calories..but they really look yummy!Stay nice and warm.
    And since I have not said this in quite a long time - - say hello to your hubby for me.


  12. Yummy must try with the pineapple!
    I don't dare make any more Krispie peanut squares either!!!
    My sweet teeth are suffering!
    God bless!

  13. Ooooh, your crunchies look delicious! Just the kind of dessert I like. The pineapple tip is really neat as well! That would be perfect for hot summer days. I'll have to remember it for later this year!

  14. How gray the Bay looks! The rice crispie crunchies look delish! I may even try the pineapple slush.. my husband would love it!

  15. Hmmm... I might have to try the pineapple that way...thanks for sharing :)

  16. Dear Faye,
    The squares look good. Now if I was still eating sweets I would make some. Its been almost 5 weeks now without any. Cant believe that I actually made it this far.
    Love Ya,