Monday, February 11, 2013

It's the little things that make me love him so...

Happy Monday to you all.. 
We had quite an eventful weekend as did most people on the Eastern seaboard... 

The storm has passed though until next time.. 
We did get to go to church yesterday and were very blessed.. 

Hope you all fared well in your part of the world. 

Today my hubby visited the farm and I stayed home to try and get some things done.. 
I don't accomplish as much when we are hanging out here together.. 
I don't know why because we do our own thing but I seem to get more done when I am alone..

I am trying to get ready for Keepers meeting in a couple of weeks and decided to make this new recipe for the breakfast part..

I took them out of the oven and iced them and left them on the counter cooling...

I knew Terry would be home soon so I had gone in to comb my hair and change my clothes as I had a lot of flour on me.. 
I am a messy cook.. smile.. 
I heard Sammi barking and knew he had arrived home..
I had told him I would make him a little something but not to get excited because it might not be good.. 
He laughed and said he would be looking forward to it.. 

When I came out he was grinning like a wee boy.. 
He said they were so good and went on and

I guess they are a success and I will share with you after the Keepers Meeting..  

But for tonight I am feeling blessed to be married to a man who sometimes annoys me like mad but also makes my heart melt over something as trivial as appreciation for a baked donut.. 

Sometimes it seems as though the world thinks it needs  gloss and glitter to make marriages work..
Possessions like houses and vehicles and even  careers and beauty are thought to be the basis for a good marriage.. 
Time spent building careers and friendships seem more important then time spent developing a marriage..
Hollywood has not helped ..
Marriage does not count for much in that sphere.. 
Divorce is just an everyday occurrence and commitment is hard to come by.. 
Faithfulness is scarce and lifestyle is everything..

Still ... 
There are many who desire a marriage that is steadfast and sure.. 
And they are still possible.. 
Even today.. 
With God all things are possible.. 

Sometimes I think that it is just 
  the little things that make the difference in a marriage.... 

Things like sharing the bathroom and the making of breakfast together..
The sharing of a pot of coffee and reading the daily paper.. 
It is the sweet remarks about how beautiful you are when you know that you are anything but in that old red housecoat and slippers.. 

It's the wanting to kiss that bald head when he is bent over a task at the kitchen table.. 
And the calls on the cell phone saying he is almost to the farm and won't be long.. 
Important things like praying together for a concern of a child..
Or sitting together in church and smiling at each other over a grandson's remark.. 
The enjoyment of laughing together at the same thing.. 

The small things that you take for granted everyday of your life but would be so missed if they weren't around..
The good and the not so good...

Then there are things that are annoying  like driving slow to save on gas bills or his need to always be the one in charge... 
But then you are so glad he is at the helm when there is a crisis..
And always being late.. Oh my... smile..

The faithfulness.. The loyalty.. The trust..The sweetness...

The meagre beginnings that are shared and appreciated.. 
The children that mean the whole world to both.. 
The joy of a hug and a kiss still after all these years..
Looking across the mall and knowing the set of those shoulders... 
Seeing the same light in his eye that I saw many years ago.. smile.. 

The giving and taking.. 
The compromises ..
The love and trust we share in our God.... 

Yes... tonight it is the little things that make me love him so.. smile.. 

Thank you Jesus.. 

Well, dear hearts if this is just a little too corny for you all then just blame it on Valentines Day... 

Thank you for dropping by and your lovely comments that I read and cherish..

Have a wonderful week ... 
I better publish this before I change my mind. grin.. 

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  1. Corny? No dear Faye, precious, sweet and something that women today need to be reminded of... thank you.
    Glad you were able to dig out after your storm.
    Love and hugs to you, my dear sweet sister-in-the-Lord, Cindy

  2. I loved your post Faye. It was not corny at all. I hope everyone who reads it that has a husband appreciates him because when they are gone and you are alone it's never the same. So ladies appreciate the man that you have. Thanks for sharing Faye.

    Hugs Felicia

  3. Faye, You hit the nail on the head. You have spoken many words of wisdom, many people think that it is easier to walk away than to work at their marriage. Such a shame when there are sweet children involved. But we know who they will have to answer to some day! By the way,the doughnuts look absolutely divine! lol Take care, ps

  4. well it's a good thing that you put me in mind of "passion killers" before I read down to the end of your post, or I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have dry eyes! The way to a man's heart is through his stomach...can't wait to try those donuts at Keepers, they're fat free, right?! LOL

  5. Faye, this was a post filled with love. And those delicious doughnuts, can't wait for the recipe. xo

  6. Bang on Faye ! Lovely post and photos ! This is how Papa and I feel of our marriage as well , even though we have both been through tuff past marriages but finding each other was a god send as we complete each other and are best friends ! Yes we do drive each other batty at times but at least we can laugh and joke about it together after ! Papa and I are together most of the time even when we are off doing our own thing here we know we are both just a shout away he calls me Mama lol or a cuddle and peck in passing ! I am a lucky country gal to love and be loved by a understanding , very loving, funny ,fun, placid man as Papa ! Oh and still sexy in my eyes when in Pajamas robe and slippers ! Have a good evening !

  7. Faye,this is beautiful! anything but corny in my book! You said it- Hollywood hasn't helped,in the Love & Respect study we're in right now, he asks the question will you follow Hollywood or the Holy Word?
    I'm with you!!! the little things make life RICH!!
    Blessings~ Lucy~

  8. Corny??!! No way...

    I say - to this I sat and chuckled with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. This is and was one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever read. It's true...and I see (although yours in much more seasoned) our relationships being so similar.

    So much of what you wrote is so like us...

    I only hope that I would continue to look deeper and see deeper and love deeper - as the years go by. It is ALL in the little things... Amen!

  9. Faye, that was beautiful. Isn't it great to still be in love after all these years? You made me think of all the things I love in my husband too. Thanks for sharing from your heart. Blessings to you and your beloved.

  10. Dear Faye the kind of love you have with Terry is not to be compared with the paper thin glossy image portrayed by Hollywood. God bless you both! i loved your post and my heart and eyes filled up! So glad God is in our marriage - the threefold cord is our marriage verse. Our niece is getting married on April 2nd and we received our invitation. They are a lovely Christian couple and I love the verse they have on the invitation from Song of Solomon 7,10, 'I am my Beloved's and his desire is toward me.' Beautiful!

  11. Faye, What beautiful words to read first thing in the morning. Your words are always so honest and true. What you and Terry have is so special and others would be oh so lucky to have it. My husband and I have been together since I was 15 (that wasn't yesterday).....I can really relate to alot of what you have said.
    Those donuts looked so wonder Terry was smiling....anyone with a sweet tooth would have been. lol

    Have a great day have made mine and I feel so lucky and thankful.


  12. Oh Faye, you are a good woman and a wise one too! Keep up the good example you show us in your posts - especially for those who live too far away to attend your Keepers meetings! Blessings from Wisconsin.

  13. A beautiful truth Faye


  14. The doughnuts look delicious! I look forward to the recipe. I also loved your post. I think it is so true. Your comments remind us all of why love is so strong. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  15. Faye, thank you for blessing my heart today. It helped me reflect upon all the blessings in my marriage... I'm sure your husband and children, as they read your blog post, will be especially blessed knowing the thoughts of your heart. Happy Heart Day!

  16. Such a sweet, beautiful post! I admire your love and the relationship you have with your husband. Sadly the little things that are very important seem to be lost in most relationships nowadays. I try my best to be a good wife to my husband and show that I love him every day. Our relationship is so very important to me and I guard it with my heart.

    Your donuts look sooooo good!

  17. I think your post was Beautiful and very sincere and I think it should be posted where the whole world could read it and give them something to think about. I have those moments too but it has never been for donuts..Thanks for did make me smile

  18. Dear Faye,
    Love this post, but of course all of your post are lovely. It really touched my heart. It is right it is the little things that really make a difference. Sometimes we are waiting for the big things that we dont see the many little things.
    Thank You so much for being so honest!

    Love Ya,

  19. I enjoyed your post alot, Faye. It was quite appropriate since it's near Valentine's day. And everyday. Many of the things you said are right up our alley in our house as well. It's kinda interesting that sometimes we can be together and just are silent...don't have much to say but enjoy the time together. Now that weather is better and I'm feeling good we take walks together in the evening after dinner. It's dark but street lights out there, sidewalks. Nuff said, love ya and thanks for your blog. It's inspiring in this crazy world. Give me the song by Fernando Ortega.

  20. The world is corn(y) starved! Keep it coming.. The beauty of a good marriage is the best kept secret in our culture and it's time IT comes out of the closet! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. I'm so glad you didn't change your mind. Such lovely words. A lot of today's marriages are not built on the same values as those from so long ago. They are easily given up on and society gives them so many easy ways out. It's so sad. My husband and I have been married for almost 29 years now. A lot of what you wrote rings true for us as well. The love we have for each other only grows stronger, but it's our love for God and our faith in Him that makes it so!

  22. Love the new recipe ... Dustin, the boys and I loved it ;) The boys said it s there favorit thing you ever made ... except the chocolat cookies :)


  23. Wow ... beautifully written. You & Terry are a sweet couple and such a wonderful example to us younger generation. How true it is that the little things truly make life so much more sweet! Thank you for the reminder to look for all the positive & be ever thankful for the special one in our life. I too hope to have that same sweet relationship with my hubby for years to come. It was 10 yrs in december and I look forward to many more!!!
    Happy Valentines to you & sweet Terrance! :) J. Bond

  24. enjoyed this Valentine post!!
    ^)^ linda

  25. What a beautiful post. I too am blessed with a marriage I cherish and a man I love to pieces! God is so good.

  26. As soul and I enjoy visits here...the sweet treets looks wonderful and looking forward to the recipe...:)

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