Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Keepers of the Home Meeting..

Good Afternoon, my dears.. 
Here we are on the Lord's Day.. 

It is a snowy one here in good old New Brunswick.. 
I was so surprised when we woke up this morning and looked out the window and everything was covered again.. 

We have had a bit of excitement since the last time I posted.. 
A really big windstorm... Oh my.. 
We were without hydro most of two days.. sigh.. 
I love my electricity .. Don't you?  

Usually, when I know there is a storm coming I get my preparation plan in gear.. And seldom ever use it.. 
Well, this time I did not prepare.. 

And there we were... 
no water, no heat and not much bread in the house.. 
So needless to say... 
No coffee ... 

Believe me, dear hearts I will be prepared next time..
 (Lord willing)

In fact, I think this week I will do a little post on the small things we can do for when the hydro is off for a few days.. OK?

The second day dear hubby brought us some water and got a propane heater going and I made coffee, fried potatoes and later on a batch of jelly.. grin.. 

Then the hydro came on.. 
I did a little praising the Lord I must say... smile..

Anyway... on with the story.... 

 We had a wonderful Keepers of the Home meeting..

We started out by cooking breakfast together.. 
Fried eggs and Scrambled.. 

And a sweet lady cooked the bacon.. 

Some homemade bread, jams and delicious cookies.. 

There was a great turnout.. 
And some special guests..
We loved having them.. 

We had a little talk about the Keeper of the Home..
Her dreams and aspirations.. 
What is dear to her and what she is thankful for.. 
We made some plans for the coming year.. 

We made a batch of jelly... 

Made with apple juice and cinnamon hearts.. 
So nice for Valentines day.. 
And very easy to make.. 

Here is the recipe.. 
Prepare 4 pint bottles or equal to smaller mason jars.. 
Like 8 x 1/2 pints or whatever.. 

Sterilize bottle and place lids only in hot water.. 
Do not put your rings in as they expand and will not seal.. 
In a large pot put 5 cups of pure apple juice.. 
Add 1/2 cup of cinnamon hearts.. 
Turn on high and keep stirring until the candy is melted.. 
Then add 7 cups of sugar and 2 T. lemon juice.. 
Bring to a full rolling boil and boil on high for 6 minutes.. 
Take off of the heat and add 1 pouch of Certo.. 
Stir and skim any foam for 5 minutes.. 
Pour into sterilized jars and seal.. 
That is it.. Very easy and good..

 And then as we thought these would be nice in our gift pantry, we made some  decorated gift bags...
This is our lovely pastor's wife...

So all in all we had a good day.. 
Next month we are going to make some bread.. 
And who knows what else.. smile.. 

Isn't God good?  
Doesn't He always meet you when you need Him? 

He so knows the desires of our hearts and fills us with His sweet peace.. 
When He answers prayers I find He always does it in ways that would never even have crossed my mind.. 

So much more than we ask or even think.. 

My heart is filled with sweet joy today.. 
Thank you, Jesus.. 

May God bless you all this day.. 

Ephesians 3-20
Now all glory to God who is able through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think..


  1. I love your "keepers of the Home" group.. What a wonderful idea. The cinnamon jelly sounds wonderful..You seem to have a great fellowship with these ladies.That is so needful for women of God. YEs, Faye Henry, God is indeed good and is faithful to his promises...May all of ladies be blessed in your endeavors to please the Lord. Blessings!

  2. I recently found your blog and am enjoying reading your post today. The Keepers of the Home sounds like a wonderful group.

  3. Hi Faye. Oh the breakfast looks so good as does the jelly. So glad you were only without power for 2 days, it could have been worse. The jelly looks great too. We have ladies meetings from our church too. We call ourselves Caring Hearts. We make little crafty projects for our missionaries. Its a nice time when we get together too.

    Hope you don't have too much trouble from the blizzard that is supposed to hit parts of Canada.

    Take care

  4. Oh Faye...I am sorry that you were without hydro for all that time. But I am sure that everything is fine now :) Your group looks wonderful. Ladies that come together to learn from each other...a wonderful way to fellowship .

  5. sounds so wonderful, I want to try the jelly, and the bags look fabulous!

  6. Looks and sounds like a wonderful time ! Lovely photos ! That's one reason when we moved here I had a gas stove and BBQ put in and we have some useful camping gear we kept from our camping days like oil lamps and the wined up lights and our furnace is gas I wanted all this due to we live in an old country village and the hydro does go off at times due to bad weather and I remember what it was like in a hydro cut in the country from my farm days lol ! Glad your hydro is on again makes things a easier doesn't it ? We had a light dusting of snow today on top of all we got yesterday .Have a good day !

  7. Hi Faye, Sorry you were without power. I don't like it when that happens. We suddenly realize how lucky we are for electricity. Jelly looks delicious and I am glad you had a big turnout for the "Keepers" meeting.

    Take care,

  8. Hi faye - the posting today is wonderful. Live ur Pastor's wife. She truly is a sweet lady. The jelly sounds so delicious and u make it sound so easy to mae. This keepers idea is truly a heart felt expression of you- you most certainly carry the heart fr it.

  9. The above posting is from your friend - pam calhoun ::)

  10. Yes God is so good to love us and bless us - that was in fact my reading this morning, 'The Love of God' - all his love for us, past, present and future!
    What a wonderful keepers meeting!
    God bless

  11. HI Faye;

    I am sorry to hear that you were without power for a couple of days. In Millbrook we were very lucky and were unscathed by the storm - just a few small twigs down.

    I like how you made jelly at home even though you were without power!



  12. Storms that take out the power for any length of time sounds a bit too exciting for me. We are definitely not prepared for such a catastrophe and we should be. We don't worry about such things in our neck of the woods which is exactly how you get taken unawares. :(

    How wonderful to see your Keepers ladies! Our group is in it's third year now and has been such a tremendous tool for gathering friends with the beautiful purpose of learning home skills. The girls LOVE it!

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. What a wonderful meeting it was. Thanks for sharing your talents and heart with us :)

  14. That jelly looks delicious! Seems like you always have a lot of food and a lot of fun at your meetings! Glad you had a nice time :)

  15. So thankful for keepers! I always enjoy myself and learn so much... Thanks for all you do for us...
    PS-I'm glad I wasn't stuffing my face in any pictures this time-LOL

  16. Love this post!
    God Bless!

  17. Without power! Oh my goodness, really I don't know what I would do, everything in my house is electric. I would have to move out. It's blowing and snowing tonight, again. My poor hubby is out on the road, truck driver, you know.
    Looks like you had a good time with all the ladies for KOTH.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  18. Looks like you all had lots of fun and fellowship. I love the jaelly recipe and will have to try it. Thank you!