Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Winter's Field Trip for you...

Hello everyone.. 
So glad you dropped by the Blessed Hearth.. 
This morning Terry and I decided quite spontaneously that we would take a wee trip down to St. Martins to check on the old cottage and the shop.. 
I made up a few buns and some coffee and away we went.. 
We drove about 2 hours to get there.. 
Past frozen over mountain lake and snow filled forests and rivers.. 
Then there is the wee rose colored shop.. 
The House of Henry.. 

And then here is the old cottage.. 
Sitting and waiting for warmer days and the sounds of laughter and running feet up and down the stairs.. 

We went in and checked it over and I was happy to see the old elm tree still standing.. (the one that is on my mind during windy weather) smile.. 

Before we left we drove down through the village and checked out the harbour and caves.. 
Notice the huge icicles... 

There are two covered bridges by the harbour and this picture with the red house is one of the most photographed pics taken in St. Martins.. 

Enjoyed our lunch... 
So wished the tide had of been in but perhaps next time, eh? 

On the way back home we passed rivers and a church that I remember as a child.. 
When we were on our way to my Grams and I saw the church with eyes, nose and mouth (grin) then I knew we were almost there... 

We stopped and I visited a Thrift shop and found the best find.. 
I will show you next time.. OK? 

All in all we had a lovely day.. 
Terry picked up some mussels at the supermarket and I made this delicious recipe for our supper.. 


The recipe can be found HERE...
My fave chef from Prince Edward Island.. 
Michael Smith.. 

I used basil instead of oregano... 
But it is delicious... 

We only get mussels occasionally but this is a great way to have them... 

Hope you enjoyed the little Winter field trip from Eastern Canada...

Take care dear hearts... 


  1. What beautiful pics...and your lunch and supper both look so yummy! Thanks for the journey with you. Blessings!

  2. Fantastic photos ! I so enjoyed the trip. I have never been to NB would like to one day ! I am glad your shop and that old tree are good ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening !

  3. Oh Faye, such beautiful scenery, you are lucky to have such a sweet cottage in the country......enjoyed the tour, Blessings Francine.

  4. Lovely lovely Faye. Love those spontaneous trips! Pam

  5. Thank you, Faye and Terry, for the wonderful ride today! You know I love to go to the old cottage. Your pics are fantastic, Faye!

    Blessed dreams,

  6. Faye, It looks like you and Terry had a lovely day. I refer to days/activities like that as "quality time" together. :) The mussel recipe looks yummy. The kids love them here, I usually just boil them I am hoping we get a storm day on Saturday....I love storm days when we stay at home. I like to do some baking and maybe some reorganizing. Anxious to see your find from the thrift shop. I do not have much luck at the one here in Sussex. I just do not have the imagination and creativity when I look at something. I love the white dishes and looked up your pins on pintrest. God bless you and have a great weekend Faye.

  7. Faye
    I enjoyed going on this little trip with you immensely!
    What a gorgeous area. I loved the shoreline and the old wooden covered bridge.
    Someday I hope to get to Eastern Canada!

  8. lovely pics Faye. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Thanks for the little trip to St. Martins in the winter, Faye. It looks beautiful on a cold sunny day. I'm glad your shop and home were safe and that the old elm has weathered the winter's storms so far. I hear there's a nor'easter on the way this weekend so be safe and cozy in the village. Hugs, Pamela

  10. Hello, Mrs. Henry! Thank you so much for the beautiful field trip... It's so beautiful! The hills are beyond gorgeous. The salad looks so wonderful! I would love to try it!! It's so funny...we have so much more snow here than what y'all have by you. we are still getting it to. Our temps are a bit warmer though when it snows, so that part is really
    Hope you have a wonderful evening! Much love to you! ((((HUGS))))
    Love, Jessica Lynn

  11. Beautiful photos! It sure does look cold there! Brrrr. Glad you guys had a nice day trip :) I loved seeing your sprouts!

  12. Can I say brrrr? It's a bit chilly here. I just came from outside where I dropped in some newspapers into recycle bin as it will get picked up tomorrow. I was eating ice cream (yum) with a blanket over my lap while reading your lovely post. I so enjoyed the photos. I love the covered bridge. They are fun. We have quite a few in Oregon. I am sure you had a nice drive and glad you made is safely home. Hugs!

  13. What a beautiful area you live in. Thanks for taking us with you on your little trip.

  14. St Martins is so beautiful, even in the winter. Thank you for sharing your pictures.


  15. What a lovely day out it must have been! Your pics really bring it alive for us. Lunch and supper look most yummy too!
    I'm longing for Spring, but there's something very cosy about a winter ride through beautiful scenery...and we do need this time of patient semi ~hibernation, I think. Oh, how I wish I could see this part of Canada for myself!
    But reading your blog is a good second...
    Blessings to you.

  16. I love all your pictures but the one of the covered bridge and the red house is beautiful. I can understand why is the photographed so much. I have never eaten mussels either but the pasta looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  17. I just love all your little road trips.

    Jus' riding along in the auto-mobile.....

  18. Hi there, What wonderful photos!! What a terrific road trip. Yum to the pasta. Take care, Anna

  19. Those pics made me cold! I can't believe that you'd make us wait to see what you found at that thrift soon...I'll be checking-LOL

  20. Beautiful photos friend.
    I wish I could visit you.
    You live in a beautiful place.
    Woolie hugs