Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Such blessings..

Hello everyone.. 
Here we are half way through the week again.. 
We have been having quite the weather.. 
Snow and then freezing rain and so on.. 
I think I hear Spring calling my name.. smile.. 
How about you?  
Our kids and grandsons are so enjoying the ski slopes this Winter.. 
I think they are typical Canadians and love this season.. smile..

Just sharing a few pics of the last couple of days.. 

Received the most precious parcel in the mail from dear blogging friends .. the Mayo Family
We have become such great friends and share a love for the Lord..
I was so excited to open it and it was crammed full of treasures.. 
Thank you dear family.. 

Several years ago I bought a set of dishes which we used for our Valentine supper HERE..

They come in several colors and were a wee bit expensive.. 

 I found 3 salad plates and 4 bowls for 69 cents each at the Salvation Army Thrift store.. 
What a blessing.. 
Now if I could find 1 dinner plate.. smile.. 
I only bought 5 for some reason.. 

Today was a freezing rain day and I needed to make some bread.. 
This one is mostly wholewheat.. 
Nice when you toast it for breakfast with a bit of honey drizzled over... smile.. 
My hippie breakfast.. smile..

A new cake recipe that was a bit dry but the icing was lovely.. 
I think it would be delicious if you used oil instead of the shortening which it called for..  

I must go for this time dear ladies.. 
Have a wonderful evening and may God bless each of you.. 

Looking forward to a coffee date tomorrow with a friend.. 

Thanks for the sweet visit.. 


  1. Lovely photos ! Yes I am so ready for spring to ! Bread and cake look YUMMY ! Oh that's awesome you found the plates and bowls and for the price ya cant beat that . The weather has been a mixed bag here as well . Have a good evening my friend !

  2. My goodness that is a LOT of snow! I hope you are staying warm and cozy!

  3. Hey Faye.....Hope you are stay nice and warm in those Canadian blizzards!

  4. That is some snow! Goodness. I couldn't deal with that! Your "hippie breakfast" sounds yummy :) And I love those cute plates with the scalloped edges.

  5. It seems we get very little snow in Kentucky anymore...cold temps...yes, but no snow...I cannot imagine having enough to ski..the plates are just lovely...Happy Wednesday! Blessings to you Faye Henry!

  6. I read the Mayo Family's blog and love it. I love the dishes you found at such a great price. Keep warm. It's cold down here in Illinois too and tomorrow we're going to get some snow.

  7. Wow your snow piles are really high. The bread and cake look yummy.


  8. Wow that is a lot of snow.It seems like it has been many years since Kentucky has saw much in the way of snow.The dishes are gorgeous,I can see why you were drawn to them.As usual your food pics always make hungry,everything looks yummy.Hugs,Jen

  9. Oh my, Faye, that is waaaaay too much snow for me! I can barely walk let alone ski! The bread and cake look delish. Stay warm and cozy. xo

  10. love your dishes, sure a plate will appear further on, that was a great price you got!
    wow, that's a lot of snow!
    the food looks so good.

  11. We also got hit with a lot of snow. It never stays around long. Will you be posting the frosting recipe. Love the blue and white quilt.

    1. Hi Michelle.. Yes, dear I will try and put the recipe on my next posting..
      Thanks for your visit.. xo

  12. Morning, love those dishes, they are so pretty.....the colors of the quilt are beautiful, love blue and white,.....enjoy the coffee date, Francine.

  13. How nice to find more of your dishes at the thrift store! You sure do have some high snowbanks there Faye. We didn't get much in yesterday's storm, thankfully. There are flurries here this morning but I hope they end soon as I have to go to town. I am so tired of snow boots, gloves and a down filled parka!! Ready for spring here too Faye. :)

  14. Sweet dishes!!
    Snow:0( I am ready for Spring. We are suppose to get 2 inches tomorrow.

  15. We (my four year old daughter and I) just made the bread again yesterday (we doubled it, this time). AND... I have to tell you that slicing that bread and into the toaster is the best thing ... evah.

    But what makes it better... yes! is to drizzle with honey - that and the warm melted butter - but even better yet is to finale it with a sprinkle/dash or two of cinnamon.

    Oh boy...

  16. Hi Faye;

    Did you find the quilt at the thrift store too? I love the colors.

    How funny, I am looking forward to a coffee date with my friend today as well!


    1. Hello dear Laurie.. Thanks for the lovely coffee date.. smile..
      The quilt is actually 2 place mats that were included in the wonderful parcel from the Mayo family.. xo

  17. Precious gifts, indeed! And the quilt is truly beautiful!
    Have a safe week!

  18. Sounds like you're having quite the winter! So are we, we have far more snow than usual. I can't wait to see the little treasures that you received in the mail.
    I toyed with the thought of baking bread today, but I didn't, maybe tomorrow. I want to make your rosemary bread again, hubby liked it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. Looking at your pictures it's hard to believe that spring really is just around the corner! Great buy on the beautiful dishes!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  20. Love the dishes...did they came from Pier 1 ??? Seems I saw that design there once. Beautiful.
    Love the star quilt...hope to see it all opened up!!
    What grand mountains...just gorgeous.

    1. Hi Karen.. so nice to hear from you ...
      The dishes are from a craft type store here in New Brunswick and are called A La Carte by Skye McGhie.
      And the quilt is actually 2 place mats that were in the parcel from the Mayo family.. Aren't they lovely?
      Take care, my friend..

  21. The dishes are beautiful. So are the snow pictures. Thanks for sharing the link to the other blog. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  22. Your snowy pictures are beautiful, Faye... but they make my feet cold. *grin*
    I love your dishes... and getting a surprise in the mail always makes ones' day!
    Your bread looks yummy~ toast and honey is one of my favorites. James says it looks too messy the way I eat it... that's okay, just more for me. *ha* ((HUGS))

  23. Dear Faye,
    Love the dishes! I was at value village yesterday and they had a wonderful set there. It had a blue tint to it and the trim was brown. loved it!
    Love Ya,