Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Treasure of Friendships..

Good Evening, my dears.. 
Thanks for dropping by the Blessed Hearth .. 
I hope you had a good weekend.. 

We had a lovely sunny one here in New Brunswick.. 
It was so nice to finally have a storm free Sunday.
The last two were pretty stormy but we did get to 
enjoy wonderful services at church today.. 
So blessed to spend the time worshiping our Lord with family and friends.. 

In my last post I mentioned that I had received a wonderful parcel from dear friends who blog HERE...
Some of you were wondering what was in the box so I thought I would post a few pics of the precious treasures they sent me.. 
Antique laces and linens.. 
Tulip place mats and napkins..
Beautiful quilted place mats,,,
And table cloths.. 
They are such beautiful things and I will really enjoy using them.. 
There was also a large letter "H"... 
And I have the perfect place for it.. 
I will show you as soon as dear hubby gets it put up.. 
Henry starts with H.. smile..

I loved the crocheted dish cloths and the other goodies.. 
I just want to thank you dear family for being so generous.. 
You really do live the Word.. 
It is more blessed to give then to receive.. 
Acts : 30 - 39

I feel so blessed to have met the Mayo family and all of you dear friends out there who stop by here.. 

On Saturday there was a phone call from Paula who blogs HERE..
She and her husband have a wonderful farm full of sheep, chickens and such in Tennessee.. 
Paula is around our daughter's age but no matter.. 
We are kindred... eh, Paula?  smile.. 
I do have to mention her wonderful Southern accent.. smile..

I took this pic the other day in a parking lot waiting for Terry..
It was a snowy kind of day... 
But Spring is in the air although it will still take awhile in this part of the world.. 
It is our way of life and we don't mind it too much although there are a lot of Canadians heading south with the March break coming up.. 

As for us... 
We are quite content here on the East coast of Canada.. 

Our youngest son had a little accident and hurt his arm a bit.. 
Praying that it heals quickly and well.. 

Looking forward to a busy week.. 
I am doing a heart fund campaign this week, Lord willing.. This will be my first time so I hopefully will get to meet some neighbors and do a little community good as well.. smile.. 

Then we have our Keepers of the Home meeting again on Saturday.. 
I am doing a bit of sewing for that and my bedroom is looking like it could do with a bit of TLC.. grin.. 

What are your plans for the week?.. 

I must say that I am feeling very blessed tonight to know that God is control of this old world and because He lives I can face tomorrow.. 
Thankful for the treasure of friendships that He has blessed us with.. 

Take care, dear hearts.. 


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    1. The treasure of true! Thanks for the call...Love you :)

  2. What sweet love from your friends.
    Love those table clothes.
    How blessed we are with friends.
    Praying for your son.
    Woolie love

  3. What a sweet gift, The M family is very kind indeed! So happy you had a storm free weekend. You have another friend from Tennessee, me:) Have a restful night, blessings.

  4. What lovely gifts. Vintage linens are so special!

  5. That package you got is amazing such lovely things in it what a wonderful family to send it to you ! I remember my mum making Embroidered table cloths and such so pretty ! I do hope your son's injury heals quickly . Love the photo you took in your church , wonderful ! This week I may jump on some spring cleaning and try to get a head of it for once lol so that when spring does arrive I can take photos more and enjoy it all ! Good luck with your Heart fund campaign I know you will do brilliantly . Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening my friend !

  6. Hello dear Faye, I will pray for your son. Our 20 year old granddaughter slipped on the ice and broke her wrist and something to do with her arm also. They will see an orthopedic doctor tomorrow morning. Very painful. We could use some prayers for her, too, if you would not mind. My whole family seems to be having medical problems lately. The Lord is with us so all will be okay in the end.

    The M family is very generous. I love the "cut-out work"!

    Me? I have been working on a fall wall quilt that has been hanging around for a few years. Finished it today. I want to do some more sewing and the kids all gave me lovely journals and notebooks for Christmas and I have not written anything yet!!!

    I pray you are okay.

    Your friend,
    Susannah (Sue)

  7. That is a very lovely and generous gift you received, Faye. Wasn't it nice to have a storm free weekend? We did get about an inch of snow last night but it was melted by the time we left church after noontime. The sun was beautiful and I love when it starts melting and softening the snow. Have a blessed week. Hugs, Pam

  8. Oh Faye, I to love placemats, doilies, tablecloths & pillowcases. I have lots of different things that are embroidered, that was my mom's favourite past time! When she passed she had drawers of pillowcases, dresser scarves & tableclothes to embroider. Also lots of material, I am the only one of 7 girls that embroider. After almost 7 yrs. I have most of it done & given away to family. I am so thankful to have so many beautiful things that she has made, as they bring me great joy! Sorry about all the snow you have, we are enjoying 80+ temperature in Orlando. We are very blessed to be here enjoying our vacation with our son & family! Sorry to hear about your sons accident, there has been a lot of sadness all around us. Praying for a safe return home. Love, PS

  9. lovely things,
    so nice to get a surprise box in the mail.
    wonderful church photo!
    hope you have a great week,
    and that his arm heals quickly.

  10. Hi Faye, I found your blog through Kaitlin's blog Homemaker Design. She is my daughter in law. I noted that you are from New Brunswick. We have a 21 year old son who is studying at Kingswood University in Sussex. (Used to be called Bethany Bible College). Just thought I'd pop in and say hi and check out your blog.

  11. Hello, Faye~ thanks for taking us to church with you... *grin* It's a beautiful building, and I'm sure the people there are precious.
    Love all your goodies~ especially the sunny yellow tulip and the great big "H"! :)
    And, yes~ kindred is a good word... I enjoyed our conversation so much~ and glad you enjoyed my accent... *haha* ((HUGS))

  12. Hi Faye, What beautiful items you received in the so deserve each one of them. You are always giving to others. Hugs. I also think spring is around the corner, we were out on the snowmobiles Saturday and when stopped in the sunshine, you could feel heat from it. Have a great week Faye. Good luck campaigning.

  13. Good morning Faye-what lovely goodies you have received. Here's hoping Spring is on it's way....enjoy your day.

  14. Hello, dear Faye ~ as always you give a warm glow to the heart, I needed that right now. This old world is in Good Hands, as you say.
    ' All will be well': a favourote quote of mine from the Lady Julian of Norwich.

    I hope and pray for your son's speedy recovery.

    My, that was a very lovely, generous present from the Mayo family!
    Love the antique linens, how very special.
    Have a lovely week.
    xxx Alex

  15. Hello!
    Well it's the Mayo's here and we just want to
    share with all of you...
    (as you already know)
    It is we our family that God has truly
    blessed by Mrs Henry & her friendship
    and all that is shared here! So, we thank
    God for getting to know her & her family
    (if you will) and her for letting the Lord
    use her as a vessel to encourage, teach and share himself
    and salvation with so many from 'all over'!
    We are blessed and come to love them...
    Hugs & blessings~
    Lori for our family

  16. Such beautiful gifts! I love the linens. So pretty. I hope your son heals quickly. I love the picture of your church. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  17. Oh I just love the Mayo family! They live not to far from out cottage so every time we head up I think about them and what a neat family they are and some of the wonderful and inspiring things that she and her family have shared!


  18. Oh my! Such generosity! That is really amazing, so many wonderful treasures, my friend!
    It's so nice to see a photo of your church happening, I love going to church, Sunday is definitely my favourite service.
    I may go to work with my hubby one night this week, not sure I can sleep while the he is driving his big truck, he doesn't stop until 5:00 or so in the morning and i'm a real bear if I don't get my sleep...we'll see.
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. Good Morning Friend, I love all your goodies! Linens are my favorite. What wonderful friends. Enjoy your day, Anna

  20. My husband did his last year of studies for ministry in Sussex too, back in the '80s. He is not currently pastoring but he runs a music business out of our home. I'll give you the link to our website for fun incase you want a peek. There are some older videos there of our kids. Hubby says the best thing he ever did was go to school in Sussex so he could take 7 weeks of fiddle lessons from Winston Crawford. He already played guitar but adding the fiddle was great because it is his favorite instrument now.

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  22. What a nice package! Those tablecloths look so pretty. What a sweet friend :) Friendship is truly a treasure.