Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Sweetheart kind of day..

Happy Valentine's Day sweet people.. 
Hope you have had a lovely day.. 

The picture above was our last year's dinner.. 
We stayed home and I was the chef.. smile.. 
You can read about it HERE.
It was named... OLD LOVE...

Sometimes we stay home and sometimes we go out.. 
Today, we went out for dinner.. 
It was a cold day here in Maritime Canada.. 
I had planned on having my Mom and Step-Father but when I talked to Mom she preferred to go out and try out a new restaurant they had heard about.. 

That is what we did.. 
And I am so glad .. 
What fun!!
We were served a nice pot of tea right at the beginning.. 

Loose black tea.... 
I love having a cuppa while we are waiting for the food.. 
There was so much choice that it took us a bit to figure out what we all wanted.. smile.. 

I had made hearts from some of the leftover felt from my bed runner and since we did not have Mom here I took them with me.. 

And made everyone put one on.. smile..

As you can see... Terry was so proud of his.. grin.. 
Julia Child had a Valentine party once and made hearts for everyone to wear.. Big ones.. grin.. 
These were very plain but still we were celebrating !!

They have a huge selection here at An's... 
We chose Italian.. (of course)  ... 

The portions were very large and delicious.. 
Terry has a Mushroom Lasagne and I had a Shrimp Pasta..
They were served with Butter Bread...
And these wonderful pickles.. 
Korean ones, I believe.. 

They have a selection of all types of food but Korean is probably what they serve the most.. 
Next time.. perhaps...

The dear girl bought me another pot of hot tea.. 

As you can see we really enjoyed it.. 
Mom said it was the best cup of tea that she has had since she left home.. 
That was not yesterday.. smile.. 

This was our server and she was lovely and was so patient with us.. 

My Step-Father was a good sport but this was not really what he generally likes to eat.. 
Terry and I thought it would be a Diner sort of place because that is the kind they like.. 

What a lovely surprise for me..
This Cafe was exactly the kind of place that I love.. 
Terry likes a more plain type of food but if you love the experience as much as the food then you would love it.. 

This is An ... 

She owns the Restaurant and is so sweet .. 
She brought me the second pot of tea.. 

Then we had a couple of cookies.. 

Sugar and Tiger.. 
And the waitress heard Mom coughing and brought her a cough drop.. So kind.. 

All in all it was a fun meal.. 
We enjoyed having Valentine's dinner with my Mom... 
She has not been too well lately and we feel so blessed to still have her with us..

And of course, I am thankful for my dear husband.. 
God has so blessed us with 45 Valentine's Days together.. 
Kind of scary, eh? 
Just praying that we have many more... 

And the sweet man knows that I would rather have this..  

Then a bouquet of roses.. 
Weird, aren't I?  smile.. 
So blessed to be loved by this man still after all these years..

And that was Valentine's Day at the Blessed Hearth.. 

We are to have another huge blizzard tomorrow.. 
When we were in Moncton today we were wondering where on earth they will put another huge bunch of snow.. 
My what a Winter !!.. 
Praying everyone will be safe on the roads tomorrow if they have to be on them.. 

Thank you so much for dropping by and may God bless and keep you.. 
I love your dear comments both here and on FaceBook.. 
Just one more and there will be 500 followers of the blog.. 
We will have a give-away for you all during the coming week.. 

Welcome to all the new followers and FB page likes.. 
God bless.. xo


  1. Happy Valentine's to you Faye. Your post was so interesting and I loved the one from last year also. Glad you and Terry could enjoy time with your mom and step-dad. Thanks again for sharing and taking us along on your "date". Looks like a nice place to eat and the tea looked so good. Have a blessed night!

  2. A most wonderful Valentine's Day celebration you enjoyed! *hugs*


  3. What a wonderful day! Your mom looks like a sweetheart. :)
    I just started following you - you should have 500 now!

    1. Hi Mari.. Thank you so much for your visit. I think you were following for a bit as your pic is back a ways.. Thanks so much though.. it still says 499... One more will show up soon, I think.. smile.. God bless.. xo

  4. Happy Valentines Day Faye!!! You are one of the sweetest souls I have ever met!!! I love your blog so somehow is a comfort for me. Xo

  5. That is an interesting selection of food, Italian food, Korean, pickles. Sounds like a fun place! Happy Valentine's Day. Stay warm up there. I am over this winter, so over it. 😫

  6. Good for you all!
    Sounds like a great time!

  7. Hello there, Dear Heart, Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Your Mom looks good, Faye. I am happy that you got to be with her today. The "heart" idea was a nice little thing to do. I might do something like that but Jim "might" (or not) hide it with his coat! Please stay nice and warm the next couple of days. Below 0 here tomorrow. We have to get this winter over with!!!!!!!!! Too cold!

    God bless you and the ones you love......

  8. Hello dear Faye
    What a lovely way to celebrate Valentines day with your mother and step-father.
    I love the red hearts too.
    I visited a friend of mine yesterday and she was wearing a red felt heart, the Heart Foundation were giving them out at the local post office!
    Please come over to my blog, where your name is mentioned!

  9. A wonderful way to celebrate. I called in on my Mum and Dad and like you feel blessed that they are still around. Love the hearts. Have a great day and stay safe and warm in the coming storm.

  10. What fun to wear the pretty hearts!

  11. How lovely to go out Faye, I love your hearts.
    We had a little Valentines tea & the girls made hearts & chocolates which was fun.
    Loved seeing your Mother.
    Fondly Michelle

  12. Happy Belated Valentines Day! What a lovely way to spend the day. We didn't do much here, leftovers (or as my son puts it, "Free Day"), we never had really done much on this day, as my husband is good to me all year long (and for the last 33 yrs, I might add, 26 of those married). We did though exchange cards and candy, and that includes the teenager as well. ---I just loved your hearts. Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  13. Happy Belated Valentine's Day !!!
    Love the photo of you & your MoM .... so Sweet.
    The Hearts were such a Nice Touch & the Guys wearing
    them, so Cute.
    Love your Gift ..... your Darling knows you well.
    Keep Warm & Safe with all the Storms blowing in.
    Blessings & Hugs from CT ~~~ Connie xox

  14. What a wonderful meal you enjoyed yesterday. It's a blessing that your mom was able to get out and enjoy it too. Now, I have to ask you where this restaurant is, Faye. I'm guessing Moncton but haven't heard of it. There are so many new places there and we haven't been down since November. I don't know if Murray would enjoy that type of food though as he's a lot like your Terry. :) Stay safe and warm in this storm. Our son and his wife are traveling down from Montreal today so I'm praying they'll get home safely. They had fun at the hockey game last night. Montreal won...barely! lol

  15. Your meal looks delicious and what friendly, caring service you received. Love the felt hearts you made (and the runner you made is did an amazing job!). I saw that book at Chapters and was thinking about buying it. Please do a book review on it sometime.

    Did you get another storm? No snow here in southern Ontario but oh my, is it cold! No water at church this morning due to frozen pipes!

    Have a safe, warm day, Faye!

  16. Faye, I think your Valentines day was perfect. So glad your mom can celebrate with you, still. Please stay warm and safe.

  17. happy valentine's day, looks like all of you had a grand time with good food and great company!

  18. Loved your Valentine's Day post... such a great way to celebrate. Stay safe and warm!

  19. What fun you all had! It looks like such a lovely place. I am so glad your mom got to go with you. That makes it all the more special. God bless.

  20. I am so glad you had a good time,my husband has been dead for 20 years so you are very lucky to have someone to celebrate with.

  21. Looks like a wonderful and fun time together, yes the older I get the more thankful I am for every day the Lord blesses me with my hubby and family. How fun to try out a new place too, glad your mom was able to go and enjoy it too!

  22. Your Mother is adorable! I love that picture from last year, so pretty.
    Catching up after being away for a few days to visit my sister (in law) who is in end stage renal failure. My husband did have a short time alone with her to ask her if she'd made peace with the Lord and let her know how to do that. She prayed with him and asked for forgiveness. Bittersweet Valentine's for us but we are truly, deeply grateful.
    Sending much love to you and blessings on your blog which brings so much comfort to so many.
    Thank you, Faye. xoxo

  23. What a wonderful restaurant and a nice way to spend Valentines Day!