Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meanwhile in Canada,,,

Hello... my friends.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth this evening.. 

We are really having some Winter here in Eastern Canada.. 
Lots of snow.. 
We actually broke a long standing record for snowfall in one storm this week.. 

Terry left yesterday morning after the storm to help our youngest son who has a snow removal business.. 
He says it is hard to get around the city (Moncton)  and St. John has declared a state of emergency.. 

This says a lot since we Canadians are very used to lots of snow.. 
I guess that there was such a huge amount at once that the streets are only one way.. 
I expect they have it mostly cleared by now but tonight they are forcasting that we are getting another 35 cm... 
Fourth storm this week.. 
Only in Canada, eh?  

Soup is on.. Surprise... surprise.. smile. 

This is the easiest soup ever.. 
Just chop up some squash, carrots, leeks, celery and onions.. 
Simmer away in some chicken broth and then add salt and pepper to taste.. 
Use your stick blender to blend and voila.. 
Delicious soup in half an hour.. 

Oh yes and I made a loaf of the no knead bread.. 
The recipe is found HERE..
The pic is above .. 
I just made one loaf and forgot to add the rosemary.. 

Just so you can imagine how much snow we have.. 

Here is hubby snow blowing the front walkway.. 

Our daughter sent me a pic of a wee bit of snow on one of her decks... 
Just cozy, eh?  
She is getting a bit claustrophobic, I think... smile.. 

I spent a bit of time this week redoing our mantel...  

I will share a bit more with you in another post.. 
I think I have it just about right.. 

Then I am cleaning and redoing our bedroom... 

We have a water bed which I love dearly..  grin.. 
No nicer place to be on a stormy night then here.. 
A heated bed and cozy flannel wrapped duvet.. 
Pretty comfy... right?
Oh yes and the window open a bit at least.. 

I worked on my bed runner today.. 
I had not forgotten it but it is a bit more work then I anticipated.. 
It is now all sewn together.. 
I need to line it but finally figured that out later today.. 
Hopefully, I can finish it tomorrow... 

Anyway, I know I seem a bit consumed with the weather tonight.. Sorry.. 

I had to add this.. 

 Canadians figure we may as well laugh as cry.. 
So we make fun of ourselves.. grin.. 

Hope you are having a great week and that all is right in your corner of the world.. 
These storms are nothing compared to all that is going on in the world.. 
We need to pray for our world.. 

Thanks for visiting, dear hearts and we will try and have a chat later.. 

Welcome to the new followers of the blog and thank you to you sweet girls who liked my Face Book page.. 
So glad to have you all.. 

I think that I should have a little give away when we reach the 500 followers mark.. 
What do you think? 
Would you like some Canadian coffee, perhaps.. 

Take care, everyone and God bless.. 


  1. Yes, it's definitely winter here in NB this past week. And I think you have a bit more snow than we do. Poor Saint John and Moncton. Reminds me of all those storms we used to get when I was growing up. I like your pewter collection on the mantel. Well, I hope this storm tomorrow isn't as bad as predicted for your area. You sure don't need anymore. Take care and be safe.

  2. We have a lot of snow too, but you really have us beat!

  3. Oh Faye, that amount of snow is too much for me. Your soup looks wonderful, as always.

  4. Yes, Faye, we do need to pray for the whole world! I can not understand all the hatred and killing. Just upsets me so much. Your mantel is gorgeous. I would love it. I really enjoy looking at your pewter and the picture of the young girl is fabulous. The red geranium goes so well with pewter. Very nice. Enjoy your soup and stay snuggly and warm. All my best to you and Terry.

  5. wow! that is A lot of snow!
    take care, blessings to all!
    loved your photos!
    the soup sounds wonderful!

  6. I have never seen that amount of snow.
    So glad all is well & you are keeping warm.
    The soup sounds wonderful, I will do it next week, thank you for the recipe.
    Morning here in England so I better get on.
    Fondly Miichelle

  7. Hi Faye

    That is an inordinate amount of snow reminds me of when I was a young child in the winter of 1963 where villages got blocked in and cut off in the UK although deep not quite as deep as you have it. Fortunately we do not get it like that anymore; however even if we get a slight sprinkling it seems to slow everyone up on the roads. Please keep safe and warm. The soup looks lovely - I just so happen to have those ingredients in my fridge so could well be making this on Saturday when I have a bit more time to play. I have a new piece of kitchen equipment to test drive a steam blender which was purchased specifically for making soup (I am a big soup fan - especially homemade) although it does have other benefits too. The bread looks lovely what a lovely combination. Right must get on and get ready for work it is 07:34 here in the UK. Keep warm keep safe.



  8. I don't think I have ever seen so much snow. We have had a slight sprinkling which is causing havoc on the roads, I don't think we would cope with it all. The soup looks amazing, I will be giving it a go. I have a bread maker so I cheat with the bread but it is better than shop bought. Stay warm and safe.

  9. I can't believe you are having so much snow over there!!! How on earth do you cope with it? I can't imagine trying to get out my front door never mind driving up the road....umm, what road? :-) Stay safe and warm, Faye.

  10. Oh that does remind me of staying with my daughter in Northern BC...6 feet of snow was the norm! Now she lives in Vancouver so just gets rain.

  11. Glad to see that you are prepared for snow Faye! Soup and bread are staples for snowy days!
    Your mantel is so pretty!

  12. Oh my that would be too much snow for me, I grew up in Michigan but the southern part, we love going to the U.P of Michigan but not in the winter, we went up there last fall and we just love it and my hubby said we should move up here when we retire and I told him no we need to just buy a cabin and come in the summer and fall and go back south the rest of the time :)

  13. Sounds warm and cozy inside with homemade soup and warm bread! Just a bit jealous of your snow since we live where one "good" snow a season is a treat. I grew up farther north and am used to cold, snowy winters - still not quite used to winter a little farther south!

  14. We don't have a much snow as you but we have more then we have had in years . Oh that soup and bread look YUMMY ! It is a cold day but the sun is shining here and the sky is clear and a brilliant blue . Lovely photos . Hope no more snow falls for either of us lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  15. Oh what a fabulous post. LOVE every word. all but the water bed. I tend to get seasick. :) ha! (seriously!!) but the cozy of the snow up to the windows... love!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll take that "snow blanket" anyday. I love it.

  16. Linda Andrews SmithFebruary 5, 2015 at 10:48 AM

    Your snow is A LOT, your bread and soup look Wonderful and Warm. I've never seen that much snow before...but then Missouri is as far North as I have ever lived and we thought some of the snows in the past with a foot were a lot. I am from much further South, with lots thinner blood (LOL) so will enjoy your pictures of the snow. Stay warm... Thanks for sharing

  17. Here, I am complaining about our 2 feet of snow. I won't do that anymore, smiles and giggles. BTW, . Beautiful pictures though, thank you for sharing. We have the same bed/headboard, no water bed, just a queen size. Thanks for the smiles...stay warm! (minus whatever here!)

  18. Oh my goodness Faye. I would absolutely panic with that much snow!!! Here in South Carolina, with just the chance for a few flurries the bread aisle and milk shelves empty pretty quickly, schools close and everything comes to a standstill. Ha. The bread looks delicious. I think you and I would get along perfectly in the kitchen. I'm a soup gal too. Sleep well in that waterbed.

  19. Wow, that is a lot of snow. :-)) Send some to Wisconsin. We are not getting much and need more for our cross country skiing. :-))

    I love soup too, so I just love your photos of soup. They always make me hungry. They look so good!!

    Have a blessed weekend.

  20. I just laughed when I scrolled to archaeology in Canada!! Too funny! Wow, that is alot of snow. We are getting rain this weekend and sounds like more to come. Oh your homemade bread looks delicious!! I need to make something with bananas I mashed up last night...needed to get the peelings gone into garbage that was hauled off today. Maybe a cake this time instead of bread. Stay warm and enjoy the snow for me since we rarely get it here where I live in OR. Hugs and prayers and blessings!!

  21. Hi Faye, Yes we do have a lot of snow although I think you might have a bit more. I, for one am longing for Spring this year. Usually I don't mind it so much but it is so cold out walking these days and my poor old boy--my dog, got Doug has a hard time in the snow. Love your mantel and your waterbed makes me miss mine. I loved it. Soup is wonderful on a cold day. I make lots of it.
    Take care

  22. Soup and snow must be a match made in heaven!

  23. Hello!
    Hope all is well:):)
    We think of you often,we love you,sending hugs!!

  24. Thank you for stopping by my blog Faye, I hope that you stay safe and warm in all the snow! xx

  25. Good evening Faye...lovely much snow, reminding me of 1978. What a lovely collection of pewter you have, you lucky thing! Take care, J. x

  26. Your snow is beautiful. I would love to see more snow pictures. I love snow! Not the bitter cold that usually follows snow (here anyway) but I do dearly love a good snow. I hope it does not cause any problems though. Enjoy your day and God bless.