Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Vintage Give-Away Post ....

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth.. 

It is time to thank you sweet people for following the blog.. 
There are now over 500 Google Followers along with Email, Networked Blogs and such.. 

This makes me happy, of course.. 
It is rewarding when you take the time to post and you realize that there are lovely ladies somewhere in the world who are interested in this ancient  older keeper of her home and what she is puttering away at... smile.. 
Thank you.. 

In return for your faithfulness in reading and commenting I would like to give away a few little things.. 

Nothing much, mind you but just a thought as my Mom would say..

Let's get started... 
This is what I have put together thus far.. 

A couple of drawstring bags made out of vintage fabric and doilies.. 

A bottle of my home made Between the Sheets Lavender Powder and a few of my Mom's doilies... 
A bar of my Patchouli Soap and a Cider Soaked Pantry Potpourri.. 


Some little thing will be made out of this Anne of Green Gables fabric.. 
Since her province of P. E. I. is next door to us here in New Brunswick.. smile.. 

Also ... 
Not shown but a few tags and who knows what else.. 
This is not just one prize.. 
I will break it up into 2 or 3 and add a few other little bits.. 

Now.. on with the show.. 
In order to win you have to.. 

1. Most important you have to be a follower of my blog.. 
If you are not then just go to the sidebar and sign up with Google or whichever way you like best..  

2.. Leave a comment and tell me something about yourself and what is your favourite topic on the blog. 

3.  For an extra chance you can like the page on Face Book.. Or if you have already then just share this post and mention this in your comment.. 
The widget is at the top of my sidebar and you do not have to be a Face Book member to read that page as I often add other things that are not on here.. 
Sorry if I have confused you all.. xo

Make sure to leave your first name if you do this through Anonymous so I can contact you if you win.. 

It is open to all and I will announce the winners on Feb. 28.. 

That's that ... I think.. smile.. 

 We are still in big time Winter here in the East of Canada.. 

Terry and I took a little trip out to check on the farm and he had to wear snow shoes in order to get in ... 
He actually had to take one off to beat the snow away from the back door as the shovel had blown away.. 
All was well and Spring will come again... 

Thank you so much for your many comments of sympathy last post.. lol.. 
But really... we are fine..

The power has not gone off at all and our son got his driveways done and our other son drove home in the blizzard for a couple of hours but arrived safely.. 
Our daughter is getting in shape to head to Florida next week by helping to shovel the snow away from her deck.. grin.. 

Life is good.. 
And there is always soup.. 

And even if you can't see out your windows there is still light and one can craft... 
 and when you go to the city there are new mountains that reach above the trees.. 
Man made snow mountains made by trucks carting the snow out of the city and blowing it into huge mountainous  piles.. 
Unbelieveable  ... 
 Even when you are Canadian there are still some things that amaze us.. 

Oh well.. 
We can have some company over for dinner.. 
And have some home made no knead bread.. 
I now have a link on the sidebar with the recipe as people request it quite often.. 
This loaf was made in a casserole dish and sprinkled with dill seed.. 

Just in case you don't believe me here is another pic copied from  Twitter.. 

Now, that is hilarious, eh?  
Seeing is believing.. grin..

We may as well laugh even if we have what I call a wallowing day.. 
The thing is that it can only last for one day... 

Thank you sweet friends for all of your visits and lovely comments.. 
Looking forward to you all signing up for the give-away.. 
God bless.. 


  1. Hi Faye! I commented, and shared your fb page.
    I had already liked it some time ago.
    See, I'm always reading your posts :)
    You asked what I liked most, well the open way you share.
    It's like going to a home for a nice visit, and a chat, of good simple things, photos, recipes, friendship, and encouragement. So nice to find that these days. I really enjoy your sharing!
    Our coldest night of the season so far tonight,-6, and over a foot of snow on the ground, plus wind chills. Another storm headed this way on the weekend, I'm looking forward to spring. But being thankful for every day, even the very cold ones!
    Hugs and blessings!

  2. Hi Faye, I have been reading your blog for some time now and enjoy every post. I only got to visit your shop once and wanted to go back again but it wasn't to be. I am "at home" now too for a few years; I enjoy baking, and my veg and flower gardens in summer. In winter, I hibernate a lot except for necessary trips out and of course, grandson hockey games. I love everything about your blog - don't know if I can pick one topic - I just enjoy your road trips, especially to farm and day to day life stories. You have awesome pictures; this post, I really like the pic of the farm house and barn and all the snow; reminds me of the old days. This is a wonderful thing you are doing in having a give away - you are an inspiration to all of us who visit you; I always look forward to each new post! Thank you for this blog.
    Cheryl from Fredericton

  3. Hi Faye, as I may have told you, I love your blog. Love everything you write about! I suffer the distance sometimes, as I would have loved to visit your sweet store. My favorite part of the blog are your recipes. I love seeing glimpses of your family life. I found you through Cathyjo, I don't think she still blogs. So glad I did. Thanks for the giveaway. And congratulations on 500+ followers. I used to enjoy listening to Amazing Grace, too, until blog background music became a no-no.....:/. Keep up the great job! Your photos are always beautiful.

  4. Evening Faye, how sweet of you to have a giveaway. Like I have said other times I find your blog so comforting. Love your cozy kitchen, all your homemade cooking, it's all good. Blessings Francine.

  5. Hello,
    I just love all of what you share. It makes me smile to find a kindred spirit. A wonderful lady who loves the Lord and is not afraid to shout it. :-))
    I love how you share Canada with us. All your good cooking and love for your family.
    xx oo

  6. Love those vintage things, especially the doilies and fabric. I never learned to crochet, just couldn't get the hang of it. My grandmother did teach me to knit little house slippers and dish cloths. That bread looks wonderful, will have to try it. I enjoy all your pics of the snow and the recipes. I'm sure you are a wonderful cook! It's nice to know you have a fb page. I haven't been doing fb very long and am still figuring it out. Thanks for sharing your blog and home with us. Hugs, Phyllis

  7. Hi Miss Faye,
    I have really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog.
    You have a lot of really neat ideas on here; I especially like the natural air fresheners.
    Your blog has a homey feel to it; my mother and I both enjoy reading your posts.

  8. Your blog is the kind I enjoy visiting. It's like stopping by for a cup of tea. You sure have had a lot of snow. We have had snow and cold but not that much. Our poor kids have missed an entire week of school. Stay warm. Hugs

  9. Hi Faye, I won't enter the giveaway as I am not on Facebook. I enjoy whatever you write and, being an Aussie, am fascinated by all that snow over there. We are currently waiting for the hopefully weakened cyclone that crossed the Queensland coast this morning to move down here before it passes out to sea where it belongs :-)

    1. Hi Nanna Chel.. You do not have to be on FB to enter.. You just get an extra chance is all. I did not make myself clear so fixed that , I hope.. I will be entering your name.. Praying for your safety.. xo

  10. Faye, I have enjoyed your blog for the past two years, if I recollect correctly. I like photos of your trips, your shop, and talking about your keepers of the home meetings. I enjoy baking and photography. I am starting to knit again. I like to blog. I will find you on facebook. Glad u are weathering your storm well. Quite the snowfall. God bless.

  11. I liked your page on facebook. Also invited two people, one being my daughter in law.

  12. I don't do Facebook, and am not sure if this is open to people who live abroad....but it looks a lovely giveaway. I always enjoy your recipes.

    1. Yes, it is Elizabeth.. I will enter your name, too.. xo

  13. Hello Faye! I am so blessed to come for a visit to your sweet blog and hearth where you share friendship like soup for the soul!
    A truly precious giveaway by your own hands makes it special! I don't do facebook but please include my name
    Thanks so much for all your chats!

  14. Hello Faye, I won't enter your give away all the way here in Bonnie Scotland, although I would like to say that I do so enjoy your blog, I love the homeliness of it, it's very comforting and warm, even the snow post. Just keep blogging... Woo xx

    1. I will enter your name, my friend.. xo

  15. Faye - you, by the sounds of the comments here, have a lot of dedicated readers...who keep on coming back. I'll tell you why. You're warm, and comfortable. You're real and "homey" and that is just what so many readers want. Its like coming HOME!!! again and again and again.

    I love you and your blog - of sweet, heartfelt thoughts and care. You are very special!!

  16. Faye,
    You have assembled quite a lovely giveaway. You are a woman with a generous heart :)

    It is un-real how much snow you've received. Here we are, with un-seasonable temperatures in the 50's. What a crazy weather year!!
    I love your thoughts about crafting, hosting dinner for friends, and certainly about soup. Yes... there's always soup :)
    Take care and stay warm and safe, my friend.


  17. It is wonderful that you can keep such a great attitude with all that snow, such a blessing, so glad to hear all made it home safely!

  18. Hi Faye! What a lovely giveaway! I am pretty new here but I love visiting your blog. It's so homey and I really enjoy your recipes and homemaking tips. Plus - you snow pictures make me feel better about our snow situation! :)
    I'm off to find your FB page and like it.

  19. Faye, dear I love your whole pick one thing, don't know how I can.
    Your giveaway is so sweet and lovely, God Bless All

  20. Forgot to me tion I already liked you on Facebook!

  21. Lovely vintage things . Now that is a lot of snow , we don't have that much snow thankfully but we do have frigid temps and warnings of them all over the network board . The good thing is the sun has been shining almost every day . The Cardinals are singing their spring mating songs so that is promising ! I have got to visit your FB page as I have one to but I dont use it for my blog . Congrats on the 500 followers that's awesome ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend and stay cozy and safe !

  22. I love your blog, I find it both refreshing yet relaxing and enjoy your many trips and adventures, your recipes are great, just joined but have had an a favorite for months and follow it daily,,,,, stay warm Debi


  24. Love the pictures of your home and the area where you liv!

  25. Hi Faye, I have been following your blog for about 2 years now, but recently signed up to be a real follower. I love everything about the blog, but guess the thing that drew me in was the "home" feeling it gave me each time I read it. I love the pictures and going on the road trips. Would love to visit Canada one of these days and your part of it especially. Friends already on FB with you and have shared. Everything you are giving away is awesome and you are so sweet to share with us. It was -8 at our place yesterday and 9 inches of snow on the ground....which is nothing compared to yours. Stay warm and safe and keep sharing your life with us...Love it.

  26. Hello Faye,
    Thank you for another lovely post, so glad to hear all is fine if not a little cold.
    I love everything about your blog, the canning, crafting, family, baking all of it. You were my first friend since starting blogging & gave me so much confidence, thank you.
    Your soup looks wonderful, we have soup Mondays here using our chicken carcass from Sunday.
    Your vintage give away is beautiful.
    Keep warm.
    Fondly Michelle

    1. I forgot to say please don't enter me with me living in England, I just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to your posts.
      Fondly Michelle

    2. That's ok, Michelle.. I will be putting your name in... xo

  27. Faye, you have done so well with your blog and I always enjoy my visits here learning about all the things you make and bake. I've been following you for a few years and now follow on Facebook. That's a lot of snow at the farmhouse! Wow. And more on the way for Sunday. I hope you have a good and safe weekend. Blessings. Pam

  28. Oh Faye!!! I love everything about your blog. It just makes me smile, chuckling over the winter--yep, same here dear friend. It was minus 40 here and it never got above minus 8 today. Sigh...I think we are all ready to have winter go away, smiles. Blessings

  29. Oh heavens, and I complain about 30 or 40 degrees......
    Loved your drawing items....they just look warm and delightful...just like the lady offering them!
    I like your blog just like it is a lovely potpourri and I look forward to each new posting. The posts and pictures of your home(s) are my favorites!
    Blessings to you,

  30. just wanted to let you know I am a follower and want to be in on the give away! My favorite part of your blog is everything you do in your home just love it! I know if I lived close by I would be at your door joining in. It's 0 here this morning with snow late tonight that temp is unusual for North Carolina! I vote for spring! Margaret

  31. What a nice giveaway Faye. I love your food posts, especially your soups. I'm a soup gal myself and they always look so good. Love your salads too. I like when you take us to the farmhouse. I would have a hard time leaving there. Looks so cozy. Have fun in the snow and please keep it above the border. We're having record breaking temps here in SC lately and I am ready for Spring. Don't like cold weather.

  32. I'm a follower of your blog. I like seeing the projects you're working on the best - I love seeing what you create - the things you come up with are mind boggling! I'm envious of all your snow, because here in Utah we're having the driest winter on record - sigh!

  33. Good evening, sweet friend! I just finished showing my husband and son the pictures of all your snow - they were quite impressed :)

    Your giveaway is absolutely lovely and I would thrilled to have you put my name in :) I am a follower of yours, my dear, and always enjoy your posts and comments. Thank you for spoiling us, sweet lady. Happy weekend! Hugs

  34. I love each post... I think it's because you are living the good ole times right now! AND enjoying every minute of it! It shines through in your writing & your lovely pictures! Thank you for taking the time to share your life with us! The lovely things you are offering are so sweet and I know the gal that wins them will be blessed by your generosity! Thank you again!

  35. I love everything about your blog, especially the hominess, crafts and road trips. When reading your blog, I feel like you are my next door neighbor. However, I'd be over for tea every other day if you were. (smile) You are a blessing........
    Carol from cold Michigan

  36. What a chore we have been name our favorite topic on your blog. My mind flits from the recipes to the crafts to your ladies' meetings to your little shop to the countryside pictures and I have a hard time picking one since I love and enjoy all of them. But, I think my very favorite thing about your blog is your love for God and how you honor Him. I always know I'll read something uplifting and that means so much. Thank you for the giveaway and I know whoever wins will be very blessed. Katy Lamb from a very cold right now Arkansas

  37. I have enjoyed reading your blog for a while now. Your were so kind once to e-mail me more detailed directions for one of your recipes. My kids loved seeing the pictures of all the snow. The thing I like best about your blog is your testimony about Jesus in your life. I love the no knead bread recipes.
    I can think of lots of things to do with the "Anne of Green Gables" fabric! It's beautiful!
    Thanks for all the encouraging words.
    Becky M.

  38. Oh I love everything about your blog the wonderful pictures your faith the food and recipes the keeper of the homes just everything, you always make everything feel real cozy. And oh I love Anne of Green Gables but I think I might have already told you that the other day when you posted a picture of the drift blocks in front of her home grin:)) and that fabric is beautiful. Thanks sooo much for a chance to win some of your homemade goodies.

    1. Oh also I did follow your Facebook page!!

  39. I have been a follower for quite some time! Everything about your posts is so interesting...especially your soups!!! I follow you on fb too! Your pics of your part of the world are beautiful! I love all of your homemade recipes! And your Christian faith...Thank you for being YOU!!!

  40. Hi Faye, it is lovely to meet another Canadian. I'm Linda from Ontario, who loves to garden and craft. I'm going to enjoy your crafts. I also love reading about another province in our great country. It's frigid here but we certainly don't have the amounts of snow you have. I just became a follower via email updates and I liked your Facebook page too. I'll be back to visit often.

  41. I can't get enough of these photos of snow - it's like a foreign country to me, literally :-)

  42. I still haven't gotten to read over your whole blog, but I was immediately drawn in by your warmth! Warmth that clearly comes from the inside, not the outside, heehee - we're envious still of your snow! I love Anne of Green Gables, my mom and I are getting ready to introduce the movies to my 10 year old. We used to make some yummy tea foods to eat while watching them, so are planning a tea party/movie time!

  43. Hello Faye, I am a follower of your blog. I am a wife, mama, and I recently became a new nana to a beautiful baby girl. I really enjoy all your posts on your blog. It feels as though I am coming over for a visit!

  44. Good Morning Faye!
    The sun is out finally! We still have at least three feet of snow on the ground. It rained for a day this weekend and our basement flooded because there was nowhere else for it to go...our gutters are completely damned up with ice. Really looking forward to the Spring and glad I planted extra bulbs this year :). I love your posts...but I'm pretty sure you already know that! xoxo Marybeth

  45. Hello from Texas! Faye, you are truly a genuine person! I just love all the things you post and love your pictures!

  46. Hi Faye, As usual I am slow. I am not really entering your giveaway since I won something awhile back so didn't think it fair to win anything else (if I did happen to be so lucky). I guess you already know things about me and as far as your blog goes I enjoy everything. You and I have such similar tastes in decorating and crafts and I guess everything else. I enjoy your recipes but there are so many things that I would love to try but.....
    I am getting so tired of the snow but Spring will come.
    take care my friend