Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Geraniums and Pewter...

Good Afternoon, my dears.. 

Here I am posting in the afternoon for a change.. 
Normally, I don't get to it until after supper but this is another very snowy day in New Brunswick.. 

My get up and go seems to have got up and gone.. grin.. 
So, I thought I would do my post now and perhaps do something else later on.. 

Terry is out on a mission..
The dear man loves the challenge of  just finding enough room in our drive for our vehicles .. 
 Well, not really.. 
The challenge is in finding the vehicles after the storm is done.. 

No ... just kidding.. grin..
It is bad but like I said before this is not a new dance.. 

Here are some pics of our mantel that had a little facelift.. 
Not much but a change none the less.. 

Pewter, geraniums and an old picture..
Pretty simple.. 

I may have told you that I bought this picture at the Museum yard sale in St. Martins several years ago.. 

All it needed was a new glass ... 

It is called.. 

She is tying her shoe and you can see the shadows of her friends leaving her behind.. 
Did that ever happen to you?  smile.. 

The cast iron candle holders were a gift for Christmas one year and I love the battery operated candles.. 
Much safer and a bit prim looking.. 
I must admit that I have this love affair going on with geraniums lately.. 
They are just so cheerful and we kind of need it here in the Winter..

I have been enjoying going into my Sun Room and watering them all.. 

My Gram always had geraniums and I often think of her.. 
She was such a dear thing..
I decided to put a primitive string of lights up for the Winter months.. 
I am sure they help Terry see his tablet and brighten up the 

You girls said in your comments that you like posts about our home and the old farm.. 
 You also mentioned the soups... 

Here is one I made on Monday.. 
Irish Stew.. 

One of our favourite meats is Lamb..
Many years ago when Terry and I were in our twenties we lived on a little hobby farm.. 
We raised sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks and turkeys.. 
Not very fancy farming but I loved the sheep and still do.. 
We had 2 ewes and an old one eyed ram..
I went to a farm auction one day by myself and bought them.. 
Terry was a bit surprised.. grin 
Every Spring the ewes both almost always had twins... 
That is when we began to eat Lamb.. 
It costs a lot here now and we do not get it very often.. 
Our son found some on sale and brought us up a bunch of chops.. 

I used a few of them instead of stewing meat and it was delicious.. 

So easy to make .. 
I just put the chops in a stew pot along with onions, carrots and celery, a couple of handfuls of barley, bay leaves, salt and pepper and let it simmer for a couple of hours and kept adding water..
Then just added chopped onion, carrots, potatoes and celery and herbs.. 

Simmered away until lunch time and voila... 

If my friend Christine from Ireland reads this she will no doubt have a chuckle as I am sure it is not a bona fide Irish Stew but it is my Canadian version.. smile.. 

Yesterday, we  went to St. John.. 
That is where our daughter and her family live as you know.. 
They are leaving for Florida for March break once again so this Mama wanted to see them before they left... 

It was  a lovely time with them .. 
Shonda made us Supper.. 

It was all lovely but her Dad delights in her Apple Pie.. 

Her brothers tell her that she makes a mean apple pie.
It was so so good.. 

 I will be glad when they get back home once again.. 
I hope they have good weather and have a break from shovelling snow.. 
Their decks have at least 5 feet of snow on them as do most of us.. 

Well, dear hearts that is all of today.. 
Not very interesting, I know but will come up with something better next time, I hope.. 

So nice chatting with you and receiving your lovely emails.. 

One dear girl from SC made my day yesterday by sending me the funniest email.. 
She had taken a pic of the snow they received there and figured I would get huge enjoyment from the chaos it had caused when we have so much here.. 
It was really funny and I so enjoyed it but I do understand that this is normal for us and not normal for you southern ladies.. 
It is beautiful, though but still... 

I will admit to being very tired of it all.. 
Come on daffodils... 

God has been good though and we are all safe and well.. 
So blessed to have a roof over our heads and wood in our furnaces.. And faithful road crews who clear our highways and byways.. 

Take care and don't forget the give-away HERE 
Looking forward to all of your sweet comments.. 
I read and cherish each one.. 


  1. Faye, an update on the snow situation here in SC. They are forecasting 5-7 inches tonight. Yikes!!! I cannot imagine measuring snowfall in feet instead of inches. Oh my. I would panic for sure. The soup looks delicious but I have to admit I've never tasted lamb. You have such a lovely daughter and I pray they will have a wonderful time in Fla. I've seen lots of daffodils in bloom here lately and like you I'm anxiously awaiting Spring. Have a restful night. Lovely post.

  2. I love your blog and your homes. The China, the furnishings, the food, the people...I can tell I would be right at home in the middle of it all.the area you live in is on my bucket list..

  3. So nice to spend time with your daughter before she leaves for Florida, prayers for safe travel.

  4. I love your museum picture, just so sweet and appealing!
    The red geraniums, they look wonderful, and bright and cheerful
    I can not get them to grow here in the house! Wish I could!
    Your daughter, her smile is so pretty, and her hair just beautiful.
    I hope they have a wonderful trip!
    The stew sounds wonderful, i don't think I have ever eaten lamb either!
    Like everyone else, I am pretty well sick of snow, more coming tonight,
    Over 2 feet here on the ground, this is the worst winter in a long time.
    Last year, January was with arctic cold, but we had inches not feet of snow.
    The weather guys are saying rain, probable floods beginning Monday.
    In spite of all that, God is good, all the time.
    His goodness is not dependent upon my circumstances.

  5. Hi Faye, I can relate to your get and gone has got up and gone. I feel the same way. Must be the mounds of snow we keep getting.
    I love your geraniums. I have been slowly bringing all mine up from the basement and they are doing well. I still have to pot up the red ones.
    So nice you got down to visit your daughter. Two of mine drove to Halifax today to leave on early morning flights. We have a 9 and 13 year old with us for 8 days plus we are dog sitting for my middle son for 2 weeks so it has been busy.
    Keep well.

  6. I love soup too! We just have a few chops left from the last lamb we raised. We are done with them now...miss the our show ewe Dottie - I did get to see her last week, she had a little ram this year. We gave her to another family with 3 girls who have a small flock - Dottie fit right in. My sister went to Florida yesterday for a week - 10 days. Her inlaws fly south for the winter and they invited them to come down. Lucky is supposed to be -18 or so tonight. I too am tired of it....Robin oh Robin fly back this way.

  7. Lovely post and photos ! When I was kid on our hobby farm we raised sheep as well and I love what we call it Mutton which is young lamb meat , most of our sheep lived a long time and produced lovely spring lambs we lived off of the land and our live stock we love lamb to and yes it is pricey here to ! I to have Geraniums in side as I bring them in for the winter months I love having them as they bloom through out the winter to , I have 4 different colours always a joy to see . Yes Papa has been doing a lot of snow blowing this winter to all though we don't have quite as much snow as you do but enough to us the machine and not shovel it lol . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !.

  8. Your daughter is lovely - looks a lot like her Mom!
    Our son lives in Kentucky and share with us the snow adventures there. It really is all about what you are used to.

  9. Geraniums and pewter, I love them both! Yours are beautiful. We had some lovely snow this morning, but alas, tis all gone....... melted.......blessings to you dear Faye

  10. Faye I always looking forword to your next geraniums...but they don't grow for me.

  11. How amazing to have geraniums in the middle of Winter. They looks so bright. Mine are in the greenhouse asleep till next Summer!

  12. Faye, lamb is quite common here in Australia although I must admit I rarely buy it but I do like the taste. You certainly must be looking forward to spring. I would too if all I could see outside was snow. A bit of colour wouldn't go astray, would it? I can't imagine what it would be like looking at white all day long although I love looking at photos of your snow.

  13. Oh Faye...that pewter and the red geraniums are just beautifully displayed on your mantel. The geraniums really do brighten things up, don't they? My grandmother always kept her geraniums over the winter, but I have not had much luck with them during the winter. You inspire me to try again next winter. :) And I love the picture of the little girl. That is absolutely beautiful! Does it have a name of the artist on it? Have a great weekend, my friend!

  14. Morning Faye, love the look of the red Geraniums with the Pewter, looks beautiful... Blessings Francine.

  15. What an amazing fireplace!!
    I love pewter, I have a few small pieces, you have a lovely collection! :)

  16. In the midst of winter the red geraniums just pop with a promise of Spring. Love the picture too, I need to start looking closer at old pictures in the flea markets. Your daughter looks lovely and I would love a piece of that apple pie! :) Hope they have a great get-a-way to Florida. I have never had lamb, my husband has and likes it, but it is so very expensive we do not buy any. Enjoyed your post.....have a wonderful day~~

  17. Hello Faye! Glad to hear you're staying warm and cozy. The mantel looks great with the lights!
    Stews are definitely winter warmers over here and your Canadian version looks delicious!
    God bless!

  18. Those are so lovely...and as always....the soup looks wonderful!
    Hope and pray that you are doing well...we are! Looking forward to SPRING!! :)
    May God bless you!
    Love (and hugs)~
    Maggie for the Mayo family

  19. Hello,
    Your soup and stews always look so wonderful.
    Your daughter is soooooo pretty. She has beautiful hair. And her smile is just lovely, it makes me smile.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  20. Your pewter and geraniums are lovely on your mantel. I have a couple pewter steins I got while in England. They are pretty. I hope your daughter and family have a safe trip and fun time in FL. It has been cold there but no snow. A vendor, who was visiting our store today, said he was in FL last couple weeks and it was 20 degrees but no snow. It was warmer here in OR than there! I usually wind up making a type of soup a few times a month. Delicious when it's chilly for sure. Have a good weekend that's coming up!

  21. Hello Faye,
    I love Geraniums too & pewter. our geraniums are not doing that well, no blooms yet but a few buds.
    Your soups looks wonderful, we love Irish Stew here.
    Such a pretty daughter you have.
    Enjoy your day.
    Fondly Michelle

  22. Hi, you stew/soaps alway look so yummy and just what you need in your area of the world, very snowy!, I really like the picture of the little girl and your pretty lightsxx

  23. I love that fireplace and mantel, Faye. Very pretty and it must be so cozy with a roaring fire on a cold, winter's night! Thanks for the recipe. :-)

  24. Love the geraniums with the pewter, I have never had them in the house, always outside. Love the battery operated candles and your primitive lights, such a great addition to your decorating!! My daughter is living in North Carolina right now and she said they are all going a bit crazy over the snow. It is beautiful but I am ready for spring that is for sure :)

  25. I look forward to the day when my daughter cooks me an entire meal and a pie, that would be heavenly! We still have snow on the ground but it feels different outside, like it won't last for very long. I love winter but I do like we have all the seasons.

  26. It has been beautiful on Florida. My Mom and Dad live in Orlando. We were down at Christmas and were really too warm with temps in the 80's. Tell them to pack shorts since they have had 84 this week!

    We are in SC, too. Just two inches of snow and gone the same day. My kind of winter! Our son in Boston is every bit as sick of it as you are this year. They are young, outdoor people so they go cross country skiing, etc that I would never do.

  27. Hi Faye, I'm sorry that you are feeling a bit under the weather. Not surprising with all that snow...perfect hibernating weather. It all looks so gorgeous but it must be hard work having such a long winter...I love the horse and sleigh (...whoops I nearly spelt that 'slay'...) pictures and your pewter collection...amazing! We have a little set of pewter measuring cups on our front room mantle piece. The twinkly lights look lovely and cosy, I think I might try that as soon as we get a bit more organised. Your daughter has the prettiest's so long, and her mama's smile...beautiful.
    I hope that you have a lovely weekend...keep warm