Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Winter Project.. Felted Bed Runner..

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth today.. 
This is just a little post to show you the felted bed runner that I finally finished.. 
I was wondering if I would have started this if I had known how much work it would take.. 
I think so.. smile.. 
I saw this idea on the UK Country Living site..
Their directions are much better then mine.. 

The first thing to do is find some 100 % wool and felt it.. 
I found this red wool coat at the thrift store.. I sort of felt bad about cutting it up as it was a London Fog.. smile.. 
Oh well.. it was the color I wanted so I cut it up into as big of pieces as I could.. 

Then I found this old wool blanket out at the farm and cut it into four pieces.. 

Put them into boiling water in my canner on the stove.. 
I boiled them for about 15 minutes, I think.. 
Then put them into the washer with hot water and let it do the cycle with cold water rinse and spin.. 
After that I put them on my wood drying rack for several days to dry... 

I used this old picture frame as a template..
You could use cardboard or such but this was the perfect size.. 

I used a marker to draw them out and made sure it was on the wrong side when I sewed them up.. 

You are supposed to use a tailor's chalk but I didn't have any.. 

For the red ones I measured them half the size of the cream ones.. 

Then I sewed them together which sounds much easier then it actually was.. 
Felt is not exactly the same as working with cotton for example.. 
I found it had a mind of it's own and had to be measured exactly.. 
But I finally managed to sew them all together and pressed them with a damp cloth.. 

They pressed out rather lovely and I was pleased with it thus far.. 
I actually made two runners out of the felt and sewed them together. 
Both sides are felt rather then lining it with a different fabric.. 

I had an old vintage doilie which I teadyed and cut into strips.. 
These went along each edge to cover the stitching.. 

Then.. smile.. 
I made a heart in the centre piece with a piece of the doilie.. 

With some old jewellery I made an arrow (kind of ) smile..  
And added a couple of buttons.. 

And here it is.. 

Remember this is a water bed with a duvet on top so it is a bit fluffy shall we say. 

The pics were all kind of dark so these are the best ones.. 
You get the gist of it all, though, eh? 
Just in time for Valentine's Day..  

Then after all that it was lunch time and we had veggie pita pizza.. 

Such a simple but delicious lunch.. 
Do you make these? 

I thought you might get a smile out of the snow at our front door.. 

Terry was digging us out after the last storm.. 
So far this week we haven't had any, thank the Lord.. 

Well, dear hearts thanks for your visit and for all your sweet comments on my last post.. 
So happy you enjoyed it.. 

Are you making any Winter projects?  
Take care and have a great week.. 


  1. Your felted runner came out beautifully Faye. It was a lot of work but worth it for sure. That is a lot of snow in your front yard! I'm so glad we were given a reprieve this week but Sunday looks like it might be a bad one and maybe even on Friday for your area. The pizza looks so yummy. Take care my friend. I had to read this last post before I get ready for bed. :)

  2. The runner is a labor of love, Faye! Love the arrow! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. The runner is so pretty! I like your front door path too.

  4. The runner came out wonderful!
    Love the colors!
    The pizza, yum, I could eat one right now!
    Sure is a lot of snow!
    Frigid wind chills for us this week, starting tomorrow, for the next 5 days.
    5 & below, with little snow though, thankfully.
    Take care!

  5. Hello Faye,
    Your runner is beautiful, I love the lace heart.
    Yummy pizza too, we love anything with melted cheese on here.
    You have so much snow, wow, we never get that in England.
    Keep warm & safe.
    Fondly Michelle

  6. A masterpiece, Faye! Really lovely and I especially love the arrow!
    Have a blessed day!

  7. I have never felted wool before - though, I have had a pair of slippers (made from someone off of etsy) that were felted. NICE! I'm liking the red...

    That snow is amazing!

  8. Such a pretty runner for the bed! I hope that you are OK in all that snow! xx

  9. I LOVE it! You know how I feel about felting and wool...I'm addicted to it! I feel bad too sometimes when I felt a nice blazer or blanket...but, I am repurposing it into something better.

  10. Oh my your bed runner is just gorgeous, love how you used the lace and that arrow is very clever, beautiful touch to your bed. Oh my that is alot of snow, looks like back breaking work, glad you haven't had anymore.

  11. goodness, look at that snow!!! love the runner you made for Valentine's day, so sweet and perfect for the holiday. Stay warm :)

  12. Your bed runner is positively beautiful. It has such a vintage-y feel to it now! Every little element about it is sweet!

    Hugs and happy Valentine's Day weekend,

  13. What a delightful project! I love the lace medallions that you used - they are the perfect addition to this cute wool runner. If I'm working with a really heavy wool, I will often butt the straight edges up to each other and stitch with a zig zag to attach them. That way there is no bulk from a seam allowance - I wonder if this would have worked with yours. Is there a lining to this runner? Thanks so much for the great pictures - I loved seeing this!

    1. Hi Gayle.. What a great idea.. Thanks.. No, I sewed them together but when I pressed them there was no bulk..That is why I did not line it but had already made like 2 runners and just sewed them together.. So, the bottom is basically the same as the top..That way I did not have to turn it inside out and press,, (if you know what I mean) I hope to make a couple of pillows with the left over fabric.. Do you work with felted wool a lot?

  14. It's very lovely Faye. I'm here to ask prayers for myself, children and grandchildren. I pray all is well with you and yours. I was blessed by your post on How to have a lovely life, I would love to be apart of your keepers of the home group, if only there were not so many miles between us :) Blessings

    1. Yes, Shelley we will be lifting you and your dear family up in prayer.. God knows every circumstance and is ever faithful as you have proven many times.. God bless.. xo

  15. I love it! It turned out lovely. It looks like we have about the same amount if snow as you do. I'm so ready for spring! Have a blessed day, Faye.

  16. Hi,
    I love it as well. It looks beautiful. I love the photos you shared on your bed. So very beautiful.
    My boys are jealous of all your snow :-))
    Send some our way.
    ♥ Carla

  17. Perfect for Valentines day Faye. So cosy for your snowy days. We still haven't had any snow apart from a few flakes. It all looks so pretty over there.
    Keep warm and toasty.

  18. Love your runner! You are very creative.

  19. The bed runner is beautiful. What a lovely idea to add the little heart. :) My garden is still covered with snow - but you are close to stuck in the snow. Hope everything is o.k. after the storm.
    Have a wonderful time and all my best

  20. Oh how pretty!! Still covered in snow, and bitter temps here in western NY. (expecting another storm this weekend)--no projects here...well...I do have a Art History project due in March--that is another subject. Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  21. I love the runner! Very pretty, lots of work though. I love the snow picture. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  22. Love your runner... it's beautiful and perfect for February! That's a lot of snow you've got there!