Monday, February 16, 2015

When the snow just won't stop...

 Good evening, everyone..
It is finally over.. The worst storm that I can remember.. 
We have lived here in this house for 30 years and I have never seen this before..  
This is what we woke up to this morning.. 
This is our Kitchen window over the sinks.. 

Seeing is believing.. Right?
See the top of the pine tree there.. That is the top of it.. 
The storm started early Sunday morning and went on until this morning.. 
Blizzard conditions with white outs and high winds..

Yesterday, I was speaking to our daughter on the phone and she was wondering what kind of soup I had going.. smile.. 
The kids kinda make fun of me because storm day is just another excuse to make soup,, eh?  

After awhile I did make this one.. 

Olive Garden\s Zuppa Toscana Soup  
The recipe is HERE..
It is on my Pinterest.. 
I made mine with Kale though... 

First thing today, Terry got ready to go in to help Dustin (our youngest son) with his snow removal business.. 
He had done some snow blowing last evening so he would be ready but when he went out this morning the driveway was full again... sigh.. 
He is not a spring chicken any more and I felt bad about him having to do the drive again and then go and push the snowblower all day.. 
But the Lord sent a special someone to plow him out.. 

We have great neighbours... thank you, sir.. 

While I was waiting for him to actually get gone.. 
You know what I mean.. grin.. 
I decided to feed the birds some leftover bread that I had..  

Yup.. This is our front door.. 
See the drift.. 

Right up to the roof.. 
The birds found the bread though.. 
Crows, actually.. 

And this is our front family room window.. 

I cannot see out at all.. 
But that is fine..
 The house is darker then usual, though but the sun manages to get in around the top... 
I will just double up on Vitamin D.. smile.. 

Terry will shovel it away after today.. 
He just needs to help our son as the poor kid has so many driveways to do and there is just so much snow.. 
Really, we Canadians hardly ever whine this much but this is unreal... 

On with the show.. 

I needed to do something fun today so I made this wreath.. 

I copied it off of one that I seen in a UK Country Living a while back.. 
And glued the pic on my home made calender.. 

Does anyone know what kind of style this is?  
I don't know but it is pretty and brightens up my foyer on this Winter's day... 

You just tie knots in fabric. I used 4 or 5.. 
 I was blessed to have a pile of vintage quilt blocks in my workroom that I forgot I had..
Tie a red ribbon on a grapevine wreath and then secure the knotted fabrics in bunches around it.. 
Top each knotted bunch with an old piece of jewellery..
I used my glue gun.. 
It was a really easy wreath to make.. 

I had to show my friends who do not live here in Eastern Canada and are fans of Anne of Green Gables just what her house looked like today.. 
I found this on Twitter and it was by Scot Meiklejohn..

A 7 foot tall snow drift blocks the front of Anne's house in Summerside, PEI.

Well, dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
I hope you enjoyed the snow pics and I look forward to hearing from you.. 

The sun is trying to get through.. 
Just like the storms of life.. 
This too, shall pass.. 
I hope I didn't bore you all with the weather.. 
If you are Canadian that is what you talk about.. 
Some weather we are having, eh?  
No.. really.. that is how we talk.. grin.. 

We have reached the 500 Google Followers so next post I hope I have a little give-away ready for you all.. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and following the blog and liking my FB page.. 
You guys rock.. 

Okay, okay... Just this one last one from the weather station .. 

The guy said he thinks he needs a bigger snowblower.. 
Only in Canada, eh?  


And were featured at Stephanie's Blog HERE...


  1. My goodness...that is a lot of snow! Here in Western Washington, we have had a very mild winter so far, just one light dusting of snow that disappeared the next day! :)

  2. My have some SNOW!!!!!!!! It sure does drift in around your windows....but what pretty pictures. Each photo is very interesting! It is so good of Dad to help out your son. Jim is always doing for the kids. He enjoys it. Terry is a good man. I really like your wreath!!!!! bright and pretty. You are right , the house does need some brightness here and there this time of year! Your soup looks so good! I would make some tomorrow but I know I am out of cream...and I know there is no Half 'n Half. So it will have to be some other kind of soup. I will make it the next time.

    Hope Terry arrived home safe and sound. I have been staying pretty close to home (Jim as well). It has been so cold here. It really bothers my Fibro.

    Have fun with all of your crafts......and don't forget to show us .


  3. Hi Faye, Are you as tired of the snow and cold as I am? I think you did get more than we did though. Doug shovelled a path all around our property for Tanner and my grand puppy we are babysitting and it is all drifted back in again.
    I love your wreath. So bright and cheery.
    I will have to try your soup recipe when I get a couple of things for it.
    Keep warm

  4. guys have some SNOW...we got 10 inches here at our place in Missouri and we thought that was A LOT.....then I see yours!!!!!! I love your pictures of the snow and your wreath! Stay safe and warm..

  5. All I can say is God bless! Wish I could have an outlook like yours, Faye.

  6. Incredible! Our winter doesn't seem so bad now!

  7. Wonderful winter ,eh?
    Love it. Praise to God for snow and all .
    He knows what is the best for us.
    Oh, Canada is a wonderful place to live if you like snow (like me).
    I am really happy with this winter.
    Have a blessed week.

  8. So sorry. I love snow but that might freak me out. Hope you stay warm and safe.

  9. I'm in Missouri. Here where I am we just got about 5 inches of snow last night. I don't know what I would do if I ever looked out my window and saw as much snow a you have. Yikes! Your soup looks really delicious.

  10. Wow! Amazing pics! I can't imagine having that much snow. Here in Arkansas we have about 2 inches of sleet and a lot of our city is shut down. Soup is just the perfect thing today. We had cheddar broccoli soup and it was yummy! Stay warm!

  11. Well here in Australia we are just amazed by what we are seeing on TV about your snow falls. I just wonder how anyone gets out of their house in the morning :-)

  12. now that is alot of snow. We need to send you some of our sunshine to help you melt your snow!!! I was with a friend in Portland on Sunday afternoon. We were driving over the Columbia River to get into WA to visit and eat a late lunch with another girlfriend. There were alot of sail boats on the river and then there was Mt lovely! Above 60 degrees F. Hope you get out of your snow mess soon without a lot of flooding! Thanks for didn't bore me!!! Hugs!

  13. wow! we got over 8", the most so far this season, but Wed. the high will only be 8 degrees!
    I'm glad all yours is there, not being mean, grin, but wow!
    good dad! I think they teach their boys service by doing their work!
    all with a good heart of course.
    mine is living full time in the money pit house our boy got, no bathroom there either!
    good thing he used an out house some growing up, but with the temps here.....,,,,
    sheesh, better him than me anyway! :0) hugs!

  14. We need to share our Arizona Tucson desert early spring: the low tonight's supposed to be 50...

    Stay warm! Hugs,

  15. OMG!!!!! I have NEVER seen anything like this!!! I really do hope that you don't get any more and that it warms up and melts soon. Take care of yourselves won't you. xx

  16. Only in Canada! My oh my Faye I can hardly take it in! God bless you both! Stay safe and glad to see you still have a great sense of humor and are still crafting!

  17. Soup looks good , pretty wreath and we haven't had that much snow here in Ontario since the 70's it was like that every winter here back in the old days I used to love it as a kid climbing the snow drifts to the roof tops lol one year the only means of transportation to and from our farm to the main road was by snowmobile so everyone parked their cars along the side of the main road and went to and from them by snowmobile for over a month as it took that long for the county plows to get to do our country roads and clear them the mountain of plowed snow were huge lol . Glad all are safe and cozy , Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  18. Yikes - that is A LOT of snow! We have been lucky this year, nothing like that!

  19. Glad you are safe, what a storm!!
    Your soup recipe looks delicious, but then your recipes always do!!

  20. Somehow looking at your pictures made me feel better. We've had TONS of snow, but you have definitely gotten it worse. Our's is drifted to the bottom of the least we can see out of them! Sending warm thoughts for a change in the weather patterns so we can get rid of this white stuff!

  21. Oh my! that's some snow and a half!, keep warm and stay safexx

  22. I dont think that even in Northern BC I have ever seen snow like yours. Will you ever be able to get out?!

    1. Hi Elizabeth.. Oh yes, we can get out.. Terry helped our son do driveways until very late last night and the highway was cleared and salted.. Today he will do our driveway better and clear the windows some.. The sun is shining in this morning and it is beautiful out there.. We have danced this dance many times before but not often, thank the Lord..So glad you dropped by. xo

  23. Sending all my warm wishes your way.....That is just crazy snow! Although you sure have some amazing pictures for the photo album. Your soup looks delicious and I love your wreath. Cheers from your newest Canadian bloggy friend eh. Stay warm!

  24. Reminds me of the stories my mom and dad told me of their childhoods in Newfoundland. They used to have to take a broomstick and go out and poke around to find the car :).

  25. Oh my we have had some major snowfalls when I was growing up in Southern Michigan but never anything like this, that is just amazing to me, I can't imagine it, it was neat seeing all the pictures. Hope it quits for you all soon. at least you found a fun craft to keep you busy, isn't it great to be able to use those pieces we have left over from other projects, it is so pretty!!

  26. Oh my goodness, look at all that snow. Great photos, but would be really neat to see in person. Your soup looks good. Nothing better than a bowl of hot soup on a cold blustery day. Take care, Heather

  27. Oh.My.Word. That is some serious say the least. You documented it well with your great photos. I also use the weather to plan when I make soup :) Stay warm and be safe!

  28. Wow Faye, that is crazy. So much snow, I better not complain about ours here...soup is always good on a cold winters day.Blessings Francine.

  29. I seen it on the news. Here is the south of our province, we have no snow. It's been some winter for the east coast. I hope it's your last storm this season.

  30. Oh this crazy winter weather! I have a friend in PEI who got 80 cms of snow in this storm, in addition to the previous storms. Here in our part of NS, we got snow, followed by freezing rain and ice pellets, then 30 mm of rain, and Halifax is a disaster, so we try to stay on the busiest routes when we have to go in to town. I will be glad for spring! Your wreath is very cute!

  31. I am in Colorado and we are experiencing crazy WARM 70's. Shocking how much snow the east has gotten. Kelly

  32. I love snow and being snowed in! Thanks for sharing your pictures they are awesome . PEI is somewhere I would love to visit someday just to see Anne's house.

  33. Yep! That is some weather we're having! LOL You folks down there sure got a huge lot of snow. I cannot believe the pictures I've been seeing from the southeast and in PEI. Unbelievable. I wonder how long it will take to get it cleared up. We sure don't need any extra mild or rainy weather too soon. Take care and I hope you don't get claustrophobic in the house. I think I would. ;)

  34. Hi -
    Oh my, I had no idea the amount of snow you got!! I am so glad you shared.
    We still do not have much for snow, but COLD we have. -35 degree wind chills tonight and Wednesday!!
    Your soup looks so good and tummy warming.
    xx oo

  35. Wow, you're really getting lots of snow this year down east! We've had a little more than normal here in southern Ontario and lots of very cold days and nights. The wind chill on Sunday morning made it painful to be out.

    Oh, and loved the last photo you shared...the Imprint of the garage door on the snow. Too funny, well unless you're the one having to dig out! :)

  36. I can not believe all that snow Faye, we have sunshine here in England. I think our country would just shut down if we had that type of weather. I know we use to get lots of snow, there is an old photo of our cottage in the 50's covered & hidden in it, so pretty.
    Your wreath is so pretty & the soup yummy.
    Fondly Michelle

  37. You are so patient and accepting of all that snow! I think I would be pacing from room to room, looking out the windows and feeling STUCK. Take care.

    ellen in Seattle

  38. Oh Faye, you gave me the giggles...know what I mean, eh! :) As I have mentioned, my dad is Canadian and I lived there for several years before moving back to the states. Anyway, my uncle Lawrence {who is Canadian} is one of my favorite people to talk to because he has the perfect Canadian accent and he always uses the word eh :) I could almost hear your accent as I read your words.

    Your snow is incredible - wow!! Stay warm and safe, sweet friend. Hugs to you!

  39. Amazing, never seen so much snow, I thought we could have our fair share in the Scottish Highlands, but you seem to have had everybody's snow. I pray you all stay safe and warm. Woo xx

  40. Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them. It is a lot of snow but I think it is very pretty. My daughter Jess would probably have to be carried out in a straight jacket but I would be like you. Make a pot of soup and enjoy the day. God bless.