Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Winter Sunday... .

Greetings everyone.. 
So glad you dropped by .. 

Today is Sunday and another week soon will begin.. 
But for today we are having a day of rest.. 

This morning we gathered at our little church and was so happy that the huge storm they had forecast did not happen..
Although, the roads were messy because we did get some snow there were folks who made it there.. 

I so love walking through the doors of this wee church.. 
My heart swells with the love that I feel there and the Spirit of the Lord is real and genuine.. 
There were songs of praise and then Pastor preached another message that spoke to our hearts. 
Afterwards the coffee was perked and we had a bit of fellowship.. 
I love this time because we get to catch up with everyone's week especially since we had the huge storm last Sunday.. 

We came home and had our Sunday dinner.. 
Sorry, no pic.. smile. 
Fish... Mashed, veggies and a salad.. 
Just ordinary food but it tasted very good on this Winter's day.. 

Terry was busy doing his thing so I thought I would take a few pics and have a chat with you all.. 

I have a sweet cousin who lives just up the road a ways from us .. 
He is from my Dad's side of the family.. 
His Mama is my first cousin.. 
Almost all of Dad's family are horse people... 
They love and own horses... 

Although, Terry was brought up on a farm and had horses and my Dad had horses we do not.. 
I seem to have missed that gene even though I went riding a lot as a child.. 

Well, this dear lad has a sweet wife and two little ones who all love horses and have such beautiful pics on Face Book that I asked if I could borrow a few just to show you .. 

I have received several emails and comments of girls who live in far flung parts of the world who are mesmerized by Canada's snow.. 

I thought you might like to see these beauties outside on a Winter's day.. 
My cousin has a wee wee lad who is already learning to hold the reins.. grin.. 

Isn't that adorable?  
Just imagine the creak of the sleigh and the bells jingling.. 
Lovely, eh?  
I know it is cold but they are bundled up and having a blast... 
We Canadians are a tough lot.. eh?  

For the rest of the post I just took a few pics from my lazy boy looking into the Living Room.. 

Lots of snow covered apple tree branches.. 

The lamps are lit on this late afternoon... 

An old tea set... 

I bought this many years ago at an Antiques Flea Market.. 

Lovely old pattern sitting on a sweet patchwork runner that a dear friend made for me.. 
Also, many years ago.. 

Looking outside to the apple trees and hydrangea bush.. 

All sound asleep but hopefully will start to awaken soon.. 
I love Spring..  
That is all I am going to say.. smile.. 

So now.. 
I think I will go and make a hot cup of tea and have a cookie or two.. 

I made these yesterday for our fellowship at church ...

But I kept a few to have with our tea today.. 
Would you like the recipe.. 
It is from our daughter-in-law, Tammy who is an awesome baker.. 

Sugar Cookies.. 
1 c. butter or margarine, softened
1 1/2 cups of white sugar
1 egg
2 1/4 cups of flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt 
1 tsp. vanilla 
I add a grate or two of nutmeg.. optional
1/4 cup sugar for rolling cookies.. 

Oven 350 degrees F. 
Cream together butter and sugar until light. 
Add egg and mix well.. 
Stir in flour, baking powder, salt, vanilla and nutmeg. 
Scoop out cookie dough and roll in small bowl of sugar..
Set on cookie sheet and press down lightly with fork or your two fingers.. 
Bake for 10 minutes or until just lightly browned.. 
Leave them on the tray for a few minutes then transfer to cooling rack.  

Tammy found this recipe on the internet.. 

That is all for today except to remind you all of my little give away that you can find HERE..

Thank you, everyone for your kind responses and comments.. 
I had to clarify a few things in the comment section so hopefully you won't find it too complicated.. smile. 

I wanted to explain that on the top part of my sidebar is my Face Book badge.. 
You do not need to belong to FB to be able to read this .. 
You can just click on the badge and check to see if there is anything new. 
I am trying to put some small thing on or bring up a past post.. 

God bless you all on this Winter Sunday.. 



  1. the horse pictures! esp the dark horses against the white snow...beautiful
    Sounds like you had a perfect day!

  2. So very nice to visit with you this Sunday, Faye. Friend, Mari, shared your post on facebook and that is how I discovered you. I have several tea sets, lemonade set, chocolate set that belonged to my late mom. This tea set you featured today is just gorgeous. Here in Georgia, we were without power due to an ice storm earlier this week. Hot tea and a sugar cookie are always a welcome treat!

  3. Faye thanks for the pictures of the horses...they are beautiful especially the dark against the white snow. Like your tea set also, so pretty. Sounds like a nice Sunday and having the sugar cookies with a nice cup of tea will be just the right touch. Have a blessed week!

  4. I want cookies. But I'm desperate to get my weight down, so I guess I'll make banana muffins. Wish we could have tea together! Sending much love and many hugs....
    Victoria ;-)

  5. I love the horse pictures - such beautiful animals! I'm so glad you were able to get to church today too,
    The photos looking outside are also so pretty. Sometimes it's the best way to enjoy winter!

  6. So pretty, and your church is lovely,would like to visit and stay for coffee.

  7. Hello Faye dear,

    Those cookies look so so delicious. I'm thinking that I'll be giving the recipe a try this week! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.


  8. So glad you were able to be out and about for church. Horses in snow, what a lovely picture. You tea set is lovely. I have always liked tea sets. Yes, I am having tea right now and will snatch a cookie soon. Be warm and happy week to you!!

  9. Lovely post Faye... The horses are simply gorgeous in the snow...

  10. Beautiful post...those horses are gorgeous. We missed church today because most of us here have the cold flu.

    Have blessed week.

  11. Faye, thanks for the snow photos. I just find it all fascinating and so different from our landscape here in Australia. It is like we are .....a world away :-)

  12. Hello Faye, what lovely pictures, especially the horse ones, they look like they have been from a bygone age, for some reason I find that comforting, probably because things were more simple then. Am definitely going to bake those cookies today. Have a Blessed week. Woo xx

  13. Hello Faye,
    I love all the snow pictures. The white horses are so beautiful!
    Here in the Netherlands it's almost spring....we didn't have mutch snow this year.
    The tea set is very nice...all those little flowers, so lovely!

  14. Your posts are always so sweet and charming, Faye. I enjoyed seeing your lovely church where you worship our Lord. The horses are stunning creatures and they look quite elegant walking through the white snow.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe for your delicious-looking cookies :) Happy Monday, my friend. Hugs!

  15. Beautiful photos ! I to was raised on a farm and had horses as well as my own horse . I miss it all though I so love farm animals and all that goes with it . That's good for the young boy taking the reins and fun as well ! I do love your little church . Cookies look YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  16. Hello Faye! I'm not getting around the blogs as much as I'd like to but I wanted to say hello now I'm here. You're as busy as ever it seems. What a snow storm! Wow, I would have loved to be in your home sipping tea by the fire while that was happening. And your food always looks so tempting and nourishing. Good luck with your giveaways. I really love your vintage fabrics. Take care dear heart. xx

  17. I feel so peaceful after reading this!

  18. Those sugar cookies look soft and yummy going need to try them thanks!!

  19. Your little church is beautiful Faye, I love the way how you get together for fellowship, cookies & coffee. We do the same thing in our little church but with a cup of tea. Thank you for the cookie recipe, I am going to make them for our next church service.
    Fondly Michelle

  20. Gorgeous photos, Faye! I'm a Canadian too and we sure are buried in the beautiful flakes this year, lol. I'm glad that you can show the world how truly lovely it can be. Thanks for a fun ride!

  21. Faye...your little church looks so beautiful in it's cloak of snow. Our church is very old, and can be very draughty and cold. We have to transport all the water, washing up and utensils whenever we have refreshments there. My youngest we had Christened during a candlelight Christmas service many years ago now, and I insisted on having the 'do' afterwards also in the church! All was well apart from having no toilet, luckily the local school made theirs available to us. It was the most memorable of our three children's christenings by far. Hunker down and enjoy the cosiness of your home during the cold! We had a massive hail and thunder storm here on Monday night. The power kept going and coming back. It was a good excuse to turn off the TV and snuggle! Mind you some of the strikes were a little too close for comfort! Keep safe, Jackie.

  22. Oh my, that church is beautiful. Brings back so many memories.