Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Farm Day Activities...

Good Morning.. Just a posting of pics today of our farm day yesterday..

Terry stops and gets us a coffee to drink on our drive to
Prosser Brook... smile..
A cave  we always notice on the way..

Early dandelions on the banks....

There is the farm....

Our part of the brook...

Sammi leading the way down the lane...
He needs the exercise...giggle..

Setting the table...

Dinner..... Chicken, mushroom rice, broccoli salad, fiddlehead pickles...fresh spring water...

I can't help myself and make a wee craft..
towel holder from an old pot cover...

Can I come in yet?  smile...

Just about time.... (see how mad he looks:-)  smile..

What I am reading today with my cup of tea....

The kitchen is mostly cleaned and next week, Lord willing, the living room will be next..

It was fun doing this little farm week of blogging.
Hope you all enjoyed and thanks for reading...
Please remember our dear friends in prayer as they cope with their tremendous losses due to the tornadoes...

Have a God blessed weekend...


  1. Your farmhouse is such a beautiful place, Faye! And the dinner is fit for a king, epsecially on those gorgeous plates.
    Your kitchen is so sweet and wonderful!

  2. What a lovely farm house. The dinner looks wonderful, I love your cottage salt and pepper shakers really cute! my sister collects salt & pepper shakers has been for years !Looking forward to more photos of that lovely farm house and your wonderful crafts.
    Have a wonderful day eh !

  3. I love the farmhouse and your meal is so yummmy looking!

  4. Love the blogging from the farm friend!!
    And the cool idea you shared about the pot lid.
    Adorable Sammi too..
    Hugs Grany Trace
    P.s I heart your love red and white.

  5. well, if you are trying to make me envious, it's working. I even love your dog! I love the cupboards, the flooring, your dishes----the menu.... what are fiddlehead pickles?
    Have a wonderful, dry weekend!
    Warmest wishes,

  6. Love the farm house!! Such pretty floors! I give up my floors ever being that clean again with all the muck that gets tracked in with all the rain we have had lately.

  7. The dishes are beautiful. I love the scenery pictures. The picture of the cave reminded me of my son. He loves to go exploring in caves. He is in Kentucky going to college.

    Have a great day.


  8. Love your farm! Just love those plates! The meal looks great, what are fiddlehead pickles? The VA tornadoes came through about 1 1/2hr. drive from us. My husband saw some of the damage yesterday, it is terrible. There are so many hurting, they all need all the prayers & help they can get. So glad to get to see your blogs & enjoy a "visit" with you.

  9. I love your pictures. So pretty. Your dishes are beautiful. I'm glad to see you all are getting some flowers now. They always make the day seem brighter, I think. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  10. Think Sammi would love some cheesy cookies you know :-) For all the effort of meeting you ah bless his paws. :-) xxxx
    Might just have a spare pkt in the cupboard. :-)x