Monday, April 11, 2011

A Shiny Little House

Hello everyone... Just a little post today.. 

 Some ladies and I went to a Retreat this past weekend ... It was wonderful and we came away with a sense of restoration... The speakers and singers were very anointed and God really touched our hearts.. We were blessed and made new commitments to put God first in our lives..
We had two rooms among over 400 ladies and there was a connecting door... So much fun and great fellowship... Thank you, Lord... but...... this old lady is SO tired...
I don't think anyone in our room slept very much but that is OK as it is only once a year....

I have not accomplished a lot today but I came across this little poem that our daughter memorized when she was only in grade 2..
I can remember waiting for the bus and we would be going over it..
So sweet... I must ask her if she can still recite it..
Spring time is here and I need to do some cleaning so this poem always comes to my mind..


I wish, how I wish, that I had a little house
With a mat for the cat and a hole for a mouse,
And a clock going "tock" in a corner of the room
And a kettle, and a cupboard, and a big birch broom.

To school in the morning the children off would run,
And I'd give them a kiss and a penny and a bun.
But directly they had gone from this little house of mine,
I'd clasp my hands and snatch a cloth, and shine, shine, shine.

I'd shine all the knives, all the windows and the floors,
All the grates, all the plates, all the handles on the doors,
\Every fork, every spoon, every lid, and every tin,
Till everything was shining like a new bright pin

At night, by the fire, when the children were in bed,
I'd sit and I'd knit, with a cap upon my head,
And the kettles, and the saucepans they would shine, shine, shine,
In this tweeny little, cosy little house of mine!

by.. Nancy M Hayes..

There is no place like home...
whether it be a cosy little house or a mansion on a hill.
Home is Sweet..

Shonda was also at the Retreat and it was so nice to see our sweet daughter there  worshiping the Lord. 
God is so good and so faithful..

I will be back soon, Lord willing. 
May God be with you all.. 


  1. I am so glad you had such a wonderful weekend and so good your daughter could be there with you. Such a blessing to you and to her. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. I've never come across that lovely little poem before! How sweet!
    Sounds like you all had a FUN but blessed retreat!

  3. What a beautiful little poem. I'm glad you had a time of refreshing and renewal with all those wonderful ladies. I know all of you were very blessed.

  4. Faye, I've been out of the loop for a while. I'm so happy you had a wonderful Ladies Retreat. Our Minnesota Retreat is the end of this month! Who was your speaker? We are having Cindy Miller. Unfortunately, I cannot be there the whole time, as I have some ventriloquist bookings to perform for! Blessings...

  5. Oh, Faye~ that is the sweetest little poem I've ever heard! I'll be tickled to hear if your daughter remembers it!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful and blessed weekend... but I know how tiring it is, especially if it's a long trip.
    Some of the ladies from our church are going to sing at a retreat this coming weekend and wanted me to go play guitar for them, but I'm not sure if I can make it... if the poor sheepies didn't need a haircut so badly I would put them off another week, but they really need to be sheared... *SIGH*

  6. I love your pictures especially the Amish buggy.

  7. I loved that poem and memorized it in grade school too. And, yes, I can still remember most of it, and I'm a senior citizen. Thanks for sharing it.