Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Homemade Laundry Soap..

Good Morning my dear ladies..

Here it is the middle of the week already..
I wish I could say that a lot has been accomplished here on the old homeplace but sadly I cannot say that.
Our youngest son is in the process of moving so I have been checking out apartments just to help him.. He works nights and it is hard to look for yourself when you are either sleeping or working.
I guess that is what Moms are for...
To gather the strings together and make a knot...

Besides that though, I have been managing to make a few more things for the shop which will be opening in just a matter of weeks..
I try not to think about it unless I have a paper bag
Just kidding... It will no doubt get ready as usual..

I did up some homemade products ..
Today... I made laundry soap for myself and to sell...

The Keepers of the home made it at Janet's house last Spring and I believe that several use it faithfully..
I have changed that recipe to this one. 
I like it a bit better.. I found we could not get the soap bars that is listed on most recipes on the net.  Then one day I noticed that they now sell Lavender Ivory at the Dollarstore. 
It is nicer than just plain Ivory and I also added some Water Softener to the recipe as it brightens the clothes a little more..

There are recipes everywhere on the web...
 Tipnut, many blogs and even a HUGE family blog has one...
They are basically all the same..
I did this one to suit me... It works and I love a nice smell...
This is for about 50 loads of wash.  You can increase or decrease to suit yourself...

Here is the recipe...
Homemade Laudry Soap
150 grams Ivory Soap or 2 1/4 cups shredded Ivory
* you can use the other soaps used on the web (just google) ..
2 cups Borax
2 Cups Arm and Hammer Soda
1 Cup Water Softener (Calgon)
*Essential Oil of Choice and as much as you like. (opt. )
I just put it in and stir until I like the way it smells..
Some do not bother with the essential oils and some other choices are  sweet orange or vanilla... Whatever turns your crank... 
Stir well with a wood spoon  and keep in a covered container...
I use 1 Tablespoon for ordinary laundry and 2 Tablespoons or a little measure for heavier soiled laundry..
If you have front loading you can add it to hot water and then to your machine... 

This is so much cheaper than buying from the store.  Also, you know what is in it ... That is important to many mamas out there...
I did some up to sell in the shop, too...
Someone camping might need to do a load or two, eh? 

Well, ladies have a wonderful day..

I am looking forward to going to our Ladies Retreat this weekend.
A good time of fellowship and fun but also of being in the presence of the Lord of Lords...
We always come away blessed...

Love to you all.....



  1. How long have you used the homemade laundry soap? Does it get your clothes clean? I have tried for about 2 years now to make my own laundry soap. I seem to have trouble with it getting our clothes clean. Maybe we are just dirty people. Anyway another problem I have with it is that it leaves my linens non absorbent almost like they have a water repellent on them. I noticed you put water softener in yours. I think that might solve my absorbeny problem. I hope to find the lavender ivory soap here as I am very found of lavender scent. I have been using fels naptha soap in mine. Thanks for this post. I am going to try your recipe the next batch I made. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. My recent comment should read I am very fond of lavender scent not found. Oh well, I should proofread better. God bless.

  3. The home made laundry soap sounds great. I love the smell of lavender, I have English Lavender growing in my garden. lovely photos. Emily is my favorite girls name. Have a wonderful day !


  5. Ah yes, homemade laundry soap! I've been making it ever since that first time- I can't say as though I actually use a recipe I just use equal amounts of soap flakes, borax and soda. I just use any old soap I can find. Surprisingly the cheap "old man soap on a rope" had the nicest scent on my clothes!
    The thing I notice is that because it doesn't suds up I think that Mr. S. uses more than necessary.

  6. I just checked my email and had not rec. anything yet. I wasn't for sure if you had my correct email or not. It is Thanks for answering my questions. The laundry soap I have been making is a little different from yours. Mine is a liquid. I prefer using a powder. Thanks again and God bless.

  7. I make a liquid version and use Washing Soda(sodium carbonate) not Baking Soda(Sodium Bicarbonate). Then I add a small bottle of dawn dish soap. Because I found that it wasnt taking the greasy stains out.. Added the Dawn and that did the trick Still cheap and Biodegradable/enviromentally friendly!

  8. Thanks for posting the dedication pic.Can't wait until I can get to our next meeting.I miss all the girls so much.I've been so busy with my new little princess.Emily Ada is alot of fun and growing very fast.I already have a bag of clothes that are toooooo

  9. Can I use this in my HE washer?

    1. To be honest, I do not know if you can use this homemade detergent in your HE washer...I googled it and could not find a definite answer.. I know you can mix it with hot water for front loading machine but anyone using this needs to do so at your own discretion... ok?