Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Spring Outing....

Happy Monday Morning.....

I trust you all had a good weekend... We had some heavy rain and wind but some sun, too.... A perfect Spring weekend, I guess..

Terry and I went up to our old farm for awhile on Friday.

I thought I would take a few pics and show you what it is like here in an Eastern Canadian province.
New Brunswick.. 

There are lots of deer in the fields all along the way..

Old buildings that have weathered another Canadian Winter...
I wonder how old this one is.....
The rivers and brooks are full ... There is still some snow scattered here and there along their banks...
Every time we go to the farm I look for this guy...

He lives along the river and is quite gorgeous, I think...

Here are some of his friends who live with him..
Last Fall when we went by I was sure the turkey must have been saved for Christmas.. smile...
I guess not... He is still there... When I got out of the car to take their pics they all came up to the fence and the turkey was complaining loudly the whole time.... lol...
Lots of goats but only one donkey...
They were so friendly..  I think they must have good owners.
The further up in the hills we went the more snow there was... Most of the fields are bare but the hills are still covered.
We thought we would go up and stay for a few days this week but we decided it is still a bit cold so we will wait another week or two..
I should have taken a pic of the old farm but you have all seen it in previous postings, I am sure..
Anyway... our back yard had a lot of these holes...

Terry said they were all underneath the snow..
We have never seen this before but I think they must have been tunnels all made by mice or moles.....
I guess they have all left for their summer homes now, though... smile..
I should have taken pics of pussy willows and the red dogtooth growing along the ditches.... We are much slower than a lot of you readers who live South of us but we will catch up soon.. smile...
Well, I hope you enjoyed this little posting..

This is the dreaded TAX WEEK.... sigh....

I thought I would show you a dear wee plant that I have been nurturing for almost two years..
An old gentleman in St. Martins gave me a slip of his plant.  He called it the Dolphin Plant. 

I brought it home and rooted it .. That took weeks to do..
Then I planted it and it blossomed even though it was quite small.
A beautiful red dolphin flower... So sweet.

Then when I brought it home from the cottage it almost died and was down to four leaves... Oh dear:)

But I have tended it and watched it and watered it and it has taken off again..
Now we again have a bud... Thank you, Lord.
When the blossom comes out in a day or two I will show it to you again...

Have a good Monday my dears and will get back to you soon..

Love to you all and God Bless...


  1. Good Monday morining Faye, It is quite chilly here this morning, down to low 40's but promising to be a beautiful day and very warm. Love all the pictures you shared this morning. Looks like such a beautiful place and so serene. Love the old building. Don't see much of those around here anymore. In our area not much open farm,or woodlands either. So sad. Take care and have a great week.

  2. Love all your photos.The Donkey is soo cute I love Donkeys. Here in Canada eh! Southwestern Ontario is our neck of the woods we are getting a mix of every type of weather you can think of but sunshine, it pops out every now and then but to me thats just not good enough lol. Wonderful post , Have a good day !

  3. I can feel the warmth of the tender spring sun in your lovely pics Faye!
    You are such a caring person and I know that's why the plant is still living!

  4. Moles can do quite a bit of damage. My inlaws have to deal with them every year. It has been such a cold spring down here. I'm really looking forward to summer! Love your pictures. :-)

  5. Such beautiful pictures. This is one of the things I love about blogging-getting to see places I would never see otherwise. We had lots of rain and wind over the weekend too. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. Hi Faye. The picture of the field with the deer looks just like where my daughter Robin lives; not to far from you. She is close to Bathurst in a Accadian town called Paquete-Ville. Such beautiful country side there. So serene. Went there for the first time, last May, when things were just starting to grow. Wish I could have stayed there for a full month. Maybe next year I'll be able to take off 3 weeks.

    Is there a camp meeting around there during the summer? I belong to a church simular to UPC called WWPF (World Wide Pentecostal Fellowship)



    PS What happened to your beautiful music? It was so soothing.

  7. Hi Faye. Luv the pic!s. Nostalgic 4 sure. I think the holes r from skunks. I miss u a lot. Pam

  8. Morning Friend
    Love your beautiful pictures. The animals look so sweet. I agree they must have very good owners. :)
    Can't wait to see your dolphin plant bloom. I have never seen that plant before.
    Hugs Granny Trace

  9. I enjoy seeing the pictures of your little trips into the country, Faye! Such a beautiful place you live in... thanks for taking us along.

    Your plant seems to be pretty healthy now... I know what you mean, I had a Christmas cactus the belonged to my Mother and I almost killed it about a year after she passed away, and I was so sad... but then it suddenly showed signs of life and I was so happy!