Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Good Morning to you dear girls...Thanks for dropping by.. This is  just a very short post this morning. I thought I would just show you  a few pics that sparked my interest in reference to yesterday's post on our bathroom fix-up...
There is something in each one that drew me in... I thought you all might to have a peek too and give me your input...
Here they are...

The above pics were thanks to Country Living...

This one is from A Primitive Place...
I have lots of prim ideas from my magazines and am not posting them although they are on my mind... of course...

Anyway, just a little look at what I am pondering...
To paint or not to paint....
Also.. I want to be frugal and save Terry some $$$...
I love antiques so watch out for that... smile...

Thanks for all your sweet comments yesterday..
I will keep you up to date with this... Remember, I am SLOW  and the bathroom will never look as lovely as the above pictures..
But I will try..
It is raining here today and I see my Scottish Heather is in bloom.. It is always almost the first to show it's gorgeous colors..
Have a blessed day and I will talk to you all later..

To see what our bathroom ended up looking like please click on


  1. I love the sink with the skirt in the first photo.
    And the bath with the sports teams photos--you wouldn't consider that but when you see it, it works! I love the sizes. WOW!

  2. They all look wonderful I would have a tuff time choosing, cant wait to see what you decide on ! have a wonderful day !

  3. All the pictures look nice. I'm sure whatever you decide will look just as nice. I'm not very good at decorating. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. Oh, I just love the first and the fifth one:) Have a blessed day!


  5. Hi Faye! Just take your time and do what you can as and when so as to enjoy the makeover coming together!
    Looking forward to it!

  6. Hi Faye, I love the fabric around the sink in the first picture, (and the sink)I also love the fresh white walls and everything, it looks so crisp and clean...also love, love, love the wall separating the flush from the rest of the bathroom,that has a window in it...good ideas

    have fun

    love Tam

  7. I love the first one... and the clawfoot tub! I can't wait to see what you decide to do!

  8. Love all the photos..But especially fond of the blue one..
    I'm soft on blue as I get ready to redo my bedroom..
    So many choices..Love country living.
    Oh my Scottish Heather..:)
    Hugs to you friend!!
    Granny Trace

  9. so many choices!! no matter how you do it, it'll be lovely.