Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Going to the farm....

Good Morning... A very short post today as my husband will be ready to leave soon.   We are going up to our old farm to spend the day.  It needs some cleaning and fixing as we did not spend much time there since Fall.
These pictures were taken before.. There is still snow up in the Kent Hills but it is gone around the house and fields...

This is just an old farm house that my dear Aunt Eva worked in since 1949... Before that they lived in the old house which was torn down after they built this little one.
What a Keeper of the Home that sweet lady was..
Her buttermilk biscuits were wonderful as was their hospitality..

I need to wash all the dishes and floors, etc.  We had a ham for Easter so the remains of that will be turned into a Boiled Dinner.
We have had that meal before up there...
Maybe, some stovetop biscuits on the old wood stove..
We shall see... smile..

Terry has to cut up some wood and I want an herb bed up there. 
Last year I planted some chives and a couple of others that came up again.. Thank you, Lord. 
I also want to take a shovel full of Poor Man's Orchid up for the back field for the bees.. They so love that plant. 
I did a posting on that last summer but I actually forget if it was on this blog or Primitive Lace. 
It is raining quite hard though, so that may not get done...

Have a blessed day and I will try and take some pics of our doings in case you would like to see for tomorrow.
I guess I will not be working on the bathroom... smile...
Oh well... it will still be here when I get back..
God Bless..


  1. have a wonderful day and i hope you get lot's done!


  2. Your farm looks lovely. I love the old table. My sewing table is my grandmothers old kitchen table. I love old things. This is my second attempt at making a comment so I hope it doesn't show up twice. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. What a wonderful farm. I love the picture of the kitchen.

    What do you mean by boiled dinner? Have a wonderful day.


  4. The farm looks wonderful. Would like to see more photos of it PLEASE !!! Have a great day eh !

  5. Oh, Faye~ it looks like such a beautiful place... I can't wait to see your pictures!
    And yes, that bathroom will be waiting for you when you get back... *grin*
    Don't work too hard- hope you have a wonderful drive!

  6. Have a wonderful trip friend!!
    The farm looks heavenly :)
    Hugs Granny Trace

  7. hmmm... boiled dinner from ham- I've never had that (only ever with roast beef), sounds yummy!

  8. I love your old farmhouse. Everything is perfect.
    To me, a boiled dinner is boiled cabbage and potatoes and you boil off the ham bone. Can also be done with soup beans. Is that what you mean?

  9. Number nine is a good number :-)
    Faye, think you need to throw in some poppies here:-) x x x

  10. This looks like heaven on earth, an old homeplace! Hope you enjoy the journey! If I were a bee, I would fly to your farm!!

  11. Hello there, Faye! You know I just love it when you post about the farm. Thanks so much for sharing! Good luck getting ready for the House of Henry. You must be going there pretty soon, right?


  12. Oh my! Your farm looks like a thing that dreams are made of. I'm so happy that I can "follow" along as you head out that way.