Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking out my window at Nature's joke....

Good Evening .... It is April the first which some call April Fool's Day.  Well, I guess the joke is on us here in the Maritimes.. We are having quite a storm and they are calling for 30 cm. before it is over... Spring is here, though... smile... 
I thought I would show you all how it looks out of our windows here late this afternoon and how my plants are doing... 
My geraniums are waiting and thriving even though it is not time to put them out yet...Pretty soon...

The pots of ivy have also made it through the Winter.  When we go to the cottage they hang in the front window...

The Spanish Lavender, though is questionable..  I am not sure if it will regain once it is back outside or not... I hope so.   I left some in the earth down at the cottage and I am hoping they will make it through... Time will tell..

Matilda just came in with the
Actually, this is a dear little doll that Terry bought me.

Looking through a bedroom window at the front of the house..

And out another bedroom window... The old amish wagon is covered with snow...

I wonder where all the birdies have gone...
They sure have emptied their feeders today...

Thank you for dropping by .. 
What is the weather like in your part of the world?  
Hope you are enjoying your Spring and that Nature did not surprise you all, too.. 

Have a God blessed weekend and if you have time please leave a word or two... 

Love to you all...  


  1. That picture with the amish wagon out the window--that could be a 100 years old. I just love it. What a cruel joke :( But it sure is pretty :)

  2. I love the wagon picture too! We have cool, misty rain tonight! I have common lavender, not Spanish, but it has survived the winter, and is perking up again, I planted it 4 yrs. ago, it has thrived ever since as long as I don't weed it a lot. It doesn't seem to like a lot of attention!
    Great pictures!

  3. I just found your blog through Loyalist Cottage's...and am so enthused to have found it.

    We still have feet of snow on the ground! They are calling for another 18CM tomorrow---one big ol mess. Not much we can do about it though!

  4. Oh my, the weather sure isn't playing fair! Maybe all the snow will be gone soon and beautiful sunny blue skies and warm sunshine will take it's place. Have a blessed weekend Faye! Hugs!

  5. Hard to believe you got so much snow in April!
    You know me and the Amish! I love that shot of the buggy in the snow!
    Keep warm and cheery!

  6. It looks much like the view out my own window, minus the wagon (very pretty). All this snow actually makes you look forward to thoses April showers :)

  7. I like you. You look at the glass as half full. I, on the other hand...

  8. Oh my goodness, such weather you all are having. Is this normal for you all? We have had a cold week with ice, rain and some snow but nothing like what you have. It is pretty to look at, though. Hope you warm up soon. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  9. Love it when you show pics Faye :-) Oh, too cold too cold. Good to know you are thinking of gardening even in the cold weather it's best to plan. ESPECIALLY WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO THROW SEEDS :-)x x x

  10. Love those pics! Oh yeah- we drove by prossor brook today and there's ALOT of snow in those parts too! Your farm looked all nice and nestled in! We did actually see some green grass out that way too- where a spring is running!

  11. That was quite a mean joke, Faye! *giggle* But it makes for some beautiful pictures... and it makes the inside of your home even more cozy-looking.