Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hi... Just thought I would show you a few pics of what my day included...
It is Spring here in New Brunswick although looking out the window one would think it was still February...
There is some green grass underneath, though.
Oh my... It made me so cold... I decided I needed this...

To be honest... I could have a fire most days except for the very hot ones. 
When we first looked at this house it was the fireplaces that sold it to us...

I actually spent MOST of my day doing this...
TAXES.... I just want to get them DONE...
Tomorrow, hopefully... Please, Lord...

This shelf in my view was calling my name but I kind of resisted...
Some very interesting reading here..
I also need to get ready for next Keepers meeting... These come in handy..

Then there is always some little piece of stitching calling to me, also.. smile..
Isn't this fabric dear... I loved it and thought it would make a cushion... or two..

In the same place are stacks of this...

Cushions, bags, runners, little mats, tea cosies, ohhhhhh so many things to sew..
My shop is needing to be filled and there I sit on an old hard chair adding up numbers..sigh...

A cold day like this required some comforting for my poor husband who worked outside all day..

Potato Scallop .... one of his favorites...

What did you do this Wednesday??

The roads were so bad that things were cancelled.  Terry said there were several cars in the ditches on his way home..

You girls probably picked daffodils:-)
Or made some dandelion or violet jelly...  
Please note in the top pic that our trees do not even have leaves yet... smile..
We have pussy willows, though..
Ahhh.. Canada... there is no place like it...
Love to you all...


  1. I cannot even talk about it anymore!

  2. I spent most of today kipping as we had bad thunderstorms last night with high winds most of the night , I was awake during it all and it was a rainy windy day today once again. I love your fireplace we have a wood stove and that was part of what sold us on this old farm house that was built in 1895 ! Have a good day !

  3. No daffodils here either! I am desperate for spring to come! My tulips, crocus and daffodils have started peeking up but we had freezing rain last night and cold rain and wicked wind today so I hope they survive! I had several appointments today so the woodstove was cold, but it will be fired up tomorrow for sure! Good luck with your taxes... a nasty job for sure!

  4. Good evening Faye, Your snow is visiting you as often as our storms with thunder and lightening and winds are visiting us here. Woke to warnings again this morning, but turned out to be a warm cloudy day. Thank God we had no bad storms after all. Tomorrow I will pick turnip greens from the garden and get them ready for the freezer. Hope you see sunshine tomorrow. Have a good evening.

  5. I love the main picture that you have updated on the top of the page.....mmmmmmm potato scallop and fire, lovely!

  6. Wow its like looking at a different world. I have been painting and freshening for spring.
    I too love a good fire. It is one of mine and my hubbies favorite things to do..Sit, read or stitch by the fire.
    Love your new header..And the potatoes..Yummo!!
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Granny Trace

  7. Bless your heart, Faye... spring will surely come your way soon!
    Those potatoes look so delicious... I'm sure your Hubby was thrilled to have those waiting on the table!
    I hope you can finish your taxes soon... isn't it awful to have things you HAVE to do when there are things you WANT to do instead? *giggle*

  8. It's as well you drive a bright yellow VW and I can just spy it in your pic - a bit like a daffodil peaking out! :-)
    You have a gorgeous stash of fabrics - so if the roads are icy just stay home and sew!
    Best wishes

  9. I'm sorry you still have snow and cold but spring is just around the bend (surely). We will have some cold yet. Danger of frost isn't over until about the 20th of May. To answer your question, in our little greenhouses we planted tomato seed, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, okra and broccoli. We are excited to see how they do. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  10. HI Faye- I spied a couple of good books on your shelf! I actually took the kids out the other day to pick pussy willows to put on our table. I also put some colour in the water (in the vase)- just to liven it up a bit- then I tied a cute Easter ribbon around it.

  11. We had a rainy day, and a rainy day means we get to do lots of reading and indoor work!

    I can't imagine having the snow. I live in the south, and we rarely get any snow. Your farm and farmhouse is just beautiful:)

    Do you happen to give out the recipe for your potato dish? It looks delicious!



  12. You got some of the white stuff too eh? Well, at least we know it won't stick around too long! I agree...there's no place like Canada! It really is a beautiful country with very distinct 4 seasons....even if some seasons stick around longer than we'd like. The school buses were running today and the sun melted a bit of what we got but there's still lots to melt. We got almost a foot!

    Stay warm,