Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting ready for Fall Flavors Open House...

Hello my dears... It's a  windy night here in St. Martins with a hurricane forecast for Sunday... Fall is in the air and I am busy getting ready Open House at the HOUSE OF HENRY here in St. Martins Labour Day Weekend which is next weekend..
Tonight I am just posting a few pics that I took around the shop..
This is a little herb lady that I finished today..

She has a pouch of tansy on her back and a line of herbs in her hands..
Here are the lavender fresheners that I bottled and finished ready for sale.. I actually sold a few today as soon as I put them out..

I wrote the words --  Between the sheets on one side of the tag and tied some lavender on them..
Here are some Herb Balms ready for sale, too..
I made the labels out of pages of an old book that I had..
I know you can use a computer but these are unique..

I also have my Smellie Jellies ready, too..

I just put old lace doilies over the covers and tied on a tag..

And of course there will be wreaths..
I brought down several to put together for Fall..

Everyone loves crows..

A few valances...
Nice for a little window somewhere..

There are LOTS  of dishes... grin..

Vintage ones...

Terry and I made a variety of Sun catchers with old silverware and even  wind chimes with cutlery...

Kind of hard to see but it has old chandelier crystals which catch the sunlight..

Our dear grandsons went home yesterday.. We so enjoyed them.. They are such good boys.. Really... smile.. Not just because they are ours... They really are..
Anyway, last night a friend who grew up with Shonda came with her two kids for a couple of nights.. They love St. Martins and try to come every summer..
I love readers and here is one here...

Isn't that dear?
She helped me at the shop today and this is one of the things we made...

A little journal... the picture is from 1937 of Jo in Little Women..
She is writing in the attic with her pet rats...
Scrabble and his son Sam..
It was a pic I cut out of a calender years ago and saved for something special..
I love making these journals and now my little friend knows how to make them.. She wrote a list of what she needs to  create her own.. smile..
Her brother is pretty smart too and just loved Sammi..

Sam has not had so much exercise in a long time.. giggle..
He is as tuckered out as I am...
Well, sweet ladies, thanks for dropping by and I really want to welcome the new followers of the blog..
We have met some new ladies in the shop and they have signed up..
Thank you so much..
I love your comments so much and look forward to them each morning..
Take care of you lovely families and come back soon..
God bless...


  1. Hi Faye...I was telling my husband about the nice lavender powder that you make, now I wish I would have got one....oh well, next time. I will be back. I'm so glad I took both little cotton tablecloths....they already have been put to good use. They are so beautiful. So glad we met felt like home xo Lorna

  2. Wish I could visit in person! I love the journal with Jo on the cover, one of my favourites as a young girl. : )


  3. Good evening Faye, You have some great items in your shop.Love the journal, too cute. I have kept a journal since I was in grammer school,,, wow, tooo many years to count. I write in it every night as well as a prayer journal. Such a blessing to look back at all the prayers God has answered for me over the years. Sure am hoping open house goes great for you. Sounds like you have had lots of wonderful visitors this summer. Hasn't it gone by so quickly?? Please be safe if the storm comes your way.

  4. Oh, such lovelies. If I were there I would want one or all of Everything! I love the valances, dolly, and everything else. I hope all goes so well for you and that you will be blessed in your open house! Your friend seems precious, I'm sure she loved making a journal. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Oh~ how I would love to come and visit your shop, Faye.... and to smell that crisp fall air you're having... *grin*
    All your goodies look wonderful. And please let me know if the Herb Lady doesn't sell soon~ I would love to buy her from your shop!

  6. Oh Faye...I have been thinking of you ..on and off all day today. I hope that hurricane goes way out to sea...away from you and New Brunswick!

    The person who is lucky enough to buy the journal will be so happy. "Little Women" still is one of my favorite movies. But my favorite is the "Lavender Freshener called "Between the Sheets". That is simply lovely. Nice of Terry to help make the suncatchers. I love them, too.
    Did you ever think of a mail order business? Okay...enough drooling on my part!...oh yeh... the doll is so cute! Enough!


  7. Morning Dear Faye Henry!
    As a girl I loved to read and escape into a good book. So I so love the pic of the sweet young lady reading. And all of your sweet creations.
    What a lovely shop you must have.
    Blessings Trace

  8. What another lovely post Faye, I love the homemade labels. Makes them more unique...



  9. hi faye it has been very fun staying at your house this week. mom and i cleaned up the club house yesterday they had it a big mess.

    your little friend

  10. Hi

    wow Faye, what a beautiful blog. The doll is
    really sweet, and yes, your little reader is a
    darling. You do such wonderful things and yes
    you are blessed with such a dear hubby.
    God Bless you & yours today

  11. Oh, I so wish I could visit your shop. You have beautiful things. My girls are big readers. I am so glad. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. Faye, everything looks so good for your lovely wee shop!
    Keep safe and snug - hope that storm fizzles out soon.

  13. Faye , I so enjoyed our visit to your shop on Friday. Raggity Anne is sitting quite conent on mt bed and the little bowl in my bathroomHopefully the winds arn't too bad down there. God Bless, Laurel