Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Sunday Night Posting...

Good Sunday Evening to you all..
My, I just walked down to the beach and I could not believe my ears... Although, the waves are not huge they are the loudest that I can remember hearing them.. We are supposed to get the worst of the storm around midnight..
It is dark  here but cars are very busy driving down to the beach to see what's happening.. The hurricane is supposed to only be a tropical storm here but the winds are to gust up to 100 klicks.. Not too bad considering what the coast of the U. S. had ..

Anyway, enough about that..
This weekend was very busy... I had the shop open yesterday and then came home and did pickles until almost midnight..

 Terry had bought a ton of cukes (well, not a ton)  but he worked all afternoon chopping and cutting.. Bless his dear heart.. I am so glad that they are finished..
Thank you, Lord...
This morning Terry had to go to Moncton for work so I went with him so that I could visit with our youngest son.. I have not seen him for awhile so needless to say I had a lovely time..
 We needed to check on our house and make sure all was secure there, too..
Anyway, when we got back here to the cottage there was a lovely gift tucked away by the back door for me...

Such a beautiful bouquet... Sitting in a bottle of water and just waiting for me to get home..
Basil... So fragrant and so delicious..
My sweet friend Anna who is in the Farmers Market here in St. Martins brought it down .. Thank you, dear..
It goes so well with these..

Terry grew a lot of tomatoes.. I have made several batches of Chow Chow.. Do you girls make that?  I use my Gram Weston's recipe and it is delicious..
I am sorry but my dear Mom does not share her recipe as quickly as I do.. grin..
But you can always find one on the web.. 

For our supper I used Anna's basil and made this..
Pasta with pesto.. This picture is from

I also had another wonderful experience today..
A friend of ours showed us through their old homestead..
For me it was love  at first sight.. I so loved the old farmhouse. 
There were nooks and crannies everywhere.. The most wonderful little library closet built under the stairs with a window in it:-)
Can you imagine?  I have never seen one before.. What a wonderful way to use that area under a stairwell.. Then the pantry... It was so lovely.. His Mom's old pickle pots were hanging on the wall and there was a window and lots of beautiful old shelves... It was as big as some kitchens and was filled with such glorious antiques...
 Then the wood room was right out of the 1800's... I told him it looked just like Kings Landing.. (That is a place I need to go to once a year and get my fix... grin.. As soon as the shop is closed we will probably go and visit... An old village that is just like it was many years ago..)
Anyway, the wood work in that house is awesome and the bedrooms and laundry room.. I would hardly change a thing in it if I lived there.. When I said that to my darlin he informed me that everyone is not like me... sigh... I guess he is right... smile..

I am just rambling on here again tonight, girls.. Sorry...
It has been an odd day.. Although, it was the Lord's Day it did not seem like it since we did not get to church..
We needed to go home, though.. My sweet uncle passed away this morning.. He was my Dad's brother and he was a wonderful dear man.. So kind and he always had time for me ever since I was wee..
I could not pronounce his name and called him Ankie...
I will miss him... As I told my Mom.. I do not like to see them go.. My Dad's brothers are almost all gone.. Only 2 left..
The Lord has blessed me with such a sweet and large family..

Isn't Jesus just the greatest? 
 Today when we were going home it was just pouring rain..
Terry had to work changing trucks  (a whole lot of tools and such )
for an hour or two and had not even brought a coat.. As we were getting closer to Moncton I prayed and ask Him to just let it stop raining until Terry was finished.. He is diabetic and I didn't want him getting soaked through and catching cold.. Anyway, the Lord answered prayer.. It mostly stopped raining when we got to Dustin's place and when Terry came back from work he was not a bit wet... smile.. Isn't that just like God.. Some folks would say that was crazy but as for me I will give Him glory and thanks...
He really does care about the small things in our lives..

Well, sweet ladies I hope I have not bored you with all these words.. I am in for a busy week so may not get too much chance to chat.. But who knows.. I will try and let you know what I am working at.. We need to go back home though for my uncle and all..  The shop is closed this week as I try and get things ready for Saturday...
At least the pickles are made..
I still need to renew my stock of salves and toiletries and I bought a lovely bunch of crows to make some Fall wreaths with..
I also made some owls that need to be tea dyed..
And here is a wee cocoa set...
Sweet, eh? 
Take care my loves and keep me in your prayers...
Thanks so much for your visit and comments and welcome to the lovely new followers...
So many sweet friends.. I appreciate you all..
God bless...


  1. I hope that all is well with you tonight. We are in the Pacific North West, so it isn't affecting us.

    What wonderful pictures. You have reminded me that I need to go out and pick my sage. Tomorrow I will be busy canning while the girls do school.

    Have a great evening.


  2. That sounds like a lovely house to visit. I'm very sorry to hear about your uncle. I will be praying for you and your family.

  3. I will thank the Lord with you, Faye for keeping Terry dry - He is GOOD!
    Sounds like a wonderful farmhouse!

    My prayers and sympathies are with you on the passing of your uncle.

  4. I was wondering what the waves look like in the Bay - with the hurricane hitting the coast. Sorry to hear about your uncle. Your pasta looks delicious as do your pickles. I had a busy weekend at the steam engine show and flea market - I did really well! I even bought a few items for resale...well, my trailer was over 1/2 empty...had to put something in there. Watch for my post if you have time. Take care. Good luck on getting your stuff finished for this weekend - I know how busy it is preparing for an open house at a shop! Blessing from Wisconsin.

  5. I have never heard of a cocoa set but I love it. I want one. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. It is sad when they leave us. The old farmhouse sounds wonderful. I would love to see it. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. God bless you and make His face shine upon you.
    It's always good to read of your doings!

  7. I am sorry to hear about your uncle.

    You always have the most fun! I would love to visit the old farmhouse. We hope to own an old farmhouse one day-we are saving up :) The cocoa set is adorable and now I want one-I'm terrible!! :)

  8. Very sorry for the loss of your uncle! Hope that you are well and safe tonight. Will be thinking of you in the coming days .Love the cocoa set. Prayers and hugs,Jen

  9. Good Morning Faye! My imagination was just running wild after reading your description of the old homestead! The little library under the stairs with a window, wow. So sorry about your uncle; it's hard to lose a dear one. Those pickles will be so good this winter. Have a great week. We're still having temps in the triple digits. Hugs!

  10. O how the time flies! I'm going to be making my 2nd batch of mustard pickles today...Just wanted to let you know of God's goodness...on Sunday night Miss Lauryn got the Holy Ghost!!
    I knew that would make you smile Faye Henry!

  11. Oh Faye~ I've been thinking about you and wondering if you got a visit from Irene... thankfully it sounds like you were spared.
    So sorry to hear about your uncle...
    Glad you got to spend some time with your son.
    Your pasta and pesto look so yummy... I can almost smell the aroma.
    I loved your little story about the rain~ I'm glad our God cares for us and shows us in so many ways.

  12. Sorry to hear about your uncle Faye. Know exactly how you felt.
    Sounds as if you had a very busy but productive day.
    :-) x x x