The Blessed Hearth

The Blessed Hearth


Monday, August 8, 2011

A Summer's week of Doings....

Good Monday Morning my dears..
It is another rainy one here in St. Martins.. How is it in your part of the world?
I do hope everyone is enjoying this lovely month of August..
I will say that it has been very busy here at the cottage this past week and so I thought that I would just post a few pics to show you some of the doings of the week...
Of course, I have been at the shop... I do not have set hours but I do try to be open a lot...

Then when I am here I have been making...

Homemade Deodorants...
I ran out of this kind...

Sweet Orange.. I also made Lavender..
A batch only makes 3 jars...

And then of course we still have to make meals..

Don't you just love new potatoes..
They are finally at a price we can afford.. smile...
Terry won't plant any because his wife has a buried treasure thing going on and they do not get to grow very big.. grin..
Just kidding... I grew out of that... smile..

Then I made a couple of batches of this...

Queen Anne's Lace...
See the dot of red in the middle ...
That means it is really Queen Anne's Lace and not one of her cousins... smile..

It makes a wonderful lemon flavored jelly..

And of course, enjoying the Bay of Fundy...
In August we have mud flats which the kids all love.. smile..
Another day at the shop...
Tourists and friends...

Stewing some herbs for more homemade salves...

And some lovely company...
Getting their wonderful hair all brushed out...

Such sweet little girls and so is their mama..
And then we went home on Saturday night as I had not been there for several weeks.. Laundry and more laundry.. smile....
And blessed with a wonderful service filled with the presence of the Lord on Sunday night..
Thank you sweet ladies for dropping by.. You know I love having you and so look forward to hearing from you, too..
When I was home I found an old  idea book...
So with that in mind I thought that for the rest of this week that I would share it with you ... I will try and post each day with a few of them...
I hope that interests you all some..

May God bless and keep you...


  1. WOW you have been a busy bee !
    Love all your home made things . I had long hair like that when I was younger ! Wonderful photos and post. We have been having a mix of rain,sun and hot humid weather ! Have a great day !

  2. The summer is surely flying by, Faye, but we are enjoying it here, even though the weather has been a bit cooler and rainy.
    You are certainly busy but that's a good thing - your wares are popular!!
    Have a blessed week!

  3. I would love to spend time browsing in your shop! I make my own deodorant too and it is wonderful. Looking forward to the ideas this week ~ I love the things you share with us!


  4. Connie says she and I are going to visit your shop this week. We shall see!

  5. Faye, your handmade goodies are so wonderful... and I love the little doll in the first picture!
    Your potatoes look so yummy... I love potatoes fixed any kind of way. And there is nothing wrong with digging for buried treasure! *hehe*
    I hope you're not working too hard... *grin*

  6. WOW, Faye where do you ever find the time... I hope you are taking time out for yourself..

    Love ya,


  7. What a wonderful bunch of projects, we love new potatoes also. Looks like a lovely time!! Visiting from the Barn Hop. :)

  8. Everything looks wonderful, I want to spend some time one day soon, and go through all your posts again. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  9. while you've been busy, I've been vacationing- well sorta... :)