Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An olde Country Inn...

Happy Tuesday Evening my dears..
I thought I would share my day with you all...
My friend who has a cottage on the beach at the end of our street called and invited me to lunch...
Yesterday when she was visiting me at the shop the owner's daughter of our local Castle (the St. Martins Country Inn)  as the St. Martins residents always refer to it was in shopping.. She extended an invite to us to go up for lunch..
We literally took her at her word and up we went..
Oh joy!!  It was so lovely!! 
Michele whose Mom and Dad had bought and restored this beautiful old home into one of the finest inns around was just so kind to us...
She gave us a tour and then created and served us the most wonderful lunch..
I hope I am not going overboard but honestly we had a great time and were so happy we had gone..
Michele let me take some pics for you all...
Here goes...
I did take this pic off of the web but isn't it gorgeous?
It is sometimes referred to as the PRINCE OF TIDES ..
Imagine a Vaughan family used to live here...
They were shipbuilders and built this in 1857..
Back in St. Martin's glory days  when this was a shipbuilding town...

The upstairs  window...

and the hallway...

The bedrooms are beautiful and spotless..
Michele's Mom had such great taste in decorating this old beauty...

The views from the windows in all directions are breathtaking..
See our Bay of Fundy?

Every bed is an antique!!

A sneak pic of Michele... smile..
She is lovely, too..

Some bedrooms have little patios and they all have their own bathrooms..

Some have huge fancy tubs and I think they all have their own fireplace...

This is the old schoolroom.. See the sweet closet..
Just like it always was...
Can you imagine the children and their nanny and governess busy in this place?

The front foyer...

I lost count of the fireplaces..
There are 12 bedrooms in the Main House and the prices are so reasonable...

Extra large dining rooms..

This is the breakfast and lunch room..
Done  in blues and yellows..
There is Carolyn waiting for me..
I am coming, my friend...

This is the view from the table where we were sitting..
One of Michele's Mom's gardens...

Here is my lunch...
Red Pepper soup and Beef Dip..
I had not had either before and loved every bite..

Carolyn's fish chowder..
She said it was the best in town.. smile..
Didn't you, Carolyn?
I tasted it and it was divine...

Carolyn will be annoyed with me for putting her pic on here and so I will put mine too..
If I looked as cute as she does I would paste my picture all over .. grin..

Oh well...

 After we came home there was a huge storm..
The waves were wild as was the wind and rain..

I spent too much time looking out at it all..
Oh.. sweet summer...

Thank you dear friends for stopping by..
I did accomplish a little work here today, too..
A fresh batch of gardeners salve and some other stuff..
Had 2 cars of company, also...
Sweet visits..

One more pic.. grin..

Even the goats want to come to St. Martins... grin..
God love them..

Take care and God bless...


  1. We had that storm here this afternoon too. I'm sure it was nicer to watch at your place!

  2. Oh Faye, Is it possible to be homesick for a place I have never even visited. With every post you do on your little village, I have more and more of a desire to visit there. It must seem like a small corner of Paradise?? I love the Victorian Inn. Would love to wake up in one of those rooms and see the Bay of Fundy. Such a beautiful creation from our Heavenly Father. Girl you are so blessed. Thanks yet again for sharing a corner of your world with us.

  3. Faye so glad that you were able to post pics of the inn!It is absolutely beautiful!! I too would love to visit your village someday ...doesn't hurt to dream. The food looks yummy and I am so glad that you had a great time.Hugs,Jen

  4. Oh Faye...One more corner of your wonderful seaside village! I wish I could stay at the castle! And then I could see you...I could visit your wee shop... and... meet Terry. It would be so wonderful. is fun to dream!

    I know you were loving the storm!

    Cool Goats! (haha)

  5. Hubby land I love B&B"s. This place is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Such a beautiful house! How lucky to be invited for lunch and a tour... thanks for sharing!

  7. What a beautiful spot. Thanks for the tour! So much character and charm. : )


  8. I'm like everyone else, I'm dreaming of a visit there too! Such a lovely place, the rooms, furniture, stairs, doors, gardens, and people! Thanks so much for sharing your visit, and yourself! Much blessings!

  9. Such a wonderful post friend. What a beautiful Inn. I so enjoyed the visit. And Faye Henry you have a beautiful smile. Great picture of you friend.
    Hugs Trace

  10. How beautiful! The more I see of St Martins the more I love it! The Inn just oozes history and I love imagining the former lives of the residents!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I just love that tub!!! Wrinkled fingers and toes are made in a tub like that!

  12. Faye, that was the most gorgeous little inn. You can just see the love that went in to making it a cozy place to visit. I love the photo of you too! You have such a sweet smile! Hugs!!!!!

  13. This house reminds me of the movie Ghost and Mrs Muir...with Jean Tierney and Rex overlooks the sea...just as in your picture....that movie started mylove of the victorian homes and the Sea....Beautiful pictures...thank you ever so much for sharing them with us...I have to post as annoymous...but it's me Faith from Crochet by the Sea

  14. It would be so exciting to visit that inn. I love how it is decorated. Sounds like a fun day :)

    Have a nice evening.


  15. Such a lovely inn and you are such a lovely lady. All the pictures are beautiful. The flowers are so nice and the food looks delicious. I'm glad you had a good time.

  16. Just lovely! What a treat for you!


  17. Finally, a picture of you, beautiful lady! *grin*
    Faye, that place is gorgeous... the view took my breath away but those antique beds made my jaw drop!
    (Pardon me whilst I pick it back up...)
    I can only imagine how wonderful the food must have tasted in that place.
    Thanks for taking me along for lunch...

  18. Love the pics, I always dreamed of having a house with a foyer like that ...maybe some day... lol!

    Love ya,


  19. Hi Faye Its Michelle. Thank you for your kind words! We loved having you and Caroline at the inn. It was our pleasure to show you around and I will take a moment to brag about your amazing sauves and po porie they are amazing and obviously one of your ingredients is love. Thank again for coming hope to see you up here again.

    Warm Regards

    Michelle LeClair

  20. Oh Faye, we drove past this gorgeous place today, and I wondered what the inside must have looked I know. Thanks for posting these great pictures. Lorna xo