Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to make a Smelly Jellie ...

Hello everyone...
Just a random posting here tonight as it is quite late.. Almost time to go to bed when you are as old as I am.. smile..
Today was a rather busy day as it is for everyone this time of the year..
Soon school will be starting and us Summer People will be heading back to our regular homes..
Have you ever wondered what the folks in these wee tourist villages think of us Summer ones?  We come in May or June and stay until September and maybe longer.. Then we are all gone until next Spring....Probably glad to get their town back and things all back to normal... smile..
Oh well.. a few more weeks yet...

Do you love a nice smelling house.. I do..
I strive for it and Terry gets bugged because I  often come in and complain about the smell.. I think his nose is out of commission because he never smells anything..
Good or bad... grin... Well, if it is real bad he does..
But I am just talking about regular house smell.
This old 150 year old cottage has one that
constantly has me on my toes trying to combat it..
Tonight though I must say that the kitchen smells heavenly..
Dill and garlic... grin..
My sweet husband was home and brought down 53 pounds of baby cukes to pickle... So, tonight we made 12 litres of
Homemade Garlic Dills..

Lovely, eh?  Perhaps we have a third of them done and will do other kinds tomorrow.. Lord willing..

Anyway, back to my story about smelly houses..
The first thing I do in the Spring when we come to the cottage
is to put out some lovely smellies..
Anyway... this morning just because I had nothing else to do...  I made some smelly jellies that I have been wanting to try..
They turned out pretty well although next time there are a couple of things that I will change..
Here is the recipe for you though..

Homemade Smelly Jellies..
2 cups of concentrated liquid potpourri that I bought at Walmart..
4 envelopes of Knox gelatin..
1 T. salt
Food colouring if desired..
Heat 1 cup of the potpourri until boiling.
Remove from heat..
Stir in second cup of potpourri and then
add gelatin and salt.. Stir until dissolved..
Pour into clean jars and allow to sit..
Use either small baby food jars or even mason jars..
I happened to have these ones ...
Tie on a doilie or piece of cheesecloth.

Place them around the house or keep covered and give as a gift...
Next time I would put them in small mason jars and then the ring would keep the doilie or whatever in place better.
And you could keep it sealed until you wanted to use it.
Perhaps you girls will want to give this a try..

Here is another little bottle that I did at the shop today..
Family is a precious gift
that becomes more dear
With each passing year..

That is all for tonight my dears..
Time to go upstairs..


Thank you dear Lord..

And thank you for your visit...



  1. Yippee, I'm the first to comment! What a neat idea those smelly jellies are ... I should give 'em a go. How long do you think they would last before drying out?

  2. I love the look of your pickles.. Do you share the recipe?
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Your pickles look so good. We didn't get to make any this year. I want to make some smelly jelly!

  4. What beautiful little pickles! I want to try the smellie jelly. What do you do with the second cup of concentrate? I don't want to mess up! Have a good weekend! Hugs!

  5. I am right there with you, Faye - I love and strive to have a sweet smelling home!
    That seems to be a pretty easy smelly jelly recipe that I can try!
    Thanks for sharing your know-how!!!

  6. I notice 'house' smells too. What a great idea. Where did the summer go?

  7. I love the idea of the smelly jelly. I want to give them a try. It sounds like a wonderful gift idea. Your pickles look delicious. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. Hello everyone.. I am so sorry that I forgot to tell you to add the second cup of liquid potpourri.. I have now fixed the recipe and thank you so much Christine for asking..
    I was tired... grin.. That's my story and I am sticking to it.. grin..
    Thanks for all the lovely comments...

  9. My parents grew up in a vacation area in Northern Wisconsin. I remember once when I was little, my grandpa took me to the store in town and someone said to him: "I bet, you are happy to see all the tourists this summer" he replied "why, the only thing the tourists to for me is raise the price of my gas and bread, I can't wait for them to leave and we get back to normal prices" I didn't really understand that then, but I do know.

  10. I am thankful for you...and your lovely posts..I would like to give this a try...
    from Faith @ crochet by the sea

  11. Your pickles look great. We have been getting a lot of cucumbers. I like them small when I make them into pickles.

    Have a great day.


  12. I really want to try making the smelly jellies. Looks easy enough, even for me, ha, ha. Hope you are having a great Sunday and that the storm didn't hit you too hard. God bless you....Lorna xo