Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old Fashioned Ideas Week.... Rosemary and Lavender Herb Balm....

Hello my dears..
Just a little pic there of what it looks like along the coast here tonight..
Kind of a rainy and then sunny but a cool day. 
Tonight I am giving you another idea from my old book.. 
This is lovely and just the right time of year to make it when fresh herbs are so available..
It is an HERB BALM...
It says it soothes aching muscles.. 
Just what I need.. smile..
Very simple, too..

1 oz. fresh lavender
1 oz. fresh rosemary stems
1 pint of olive or sunflower oil.
Put this in a crock pot for a day on very low heat.
Cool and strain..
I use a coffee filter or cheesecloth inside of my sieve.
Then just add some essential oil of either rosemary or lavender to suit your taste..
This is optional..  
Find a lovely jar and sterilize it..
Add your oil.. I put in a few sprigs of lavender, too..

It says to use sparingly..

This would make a wonderful gift for someone like me who aches at night.. and morning .. and afternoon...  just kidding.. smile..

Now...I have written just below this on how to freeze herbs..
Wash and spin dry or use your SALAD BAG..
(Just click on the words to link to that posting..)
Freeze in baggies and chop to use..
I freeze a lot of basil mostly.. 
Then I add it to whatever.. soups or sauces..
But you can freeze others..

I thought this was worth writing down..
I pray that these will overflow in your life as you turn to Jesus..

And last but not least is a torn page for a recipe for PEPPER VINEGAR..
I do not have a pic of this but I do it every Fall..
Just fill a mason jar with fresh clean chili peppers and top off with distilled white vinegar..
When it runs low then just add more vinegar..
Use it to drizzle over greens, french fries or use it to spice up your salad vinaigrette.
Peppery Vinegar must be kept in the fridge..
And make sure if you give some away that it is sealed tight.. I gave some to one of the Keepers of the Home and she spilled it on her new coat.. Sorry, dear... smile...

Well, dear girls.. I hope I haven't been boring you silly with this stuff..
Just one more night to go and I will turn it off.. OK?
Thanks again for your sweet comments and for your emails.. I really enjoy them..
The Lord bless and keep thee..
Numbers 6: 24

Love to you all..


  1. Lovely photo of the water and flowers ! It has been wonderful here to cool breezes no humidity and sun, I have been able to have the windows open all day and night so fresh at night and to hear the crickets is wonderful ! Great post ! Have a wonderful eve.

  2. Wonderful post .I always enjoy reading your blog and have missed it during our computer issues. The pic is simply beautiful.Hugs,Jen

  3. Hi, Faye, the coast looks beautiful! I so enjoy your ideas and recipes.

    Have great night.


  4. The coastline is just lovely, the flowers sublime! I will try the balm. I have been gathering in some herbs, mostly drying them. I could continue to read all you ideas for weeks to come and not grow tired of reading them. God Bless you along your way!

  5. The pic along the shore looks just like parts of the seashore over here - I know I'd feel right at home - smile!
    Hope you manage some R&R!
    Blessings in the Savior's sweet Name!

  6. I love all your ideas from your notebooks!! Now I won't have to steal it. LOL