Monday, August 22, 2011

A week night ramble...

Hi everyone..
Just dropped by for a moment to say hello..
Our five grandsons are visiting so we have been busy..
It has been raining too but they don't mind.  It is so great when they love this old house with all it's nooks and crannies and are just content to be here..
They are either reading, watching discovery channel or playing games.. Then they take turns giving Sammi a run.. The poor old dog is snoozing his head off right now... The boys told him that he sure needed some exercise and I'm thinking he probably got it.. grin..

Last night we all went out for supper..
There is a lovely Mexican place here and I had told them we would go this Summer... It was wonderful ... We ate on the deck and they had a great time with the waitress and then the chef himself came out to talk to the boys.. smile.. They loved that.. Actually, the owners are Americans who are from Colorado and Texas and live here for 5 or 6 months and so the Mexican is pretty authentic..
Grandpa ordered a big batch of nachos for an appetizer and the boys said they were the best they had ever tasted...
This was my salad..
Pretty, eh?  And very good..
It is just greens, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts and some lovely flower petals..
And on a gorgeous plate..

This is the kitchen floor... grin..
Today, they  mostly stayed in until after we had Supper.
BBQ chicken breasts, new potatoes and carrots, two kinds of cukes.. one with vinegar and one with a creamy dressing..
And of course we had to have a

Cesar Salad.. Not very fancy..
They always get a kick out of the napkins..
I am a napkin junkie.. grin..
I love cloth ones but we don't have laundry facilities here so we use paper all summer.. These had an H for Henry on them..
At lunch they had one hundred dollar bill ones.. grin.. 
Breakfast consisted of 13 eggs and a loaf of bread and a jug of juice.. Terry and I laughed over that for about five minutes..
That would take us a week... grin.. We just love feeding them..
Three of them had french toast , one had a cheese omelet and the other one had simply scrambled and toast.. 

Anyway, tonight I decided I had better make some bread.. So I baked 2 loaves of my no knead bread..

We were having so much fun that I forgot to take it out..
The boys said this was Gram's burnt offering..
Aren't they adorable? 
Oh well I am sure their french toast will be fine..

Grandpa took them for a big hike way down the beach and discovered a hidden cove that they liked..
Then when they came home they had banana and Oreo sundaes..

Now they are all ready for bed but land knows when sleep will actually arrive.. grin..
They sound pretty awake up there.. smile..
I will get some, though.. Please,

Still getting ready for open house .. Labour Day Weekend..
I made this little journal... I kind of like them and hope to have several in time for my sale..
Just used a glue stick on a dollar store notebook..
Old papers, wrapping, napkins and old pics copied off the computer..

Sorry about the post.. I am half temped to delete it but hopefully you are all bored and need something to read.. grin.
Have a wonderful week and God bless and keep you all..
Thanks for your visits and comments..
Love them...


  1. It's a lovely post. Oh my, all that food is making me hungry. It must be fun having all those boys around!

  2. Sounds like you're all having a great time! That's what summer and Grandkids are all about eh?

  3. never ever bored...the jorunals so pretty...enjoy your time with your young fellas,
    so special for them I'm sure..:)

    From Faith @ Crochet by the Sea

  4. Love the pretty journal! Have fun with the grandsons!

  5. Faye,I'm so glad you didn't delete this post!
    So warm and cozy at your place - no wonder the boys love it and you!
    Not to mention all that great food...!

  6. So glad you didnt friend.Making memories with our precious grandkids are to be shared. I enjoyed. I just started my diet yesterday and a salad with walnuts and cranberries sounds yummy.
    Hugs Faye Henry
    Granny Trace

  7. Good mornin', Faye... I haven't had any internet this weekend and it looks like I have quite a bit of catching up to do!
    I'll bet you house is a busy place with the boys there... and I can picture poor Sammi trying to get some rest from it all. *grin*
    The salad looks yummy... I love mexican food but sometimes it doesn't like me back. *hehe*
    I love the journal~ what a wonderful (and beautiful!) idea.
    I sure hope you got some sleep last night...
    Take care, dear friend!

  8. Sounds like everyone is having a great time. I love the picture of all the shoes. It made me smile. It just looks happy. Enjoy your time with your grandsons. God bless.

  9. Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer! I always enjoyed my summers as a child getting to spend time with my grandparents. Miss those good old days. Hugs!

  10. Too Funny- a burnt offering- I feel better about myself now (I burned two pots of veggies lately. That takes talent, I know!)Glad the boys are having a good time, but then again, who doesn't have fun at your place?! You should trick them into helping you make things for your open house!

  11. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your grandsons! :) Your salad from the Mexican place is pretty and I love all the shoes. Reminds me of our back door :)

    Have a nice evening.


  12. Hi Faye, Send the boys down here sometime if they're still around. We don't seem to make it up your way as often as I intend but you're always welcome here for a cup of tea!

  13. I love your posts! Enjoy your boys!

  14. hi your grangsons left a big mess in the club house upstairs...