Saturday, August 20, 2011

A drive down Old Black River Road...

Good Evening my dears..
It is another foggy night here in St. Martins.. Inland it has been hot but here we have cool temps and fog..
Gotta love it..
I told someone the other day that I love the fog and the rain and wind.. They laughed... They thought I was joking.. grin..
Well, some of the time I do but I am ready for a lovely sunny day which is forecast for tomorrow.. The Lord's Day..
Just thought I would take you for a little evening spin down Old Black River Road which runs along the side of the Bay of Fundy..
I f I picked you up at the airport we could take this little scenic drive on the way here... eh, PAULA  ?
Like I said it is foggy here tonight but the Bay is out there...
The largest tides in the world.. Oh, I know I tell you girls that every time.. smile..
Lots of little streams run into the Bay..

Lots of grassy fields and notice how the grass is turning color already.. sigh..
Pastures and cows and golden rod growing along the banks of the Bay.. That it is out there under the sky..
My grandmother grew up here on Old Black River Road.. She used to walk to school and church here...Her old homestead still stands..Her sister just died a couple of months ago at the wonderful age of 105.. Amazing, eh? 
A long time ago..
A little place called Tynemouth Creek..
See the old boat over there..

A little old dock for fishing boats..
So funny... Terry and I grew up a couple of hours away but here in this little place his first cousin lives on one hill and my first cousin lives diagonally across on the other

Then back here at the cottage the Poor Man's Orchid is growing like crazy..
You can tell by it's height (almost 6 feet in some places) that Summer is nearing it's end and Fall is way too close for me.. 
I love Summer...
Oh well, like my Mom always says Time and Tide wait for no man..
I wonder where that saying comes from... smile..
Our grandsons  (all 5) are coming tomorrow night for a few  days.. grin.. 
We love that..

Today a sweet girl and her hubby dropped in.. 
She is a fellow blogger.. It was so good to meet you in person 

Thank you lovely ladies for dropping by and welcome to the new followers of the blog..
I so look forward to reading all your comments..

Aspiring to keep HIM first in our lives..
Love to you all...


  1. Lovely post and photos ! Have fun with the grandkids! I dont mind rain and fog right now we are getting a bad thunderstorm I love them to. On rainy fall days were its chilly I like to snuggle up on the couch and have the fire going ! Have a wonderful eve !

  2. I really enjoyed our visit too! It's foggy all the way over here as well.

  3. Such a relaxing and joyous post Faye...thank you for the tour of your home land.

  4. Old Black River Road is lovely! The pictures are beautiful.

  5. I recently discovered your blog and I must say I'm in love! It's like poetry. So refreshing and inspiring!

  6. Thanks for taking me along on your wonderful drive! I love the fog and mist; it makes for some awesome photos.

  7. Your pictures are beautiful. You live in such a lovely place. Thanks for sharing with us. I know you are happy to have your grandsons visit. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. The pictures are lovely, the name of the road stirs my heart just reading it. Loving it all! Hope you have a wonderful time with all your boys, nothing like them!

  9. Lovely pictures..Wish I was there photos.
    I enjoyed the visit Dear Faye Henry. Made a yummo apple pie today. Wish we could share and chat.
    Hugs Trace


    love ya,

  11. Ahhh, that was refreshing! In reality, I seem to be getting a mild case of cabin fever! That rarely happens anymore- must just be the gloomy weather.

  12. Dear Faye Hennry,
    Thanks for leting me dream, Your place is heaven.
    Oh! so lovely everywere it seems. You are such a
    sweet dear laddy for all your shearing.Thank You.
    I can't help but enjoy your blog. One can't help
    but feel th spirit though picture and word.
    A Friend,Cathy

  13. *giggle* Okay, okay, I can take the hint, Faye!
    You do live in such a beautiful place... I would LOVE to visit one day. I think I would do better to drive up there, the last (and only) plane ride I took didn't fare so well on my stomach! *grin*