Friday, August 12, 2011

Old FAshioned Idea Week... Prim Jar Tutorial and more..

Good Friday Evening, sweet ladies..
This is my last little installment on my week of old fashioned ideas..
There were quite a few prim ideas in the notebook so I picked this one to share with you. 
I made it yesterday in the shop while I was waiting for you all to show up..
I met one today who has been reading my blog and came and looked me up..
It was nice to meet you, Tanya..
This is what I am calling a Prim Recipe Jar..

I think it turned out kinda neat..
You just get an old jar, jug or bottle..
Pick one up at a yard sale or thrift store..
I had this old javex jug..
Please excuse my messy desk.. grin..
You also need some old pages from a recipe book.. or song book or whatever..

I used this old one that the covers were torn off and it was pretty stained..
Then just use some white glue or modge podge and a sponge brush..
Tear out some pages or pieces of pages and with your sponge rub the glue on good and then place them on the bottle..
Rub really well so there are no bubbles.
When you have the bottle pretty well covered to suit you then just let it dry..
Today I used some brown ink (on the desk pictured above) and a piece of cloth and rubbed it all over to give it an aged look..
Then just tie a piece of homespun on it and a tag.. I tore a piece of the recipe page and modged it onto the tag, too..
You can add some sweet annie or just leave it empty..
Hope you like this prim idea..
Or if you would rather you can buy it from my shop.. grin..

Here is another wee prim idea for some of you who has a chandelier that is not quite to your liking..
This one here is in our living room here at the cottage.. We need more important things done here than a new light so Shonda took a star and pip berry garland and wrapped around it..

TaDa... a kinda sorta prim light..
Suits me for now,

And last but not least again..
My lovely peppermint plant..

I planted it in an old colander..
Natural drainage with all the holes in it..
Make a tea with some fresh sprigs and then dry it and place in empty tea bags that you can buy and have for the winter..
Peppermint is really good for the digestive system..

Well, that is all for tonight ...
I think I do better when I only blog once or twice a week and not bore you all silly by posting every night.. 

As always, thanks for the visit and
to you sweet ladies who comment I want you to know how much I look forward to hearing from you.. 
Take care and God bless.. 


  1. I'm sorry I didn't get to visit this week. The rain was horrible all week and I don't know what happened to Connie. Maybe next week!

  2. What a lovely jar you made and your chandelier is so cute! I've never trying growing any of the mints but think I'll give it a try next spring. Hope you hear from some more of your readers real soon! Hugs dear friend and hope you have a blessed weekend.

  3. I love the jar. Wish I could come to your shop.

  4. Such a wonderful good post, again! I really love the jar idea, and can think of many things that would look good on one. The light is wonderful, so simple, but lovely. The mint, oh yes. I recently rescued my little neglected pot where it had sat mostly buried in the garden for almost 3 years. Since I brought it up on the deck, it is thriving. It came back to life, still in the same old dirt, and pot but with just a little attention, and water. It has more than tripled in size and sprouts. Much like people I think, when they are encouraged in the right way to flourish in the light with the right kind of "living water".

    Thank you so much for all the time & effort on this weeks postings. They take much time and energy to put together. Let alone a whole weeks worth. Hope you have a lovely weekend, and journey into the golden months to follow.

  5. Great ideas! I need to go check out some more, just in case I missed any! Thanks...

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. LOVE the bottle idea. I am going to make some for an upcoming show I am doing for the fall. Thanks! Blessing from Wisconsin. Jacky

  7. The most wonderful thing would be to have you blog every day!!! I love the old bottle that you finished up with the aged look. AWWW.... we are done with the week of old fashioned ideas? I loved every minute of it. Can you do that again sometime?

    Wishing a very nice weekend to you and hubby!

  8. I love your bottle and the way you decorated the light.

  9. I have not been one bit bored. I love all your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. We enjoy peppermint here too. It does need to be contained though. I had not thought of using an old colander. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  10. I love the bottle. YOu did a great job on it!

  11. You have ended on a high note, Faye! The jar primmed up is great! And I love the garland round the lights!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Dear Faye,
    I look so forward to your postings..they fill me joy and simplness of your craft.Your blog is a special one to be sure...and I hope that you don't cut your blog time...I for one am not ever bored....but enjoy enjoy enjoy...your creativity and sharing....
    From Faith @ Crochet by the Sea

  13. Faye :-) ARE THEY PUP PROOF :-)

  14. Neat jar idea!!

  15. I love the jar idea, I think I am going to have to get myself some Modge Podge. Oh and please don't stop blogging I really love your ideas.

    Love Ya,