Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Night Blessings...

Hello everyone..
Surprise.. surprise I am posting on a Sunday evening..
We are generally in church and I seldom am on the computer much on a Sunday but tonight we are having a car problem and had to stay home..
I intensely  dislike car problems.. mine or anyone else's.. If we are driving by someone and their car is parked on the side of the road I always say a wee prayer for them that their car will be easily fixed.. smile...
We had just left church this morning and the car was making a weird sound.. Oh no... Now what?  Aren't we so predictable?
We always panic before we even know what is wrong.. OK.. I.. always panic... grin..
Terry said that sounds like a wheel baring..
Well, to make a long story short... He went and bought the part at Canadian Tire store but he has to go home where the tools are to fix it.. So for tonight we are here at the cottage..
And so...
I thought I would show you another wee scenic pic here in the village of St. Martins..
One of two covered bridges ..

Beautiful, eh?
This pic is the same street going the other way..

This takes us back to the cottage and past the harbour..
Home to a Sunday night Supper..
Delicious Mussels cooked in garlic, onion and chicken broth..

Some toasted bread rubbed with garlic to sop up the juices..
And then a bowl of hodge podge with our new green beans that Terry picked at home and brought down..
Then later some blueberry ice cream..
Yup... the diet starts tomorrow.. grin...

My Open House for the shop is coming right up in a couple of weeks at the House of Henry here in St. Martins, N. B.
I am planning it for the Labour Day Weekend so that I can go home earlier this There is no place like home..

With that in mind I am making plans galore and hoping to get much accomplished in the next few weeks.. With the help of the Lord...
Guess what I am planning on making with these..

Lovely Rose petals that my sweet husband picked for me..
And these...

Pearly Everlastings that are in bloom here right now..
And lots of these...

Rose hips to ripen and dry...
And of course... Oranges...
They need to be sliced and put in the dehydrator...
Did you guess? 
Right... Homemade Potpourris..
Cinnamon Orange .. my best seller..
Pumpkin Spice...Crows in the Apple Trees, Blueberry Fields and the Sandalwood is all made...

Then there are lots of these done but much more to make..

Sweet garlic dills and Garlic Dills and ..
Sandwich Dill Slices...

Did I mention that Terry has cut me out a bunch of different wood pieces that need painted and primmed up...

Along with homemade salves, deodorants,  foot powders, hand salt scrubs, healing balms, and more..

Several old tables, cupboards and stands to be painted and distressed... grin..

Oh, I hope I get some prim sewing done..
Yeah.. I know.. I am crazy..
Hope you will all plan to come out and see for yourselves...
You can have some Hot Apple Cider and  try some pickles and sniff the potpourris... OK?

Now I am including a pic of something that I hope to do a post on tomorrow or soon anyway..
A flower that grows rampid here in Eastern Canada and a lot of North America...
It is a wonderful herb that is free and has so many uses..
I know you probably get tired of me talking about herbs but they are so good for you.. God planned on us using them... He gave them to us for our health.. Come back and check it out.. OK?
I wanted to mention before I go about all the wonderful customers and friends that we had at the shop this past week..
It was so good to see some friends that we had not seen for ages..
God has so blessed us with friends.. It was lovely to see you all and the new girls that came in and told me they read my blog..
So sweet... Thank you...
Well, dear ladies that is all for tonight..
I hope you stop by again and thank you so much for your comments last posting and such dear emails...
Blessings to you all.. Remembering you all in prayer...

PSALMS 25 - 4 - 5..

from Faye Henry...


  1. Oh my goodness, so much you've got up your sleeve now! I love the road & bridge photos. Such a lovely red house perched behind it. Tell me more of Tansy! I can smell the good food clear down here. Kindness & Love travels miles & miles.

  2. Hi, Faye, the village of St. Martins is beautiful! I love the covered bridge. I would love to smell your orange cinnamon potpourri, and taste your pickles :) All your goodies that you need to get made up sound exciting!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. Faye, Sorry to hear you are having car troubles. Hopefully Terry will get it repaired. Aren't we lucky to have men who can tackle our problems and save us some cash? Love the picture of the covered bridge.. Thanks for sharing. Wow , sounds like you have a lot to accomplish . Take time to rest. That orange cinnamon potpourri sounds heavenly. Bet it sure smells great. Have a great week.

  4. I can almost smell the lovely potpourri you're planning to make! Your pickles look so yummy! Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Faye, I love your blog. I noticed on an earlier post you use Pinterest. I have been trying to get onto it for ages... looks wonderful. Could you invite me please :) Marilyn

  6. Faye, it was great seeing you...what a lovely surprise! We loved the Queen Anne's Lace jelly - we think it has a faint flavor of apple.


  7. Love,Love,Love your blog...I always learn something, and my soul feels at peace here..I'll be back for the Tansy post..I don't think I've ever seen these here in Ohio...well, not where I live anyway...maybe in the country....:)......what is Pinterest?

  8. I hope you got your car repaired by now. It sounds like you're going to be a busy bee for awhile!

  9. Did you get your car sorted Faye? I am the same as you, anything to do with cars going wrong and I panic!

    The mussels look mouthwatering, they are Rob's favorite food, whenever we eat out and mussels are on the menu, you are guaranteed that he will order them!

  10. If you want a visitor/helper to help you get ready before your open house, just let me know :)

  11. Hope the car is all sorted out by now, Faye - without costing a fortune!
    You are always bursting with ideas and so busy!
    BTW, I loved seeing the covered bridge!

  12. Your pictures are lovely. It is so beautiful where you live. I have never eaten mussels but they look delicious. I also have not heard of the Pearly Everlasting. You will use this in your potpourri? Intersting, that you show the rose hips. I had some of these gave to me just over the weekend. We did not know what they were. We thought perhaps they were seeds. Maybe we could plant them and start a rose bush? Your dill pickles look delicious. I worked with a girl whose name was Tansy. I never knew she was named after an herb. Will you share your potpouri recipes. I would love to make some. I hope your car gets fixed soon with as little expense as possible. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  13. Dear Faye,
    I am so looking forward to the Apply Cider..its sooooo good. I love your open house. If you do need help just let me know, I have from the 1st to the 7th off. I need an excuse to get out of the house... lol! P/s. and would love to help you out.

  14. Hello, Faye... I've been off the computer for a few days and I've missed so much!
    This was such a wonderful post... you are always making something so neat (or yummy!)... I wonder if my hubby would notice if I ran away for a few days to come stay with you? *grin*