Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting the house back in order...

Hello ladies...
 Another lovely evening here in Eastern Canada...
We have been having gorgeous weather.. Very warm and Summer like although there is no doubt that Fall is on it's way..
Since  we arrived back home on Monday night I have been trying to get our house back in order... We bring a lot of stuff back and I like to clean before I put it away so it seems like it is taking too long..

Yesterday I cleaned our family room which is an open concept with the kitchen.. It is on the front of the house and it is where we basically live.. smile.. 
 I vacuumed floors, walls, and furniture and did the windows and fireplace mantel...Dusted everything in sight and rearranged a few things and freshened the air with some wonderful cinnamon... 
Sorry to say I did not get these done yet...
Did I ever mention that I love books.. grin..
I am aware that they need weeded out big time..
I think it is an all day job, though.. So.. should I do other stuff or make sure each room is done right before I move on?
I couldn't make up my mind this morning so I did the fridge..
Land!!  That took much longer than it should but this person is SLOW!!
 I mentioned it to Terry and he said to just do it my own way and it will all get done eventually..
 (I think he is worried that I might call Molly Maid..grin)

This afternoon we visited a family who lost their Dad and went to the Big Stop (a local favorite restaurant) for supper.. While we were there we met old friends who are going to China in the morning to teach school for 3 months.. I told them I would not go for all the tea in China.. smile.. She laughed and said she takes a big box of our King Cole love it, though..

The shelves still need organized and cleaned...

But for now the lamps are lit and the birds are settling down for the night...
The bird feeders will soon need to be filled and our maple leaves will be changing colors..
Tomorrow, I would like to start a bit of Fall decorating..
There is a lovely pepper tree loaded with berries at the end of the drive and I thought they will look lovely in my flower boxes..
We have some hops growing over on the tree line, too.
They are lovely vines to twist around bird houses and such..
I will share some pics of all that later when I get at it..

Oh and I will show you my book shelves later,

Thank you sweeties for stopping by...
Looking forward to hearing from you all.. 

Blessings sweet ladies...
Enjoy your evening...


  1. Good evening Faye, Won't be long and that chair and all those books will be so comforting in the cold winter months, huh? Love the lamp outside. Have fun decorating. Can't wait to see pictures. Blessings

  2. You don't need to do it all in one day, but you will get it done. Lovely view out your window, no place like home! Enjoy your Friday.

  3. You are so energetic, Faye! I was on the road doing errands all day. So tomorrow is house cleaning here and some fall decorating.

    I'm guessing that those books contain some pretty neat stuff! I know how you love your books. It is very hard for me to get rid of any of mine. I really purged a few years ago and donated many to the library book sale. I really felt better after I did it. But occasionally look for a certain book that I gave away!!!!!!!

    Have a really good day tomorrow!

  4. Your new header collage is just lovely, Faye!
    Just enjoy being home and do a little here and a little there!
    I'm sure I could really lose myself in browsing your great book collection!

  5. Morning Sweet Faye Henry..
    Wow so much alike. I like to clean up and organize whenever Im away too. Can't wait to see your fall decorating.
    Hugs Friend Trace

  6. Sounds like you've been busy as a little bee since you've been home, Faye...
    I love my books too but I try not to even look at my bookshelf if I can help it... it always looks like a bomb went off in there. *grin*
    I'm thinking of doing some fall decorating too this weekend~ it's a bit cooler here today (in the 60's! *squeeal*) and that has got me in the mood for fall.
    Don't work too hard....

  7. Like your new pictures on top of page. Dust...what is that? :) Blessings from Wisconsin!