Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A touch of Fall...

Greetings one and all..
Hope all is well in your part of the world..
Today I put a few Fallish touches around the kitchen.. Still plan on doing a bit more but am busy getting back to normal.. smile..
I thought you might like to know how to make the little swaggy thing that is there on the wall... Nothing could be simpler and you can also hang it crosswise like across your mantel instead of diagonal like this one..

I had bought some fake gourds awhile ago..
I just took a long piece of homespun fabric and tied it around the stem of five different gourds and then tied the homespun with loops on each end..
It kind of adds a nice touch....

I don't add a lot just a speck here and there..

I think this centrepiece could use a bit of work, though.. smile..

A little pumpkin on top of an old scale..

And what was for lunch?  Potatoes are new and much cheaper now so this is one of Terry's favorites..

Fry up a bit of bacon then add onions,garlic, green peppers and new potatoes, salt and pepper..
A good bunch of fresh parsley thrown on top at the end and some fresh lemon juice..
Delicious...Just don't eat them every day.. smile..

A pic I took on the way home from the cottage the other day..

I was thinking that on the Road of Life I am so glad that Jesus Christ is my GPS...
He is the Way...
I will get where I need to go if I just read His instructions and follow Him..

God Bless...



  1. The potatoes look yummy! No wonder he likes them! That's a great combination! I love your swaggy thing! Honestly, they look like real gourds! I really like your other touches too. I esp. like your racks and scoop on the wall, they look great against the white wall. I'm in between steps on our supper preparation, resting just a bit and here you are! So glad I got to see your post. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. I am so glad HE is my GPS too friend..
    Just love the potatoes dish! Looks wonderful.
    Hugs Trace

  3. Hi, Faye, I am drooling over your fall decorations. :) Everything looks so cozy! Your potatoes are making me hungry. Good thing Madison is whipping up some peanut butter cookies as I type. :)

  4. Your fall decorations are beautiful! And your potatoes made me hungry!! lol

  5. Your kitchen looks so pretty with the black accents....and just the right amount of fall accents. The potato dish looks delicious. My husband would love that. And yes, God is directing us every step of the way...isn't he good? He is a loving God!

  6. Lovely fall touches, Faye! I loved the pic along the road too, smile!
    It is great to know the One who knows the path ahead!
    God bless

  7. You made my mouth water with those potatoes!! I might have to go and fry some!!! Love seeing all your goodies for fall. Love that wooden bowl and I love your music too!

  8. Love it all ! The potato lunch looks soo yummy I will have to try that sometime soon. Loved the photo of the winding road wonderful scenery! Have a lovely eve.

  9. O yes- I'd better dig out the few fall decorations that I have- note to self. Those potatoes look really good- I can almost taste them from here :)

  10. Everything looks great, I love the gourd swag. I will have to try the potatoes, love potatoes and bacon, anything fried in bacon is the best. thanks for sharing.

  11. Good one - actually we are lost with HIS GPS.

  12. Yum! I want to try some of those potatoes.
    Your fall wall displays are so awsome.
    Happy Fall!

  13. I love your little fall touches Faye! And those potatoes have my tummy growling! Have a blessed day!

  14. The potatoes look a lovely idea for an Autumn tea, I will have to give them a try.

    Your touches of fall all look warm and homely Faye, thanks for sharing the pictures and have a lovely week.

  15. Beautiful pictures. I love all your fall touches. So pretty. The comment you made under one of your pictures about Jesus being your GPS brought a song to mind that one of the groups sang at our revival. It was about Jesus being our GPS (God's Precious Son). It was a very good song. Enjoy your day and God bless.