Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The pleasure of being Home again..

Hello my dears..
Here I am.... Home... Thank you, Lord...
How are you all tonight?  
We finally arrived back here at home last evening.. Bags and baggage... My, what a lot of stuff... And of course, we are still not finished and will have to go back for a day or two to finish up but basically we are moved back HOME... smile..
What is there about a place that just means so much to our hearts?  Last year when we moved home I posted about all the memories that I find when I come back again.. 
Terry and I are at the age where this house is really too big for us and we know our kids would love to see us downsize (smile)... But when I mentioned to Terry SEVERAL times today that I was so happy to be home we both feel the same.. We are not quite ready to leave this place yet.. Unless the Lord comes back then I will gladly go Home with Him but meantime this sweet place means a lot to this old heart of mine and his, too..
With all the repairs and upkeep it needs.. smile.. 
Sorry, kids... grin...
Guess we will just hang around here a while longer.. smile..

Just a few pics I took today here and there.. 
When we left these flowers were just coming up and look at them now.... 

Gone to seed and just waiting for me to squeeze them so that their seeds will fly all over...

And then when we left I had just made Apple Blossom Jelly and now look....
Lots of apples growing and the hydrangea are all in bloom.  I posted also about making a wreath with those last year..

Although, we live in a wee village we actually have fields in back of us.. We have a farmer from up the road who comes and cuts the hay and in exchange we get a few chickens...

Today he came and finished cutting it...

Of course, if you are readers of this blog you realize that we also spend a lot of time at our old farm up in the Kent Hills..
We love it there.. Not as much as here but we feel very blessed to have this old place just to go and relax...
We went up today even though we had just moved back to make sure all was well as we had not been there for awhile...
And the grass needed mowed.. smile.. 

It was lovely.

The cows were still in the pastures....

And the dear brook was still flowing..

Beautiful, eh?

After a couple of hours there we came back home to do some more work..
I did manage to put my mint plants on the truck from St. Martins...
Now, they are hanging here..
I wanted to start drying it...

There are 3 different mints so I will dry a plant at a time...
There will be plenty of mint tea around here this Winter..
Peppermint is lovely for colds and headaches but you can find all that stuff on google..

I didn't think that my lavender that I had brought into the house last year survived..
I put all my plants on the back patio and just left them when we went to the cottage.. Most of the Lavender was dead but there was a small piece that I thought was Rosemary still living.. Today when I went to check on them there was a lovely big lavender plant..
So... you can grow it in your house...
I told someone last week that you couldn't but I forget who I told it to...
It was a Spanish lavender, I think..

Well, that is all for tonight.. Try to dry some mint if you are growing it or buy it at the market.. I love my tabbouleh and it will be neat to use my own mint..

Thanks for the visit and to all you new followers welcome...
Hope you girls find something to interest you.. Somewhere here in my ramblings..
Love to you all and God bless..
Looking forward to hearing from you..


  1. Well, I have only read one post and I already love your blog!!! I will be back.

  2. Lovely post friend. There is no place like HOME!
    Beautiful photos. Just like being there. Well almost. :)
    Hugs and Welcome home.

  3. It always feels good to be home doesn't it! We keep thinking about downsizing too. sigh.

  4. It only seems like last week that you were going up to the cottage! Where does time fly! The summer is almost gone. Truly there is no place like home. Hugs dear Faye!

  5. So thankful you are home! No place on earth like it. The apples look so good, what a blessing! Hope you get lots of rest and just get to relax and enjoy yourselves! God bless you both!

  6. Home is best, I agree. What a lovely post! God bless you, xx

  7. I love your posts and they always make me feel so peaceful. You are right. There is no place like home!

  8. It's just good to know you are home safe and sound.
    You are in the middle of everything that God has made so wonderfully well - It's bound to be home - until we get to Glory!
    Best wishes

  9. Welcome home..I loved traveling and then coming back home with you..I wish you were my

  10. I do love coming home to our place after a trip or visit. There is just something to be said about home. Of course, I do look forward to going to my eternal home with the Lord when the time comes.

    We do have mint growing in our back yard. Not sure what kind it is. I should try drying some.

    Have a great day.


  11. Your pictures are lovely. So many changes happen in life. I have a question about drying mint. How long do you leave yours in the dehydrator? I have tried drying it before in the microwave but it seemed to not have as much flavor as the dried mint I buy at our local health food store. If you would email me about this I would appreciate it as I have mint that I could dry now. Also, how do you store it after you have dried it. Thanks and God bless.

  12. Hi Faye.....that was quite an adventure being with you in St. Martin's this summer. It was wonderful.