Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The lights went out in St. Martins...

Good Morning my dears..
It is Tuesday morning here in the Maritimes of Canada and school has begun for another year..
Another day of looking back at time flying by in this household..
There are no children leaving here for school this morning  but there are  five sweet boys who are special to our hearts who are sitting at their desks this morning...
I pray a blessing on them that God will cover and protect them from accident and diseases but also from the snares of the enemy.
A couple of them are teenagers now and life looks different to them.. I know they have wonderful parents who are praying for them, too and that blesses this Grandma's heart..
Try to pray with your children, mamas if only for a moment before they go out  your door in the morning..
When they come back in the afternoon pray a short prayer of thankfulness that they are back in their homes...
God is faithful...

Last night as I was preparing supper our hydro went out...
It was almost dark and Terry was going to be late so I had to light the candles...

Candlelight is cozy, anyway...
I went around trying to find a few to light...

Thankfully, the potatoes were all cooked.. I wanted to try a new recipe that I found for Potato Salad with the herb tarragon..

I picked a wee bundle before I came in from the shop..
I love tarragon vinegar as you know..
Just take a bunch like this... wash and dry and place into a bottle of vinegar and in a few weeks you will have a lovely flavored vinegar for your salads or fish....
Anyway, all I had to do for supper in the candlelight was to mix the salad as the meat was also ready..
Not  a great pic taken in the semi dark... smile... 
For the recipe....
You just cook your potatoes (3 pounds) as usual and drain.. While still warm (I cut my potatoes up as they were bigger and left the skins on as we like them) add this little sauce..
1/2 cup of olive oil
1/4 cup of vinegar (cider or tarragon)
1 large T. of chopped tarragon
whisk together and pour over your potatoes..
Add the rest of your veggies.. (celery, onion, green onion, whatever) in the amounts you like...
Stir in and add 1 1/2 cups of mayo... (more or less to taste)
salt and pepper..
Then fold 4 chopped hard cooked eggs...

* a wee hint.. Just add your eggs to the top of the potato pot for the last few minutes and you don't have to cook them separate...

You can put this salad in the fridge for a few hours * if your hydro is on... smile...
But take it out for an hour and serve at room temp..
That is according to the recipe that I found in an old country book at the shop yesterday..
Terry arrived home almost the same time it was mixed so we ate it at room temp...
Now you can add 4 sliced of crumbled bacon but we didn't get that far.. grin.. we don't need it anyway but bacon makes anything taste better, eh?
Also.. you could change the herb to your choice and what you have available.. This was a good salad...

Well, ladies I must go..
My open house is over until Friday and Saturday again..
Then on Sunday we go to Art in the Park at the Fundy Trail..
My year's work will be over and I may go home.. Lovely..
So this week I am still building as I used to say when I did the craft shows.. It is to be a sunny weekend so that is great..
I am making pumpkin preserves and apple butter today..
I had herb balm in the slow cooker all day yesterday while I was at the shop and that needs bottled as I sold out... Thank you, Lord..
Everyone loved the cider so I want to make some mixes to sell..
I need to come up with and a creative  package for it.. grin..
And...... who knows perhaps I will mop a floor or something..
Do you know what my heart wishes it was doing?
Putting a quick loaf of bread on to raise and putting chocolate chip cookies in the oven for some wee tummies to devour before supper...
Those were the days, girls... Really... Appreciate and thank Jesus for them for they will pass all too quickly..
I wonder if the kids remember the time I made donuts and left them out on kitchen table and then hid in the pantry to see if they would touch them.. When Trev's wee hand reached out I hollered... Gotcha!!!.. Oh.. those were the days..

God bless you sweeties...


  1. I have had the power go out in the middle of cooking. Thankfully I can light the wood cook stove and finish it up. Your potatoes sound really good.

    I will be canning apple cider today from what me pressed yesterday.

    Have a great day.


  2. The glow from the candles is so cozy! But we all depend so much on electricity - glad you still had a tasty meal.
    Thinking of you

  3. So good to read of you this morning, like going home for a visit. I'm happy for you that things are going well with the open house. Hope you have a wonderful week! Blessings!

  4. Hello Faye...Your potato salad is much like my Grandmother's recipe that we keep passing down through the family. Yum...I can taste it now. Many people do not make potato salad anymore. It really is easy...and so good.

    I heard the bus picking up the young girl next door this morning. I sincerely miss those days when my children were young. It was so much fun. And I , also, had homemade cookies all ready when they came home on that first day of school. is still good. Now...I can't wait to call the grandkids after school today!!!!!!


  5. I too have been pondering about those days. I still have one in high school and one second year of college. Oh, those were the days...I was a little crazy, but for those who read this blog, take Faye's advice, as little ones grow up so fast - enjoy the stage of life you are in! I've not only been praying for my girls, but nieces, nephews, and even great nieces and nephews as they go off to school. As old as mine are - we still share a prayer each morning before they leave home - Blessings from Wisconsin

  6. Your potato salad sounds yummy ! Candle light is wonderful and so are your photos. Yes we all should pray for the saftey of all children where ever they are ! Have a wonderful eve.

  7. I have never heard of pumpkin preserves. Would you please share your recipe? I must have missed your entry about cider. Cider mixes? I would be very interested in this as well. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. We lost out power last night too but not until around 8pm and we didn't get it back until around 5 this morning. I was not impressed! I could picture throwing out all that food again. Imagine, playing tricks on your children like that! ;)

  9. Beautiful post Faye I got here in the end :-)
    Days that all seemed too short. Not enough hours :-) to do everything that we wanted to do, I always managed to do the things I had to do :-) JUST :-) Happy days :-)
    To all kids everywhere starting a new school this week :-) ENJOY :-) x x x

  10. Ya know Faye, I DO enjoy the stage my kids are at- I had that very thought today...The good, the bad, and the ugly...just joking! Today was Miss Lauryn's 1st day of "big school"- what excitement! Jacob was taking such great care of her this morning while getting ready for school. We were even out waiting for the bus 10 minutes early-Imagine...Doing Homework is quite a different story!!

  11. Where has the summer gone so fast! I'm so glad fall is just about here. We had bad weather here Sunday night and lost our electric several times. Labor day was all rain and hard winds so we didn't do any thing special. Love the potato salad recipe! the tarragon vinegar sounds lovely. Hugs dear Faye!