Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday Evening....

Hello ladies.. How are you all ...
I had said last night in my posting that I wanted to get some Fall decorating done today..
Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans... smile..
This morning first thing my dear hubby (whose birthday is today.. grin) brought in a huge bag of these..

These were the half ripe ones which we love just the way they are for sandwiches and such..
But most of them were ripe so I made a huge pot of this..

Fresh tomato soup for the freezer...
And then the birthday guy had some company come out to wish his Dad a happy birthday.. smile...

And he wanted to visit HIS dear little dog.. Sammi..
Sammi is always sooo glad to see Dustin...grin..
Anyway, when Dustin  comes home I start cooking for him..
A loaf of homemade bread and a big bottle of strawberry jam and his favorite.. a pot of fried rice to take back with him.. smile..
Anyway, I eventually got down to the bottom of the drive to this tree..

We call this a Pepperberry tree but I really don't know the proper name..
The berries are very nice for decorating..

A nice orangey red color...
Well, while I am snipping some off it starts to pour rain..
Great... grin...
I head back to the house..
Sammi thinks I am a bit slow and decides to scratch his itchy ear..
The sun is out up there.. Crazy
I looked over towards our fields and look what I saw..
Isn't that beautiful sight... Our God is so faithful..
He is still the same as the day the very first rainbow appeared..
What an awesome God we serve... ..
Then it is back to the house with a big handful of branches and I got started on this..
The kitchen windowbox...
Is that the phone I hear...
Yupppp.... Dear boy left his jacket here with his bankcard in the pocket so we drive over to the Big Stop to meet him halfway..
And now it is too dark to do anymore..
Tomorrow, Lord willing we head back down to the cottage to do some closing up chores...
So I  guess I will need to do the rest next week..

For now, I need to go and make my Sweetie a nice treat for his supper.. He got into the homemade bread earlier and was not hungry until now..

Gotta go my dears...
Love to you all..


  1. Evening Faye, Happy Birthday to your dear Hubby. Hope he had a wonderful day. That tomato soup sure looks yummy. Will be soo good when those cold winds blow. Love the window box. Have a safe trip to the cottage and a blessed weekend.

  2. Those tomatoes look so good! How happy you are with your family and dear little furry friend. Loved the rainbow, oh yes,He is so faithful and good. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. A Happy Birthday to your hubby !
    Tomato soup my hubs or as I call him Papa's favorite. Lovely photos. Have a wonderful eve.

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday, Terry!!!!! Hope the next year is a blessed one for you. So nice of your son to come and visit on your birthday!

    Faye...I love the window box....those pepper berries are so pretty and bright! I know will be beautiful when you finish it. Your tomato soup looks so good. We love homemade soups but have to be careful of the seeds....but I find a way!

    Wishing you a safe trip to the cottage.


  6. Happy Birthday Terry and many blessings! That tomato soup looks so good! What a wonderful photo of Sammie and Dustin. I love those red berries with the birdhouse. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs from me to you!

  7. Morning My Dear Faye Henry!
    Happy Birthday to you Sweetie. What a awesome present The Rainbow God shared with him on his day! Breathtaking..
    I love your pepper tree and the yummy soup. What great pictures. You are blessed.
    Blessings Trace

  8. Thanks Faye, always lovely to see what your up to. A very very happy birthday to someone special :-) x x x

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to Terry, Faye... glad you got to spend some time with Dustin.
    I know all too well about those "best laid plans"... some days never go as I had planned, but...
    Those tomatoes look yummy and the soup looks even better but my first thought when I saw them was fried green tomatoes! (Can you tell I'm from the South? If it can't be fried, I've probably never eaten it. *hehe*)

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TERRY...and how sweet that your son came home...even though he did reap the rewards of the

    What a huge full Pepperberry tree...very lovely.

    I couldn't figure out what the photo was and still couldn't till I read the paragraph below the pot of soup...they looked like very pale cherries or something...anyway...yummmmm.


  11. What a beautiful rainbow. Hope your husband had a wonderful birthday.


  12. Hi, Faye, I am glad you are back home safe and sound. It would be neat to have a summer cottage and so much fun too. :) Happy birthday to your husband. Your tomato soup looks delicious.

    I had to ask Quentin if we lived in a town or rural area. :) He says we live in a rural area. We are a few miles from a small town that only has one traffic light and half an hour from a small city where we do our shopping. :)

    Have a great Sunday.


  13. Happy birthday to your hubby. The tomato soup looks great. Would you share the recipe sometime? I have never heard of a pepperberry tree but it is very pretty. I love the rainbow. We are always on the lookout for rainbows. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  14. I nominated you for a Liebster - check it out!

  15. What a lovely post... I love the pics...take ya.

  16. Hi was looking at this post again and realized that the "Pepper Berry" I believe is called a Mountain Ash Tree. The Robin's eat them berries.