Saturday, September 3, 2011

House of Henry Open House... first day over....

Happy Labour Day weekend, everyone..
It has been a very busy and hectic week around here.. I hope you noticed that I have not been blogging very
I hope to get back at it next week..
My first day of Open House is over, thank you sweet Lord..
Now, I can relax and enjoy the rest of it.. It is all set up and all I have to do is to add to it as I get something finished or dug out..
There were a lot of people.. old and new customers and friends..
Here are a few pics of the shop..

Some fall bears....

An olde mouse and an olde book.. I decided to make a craft out of the two of them..
This would look neat on a table somewhere...

Preserves sold like crazy today..
My best seller is still the Sweet Dills...
And I must say that the  recipe that I concocted with ginger and cukes is a next best... smile..

Stovetop Potpourrie in book pages..
I know I showed these before but I make them every time...

Sold the wind chime ...
Some wreaths .....

And a primitive poe chair...

Another wreath..
Outside sales.. smile.. Only the chair and birdhouse left...

I could have sold these if I had of wanted to but I had only stuck them together..
No glue or anything... Perhaps, next time...
I saw the idea on the web last year...

Sage and pansies just a bloomin'..

And my best seller of the day was the Lavender Fresheners...
So glad I made so many..
Salves sold really well, too..

Well, my dears that is all I can come up with for tonight..
It was good to see friends from home and thank you so much for all the sweet offers of help.. You Keepers of the Home are awesome.. Thanks .... I know you mean it, too...

And thank you  for dropping by.. I hope to get back in the groove soon .. I have some wonderful new ideas for you all..
Just as soon as I get a minute..
Fall is coming and now is the time to prepare for .............   smile.. I can't say the word or even type it.. I so love Summer and will even stamp my feet and cry to keep it here but to no avail...
Fall is in the air and I may as well accept it although the good part is that I will soon be back home..
Thank you, Jesus...
We love it here at the cottage but we also love to be home..
No place like it...

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day...
Keep trusting in Him...
He is precious...

Thanks for the lovely visit and I wait to hear from you..


  1. I just knew those lavender fresheners would be big sellers. Oh...and I love the wreath with the cute. You have been so busy. I hope that right now you are resting with your feet up! It is so nice to hear all about the open house.

    Blessing to you, Faye.

  2. So happy all is going well for you! Love all your ideas and photos. God bless! I can see you standing in the wind, your arms up raised, saying, "give me just one more week of summer!" Smiling at you!

  3. Sounds like your open house went really well. Everything looks wonderful!

  4. I'm glad you had a great day!

  5. Such lovely things you have in your shop. I'm glad the Open House went well for you.

  6. So glad you had a wonderful day at the shop! You have so many pretty things to select from.
    Have a great weekend Faye! Hugs!

  7. Everything look so wonderful. I hope you have a blessed weekend, Faye!

  8. always a pleasure spending time with you Faye, you are a blessing. The shop is darling..happy selling...Faith @ Crochet by the Sea

  9. Your shop items look really nice! What are the gourds on stakes? I'm always looking for fall ideas for the Ringle Harvest Day event I do. You are very talented! Blessings from Wisconsin!

  10. So glad your open house went well ! Your truely blessed with an amazing talent ! Lovely photos. Have a wonderful eve.

  11. I am so glad everything went well. You have such a lovely shop. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. We loved your open house Faye, you have so many great ideas and are always so willing to share. After visiting your shop Sandra and I stopped at a quiet beach, climbed down the rocks, and enjoyed a picnic. It was a perfect day.
    Thanks again, Laurie

  13. Oh Faye your shop looks awesome and decorated so pretty for fall!
    So glad sales were good!

  14. So glad that your open house went well Faye, everything looked beautiful!

  15. Lovely visit to your shop Faye Henry!
    You are so talented friend.
    Hugs to you

  16. Dear Faye,
    Your open house was lovely, I really enjoyed it all and I loved the apple cider and the Mustard pickles. MMMMMMM! The offer for help still stands...and I do mean it!!!!
    Love Ya,

  17. What is the address for House of Henry?