Monday, September 26, 2011

A lovely 1800s Day...

Good Evening my dears..
Hope you had an enjoyable weekend..
Terry and I took Saturday and had a lovely day visiting and 1800 village a couple of hours away..
I took a lot of pics but I promise not to bore you with them all..
Here are a dozen...OK?  smile..

It is located on the famous St. John River...
The fireplaces were all lit and they were cooking lunch when we arrived...
This house is almost my favorite one..  I think..
One day they served the Keepers of the Home apple pie and tea...
It was cold and they were so kind to us..

Homemade Dill Pickle Spears which they will sell at the Thanksgiving weekend..
Don't they look delicious?

So many windows had red geraniums in them..
This pic has the horse team working outside..
Look close and you will see them.. smile..

I love the shades in this parlour..
And the dishes are wonderful...

Sometimes this window sill has vinegars but the lady of the house told me they had all been put away...

My darlin' of a hubby took me out for lunch at the Kings Head Inn..
We had corn chowder and the bread basket..
biscuits, brown bread and baguette..
Homemade butter
Fresh tea and a Berry Desert with whipped cream..
So very good...

Every house had their wood all cut..

The horses taking a breather...
One of my favorite pantries with fresh herbs in pots..

Some handwork..
braided mat...

It was apple fest on Saturday and all the homes offered us a different type of apple treat..
They had homemade apple butter, apple and cinnamon bread and an apple cake here..
There was also apple pies and squares...
Tiny pieces so we could try everything.. grin..
On the way back home we came the old way down by the river and stopped at the big veggie places..

I will share a recipe tomorrow with some lovely veggies we picked up...

Thank  you so much for dropping by and to the faithful ones who leave such sweet comments.. Thank you so much..
I am going to try and answer your questions here on the blog from now on as my emails are not getting through to some of you..

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to our oldest son today.. 
Trevor is a wonderful son and Dad to 3 of our 5 grandsons.. 
Happy Birthday,  dear ... 
We love you.. 

God bless you all...


  1. Oh, I would have loved to come along on this field trip. :) Do these folks live there like this full time? I think it is wonderful.

  2. O, I think I might be a bit jealous... Kings Landing?!?! I can almost smell the good food from here & I so love the rag rug- I would like to have a huge one for my living room. Glad you had a good visit (but take me with you the next time, wouldya- Please :)

  3. this looks like a lovely fall trip..serene and out in rural area...ahhhhhh....thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures with us. from Faith @ Crochet by the Sea

  4. I love all your pictures. We love going to places like that. We used to have a place here called Explore Park that was similar to the place you went, just not as pretty. They, unfortunately, closed ours place down. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  5. What a lovely way to spend time with your Mister. Love the photos as it looks like a place I would love to visit as well. I just love the old way of life. So interesting. Thanks for taking us along thru your pictures. Can't wait for the recipe. Have a great evening.

  6. What a great place to visit. I have always enjoyed the older days. It was more work, but life was less complicated, I think.

    I enjoyed all the pictures. Have a wonderful evening.


  7. Oh what an absolutely lovely post...wish I lived there...I love the photo of the fireplace...I would LOVE one just like it...and I think I could smell that delicious food...well almost:-)


  8. What a wonderful day with your sweetie! I would love to visit. The photos are wonderful Dear Faye Henry!
    Happy Birthday to your Son!
    Love & Joy

  9. Hi vicki..
    In answer to your question.. Do the folks live there fulltime..
    No, the adults go home at night but during the Summer they hold camps where kids can go at a week at a time and be a part of a particular house..They stay right at the village and even have to wear night clothes from the 1800s..
    My friend's daughter goes every Summer and learns so much.. the old time skills and enjoys the helping with the housework and eating the meals, etc.
    The adults eat their meals there at their particular house.
    If you ask them a question they can only answer in their time frame.. I said something to one of them about a dehydrator and they didn't know what I was talking about.. smile..
    It is lovely...
    Thanks for the question..

  10. What a wonderful place! Sure makes one appreciate all the hard work that goes into keeping a homestead!
    Simple joys and hard work. Love it!
    I just found your lovely blog, and I am really looking forward to reading all your posts!

  11. p.s
    I'm your newest follower (as of now), and happy to be able to follow your cute blog :)
    Hope your week is a great one!

  12. A most beautiful place - how fun to have it close enough to visit.
    It all looks like you would just want to settle in and stay the day.


  13. Beautiful pictures. Would be nice to live back then - but, then we wouldn't be able blog...:)
    Blessings from Wisconsin

  14. Lovely pictures! The river is amazing, love that fireplace. Glad you all had a chance to go "play"! The braided rug looks amazing, and the food delicious! I think I want everything in that pantry!