Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A little post...

Hello ladies...
How is all in your world tonight?  It is sure getting dark early, eh?
Terry has been putting our wood in.. Colder days are coming and he always feels so relieved when he gets it all in.. We mostly use wood although we do have electric also..
Yesterday when we picked up a few groceries we bought a basket of these..
Lovely peaches.. Although we ate a few on our trip to the farm there were enough left to make this for supper this evening..

Peach Cobbler...
You girls from the south have probably been eating peaches for awhile now... They have been in the markets for ages but this was our first basket for some reason... smile..
Oh well.. better late than never..
I found the recipe for this

I did double the amount of peaches, though.. Terry wished I had added more so keep that in mind if you make it..
I also added a grate or two of nutmeg... Just because we love it..

And last but not least my friend Donna asked about the mint that I was drying in the last post...
The first question was how long it would take to dry the mint...
I think it probably takes different amount of time depending on your dehydrator... It took around 3 hours, I think for mine.. Also, whether your machine is full or not would probably influence the length of time.. ok?
Just keep checking and when it is nice and dry then turn it off.. That is what I actually do...
And the other question was how do I store it..
I took a pic for you, Donna.. smile..
Mason jars.. I keep all of my herbs and spices in mason jars of different sizes.. If I have to change the size of the jar then the cover still fits... I still need to dry a lot more in the next few days..

I am trying to get the house back in order...
What a lot of dust collects while you are gone.. smile..
Oh well.. in due time, I hope it will be mostly gone..

Thanks for dropping by and thank you for all your lovely comments.. I look forward to hearing from you all..

May the good Lord bless and keep you...


  1. Faye, your cobbler looks heavenly, but you might need a taste-tester (me) to make sure it's okay first... *grin*
    We've been enjoying peaches here for a little while, but they have been quite pricey this year, so I only got a few.
    I've missed you~ I'm going to read back through your older posts to see what you've been up to.

  2. I am glad you are home, Faye ...but will miss you at your darling cottage in St. Martins. I really enjoyed reading about your summer there. Your peach cobbler looks scrumptous! We have had quite a few peaches here in the Finger Lakes of western New York. They are very sweet and we love them.


  3. Am thankful you are enjoying home again. I only made one peach cobbler this year, it was good. They were high here. I have one more bag I froze, there wasn't enough to can this year, but the one will be a treat when the cold wind blows later on. I have a bit of mint put by, not enough yet though, the plants lived, but didn't thrive due to the hot weather. I am thankful for what I have though, even small things are blessings along the journey!

  4. Good evening Faye, Glad you are back at home. We live in Ga and we are the Peach State. Only got a few fresh peaches this year. Mr. P. loves peaches and we usually go to the orchard and get them and put them up to have for winter. Just never got around to it this summer. That cobbler looks wonderful. I make one all year thru with canned peaches for the mister. We heat with wood during the winter also, altho we do have a furnace. Mr. P has been cutting and splitting all summer. Our Pastor has had many trees cut at his rentals so we have an abundant supply this season. Hard to believe it will be that time again soon. Take care

  5. That lovely cobbler looks quite yummy! Hope you saved me a taste! Peaches were abit expensive this year so I didn't buy any. We used to heat with a wood heater in our younger days but now we have natural gas. I bet that mint will be so good in tea this winter. Hugs!

  6. Your cobbler looks yummy! I have two more boxes of peaches in our cooler, and another tree that is loaded with peaches. I may need to make a cobbler tomorrow.

    Have a great day.


  7. Thanks for the reminder about drying the mint. I have three kinds of mint as well as other herbs that I need to get out of the garden and into the dehydrator before they die!

  8. Hi Faye,
    Goodness your Peach Cobbler looks awesome. My mouth is watering (really it is!).
    We have purchased Peaches the last two times we bought groceries and for some reason they turn bad almost immediately if you don't eat them. Like real soft and pitted - they look like But they sure taste good.


  9. Sure makes me wish I had some dessert with my lunch after seeing you peach cobbler!! Hopefully I'll get to see you soon! -L-

  10. Thanks for the info on drying the mint. I will have to get out our dehydrator and give it a try. Your peach cobbler looks delicious. I love peaches. They are probably one of my favorite fruits. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  11. Interesting blog, makes me miss going up to Canada like i used to do. Richard