Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just and Olde Cottage Pantry.....

Good Morning sweet ladies..
A very short post this morning but lots of pics..
We are planning on going back home next week and I remembered that I had not shared one of the treasures of this old cottage with you.. I know a lot of you are not into old dishes but then some of you are..
I have been collecting for over 40 years so please do not judge me.. smile..
I admit it is a weakness that I inherited from my Mom..
Bless her heart.. smile..
Anyway.. this is what you see early in the morning..

Olde dishes ...

A great place to dry some lovage seeds.. smile..

My Mom's olde tea set..
Isn't that dear?  Each plate and cup has a different birdie on it..

Do you like old cups?  I do make pin cushions with some of them...

Lots of old plates..
Some of which were gifts from two wee girls who stayed here overnite many years ago and wanted to buy me something to thank me...

just an olde print I can't part with..
leaning against the dishes..

Old silver cutlery..
That big one is a tomato server..

One of my favorite little milk pitchers...

need lots of little vases and lamps...
right?  smile..

Mrs. Robinson's old flour barrel..
still being used in this old pantry..

little plates from my sweet cousin Patsy...

olde trays and tins...

the pantry windowsill...
I think I spy a few nutmegs.. grin..

Aunt Emily's crocheted apron hanging on the back of the door..

And last but not least is a wee teacup from my sweet Aunt Mary...

I hope you enjoyed your little tour...
This was only half of the pics...
I think there are a lot of old dishes in there..
No wonder the kids want me to start getting rid of stuff..
Anyone out there want to buy a few old plates or cups or whatever?  grin...
Have a blessed day sweet friends and remember my open house is again tomorrow and Saturday...
Then we are in the Fundy Trail Art in the Park and then we start packing to go home..
Thank you so much for your visit and your lovely comments and emails.. I look so forward to hearing from you..

Love and Prayers


  1. The dishes are beautiful. My girls have a couple of tea cups and saucers that my parents gave them. Several years ago when we visited them they had a tea party and they got the first set.

    Have a great day.


  2. You have an amazing collection Faye and I love so many of the patterns.
    God bless you this weekend also!

  3. I've inherited a "junk gene" too....Blessings from, beautiful fall day here today.

  4. Wow! And I thought I had a lot of dishes. They are all lovely.

  5. They are all wonderful ! My mum had some of those paterns ! A lot of dishes you have ! I have even seen some of these paterns in antique shops ! Great pantry . Have a wonderful day !

  6. Lots and lots of sweet treasures! Did you make the little lamps with the tin bottoms? They're so cute! Hugs!

  7. Your dishes are so nice! I love old dishes too :)

  8. Hi Faye, Once again..what a lovely post, love the pics. If you need any help on Sat just let me know.
    Love Ya, Char

  9. Oh Faye Henry be still my heart..I just love all the dishes. And the dear birdie treasures. OH MY!
    You are blessed friend. I loved the visit once again.
    Hugs Trace

  10. lovely, and what the Dr ordered today..a dose of simply lovely and good
    from Fatih @ Crochet by the Sea,,,

  11. I am ending up my day looking at your beautiful things. They are no lovelier I am sure than those who have cherished and used them to make their home truly sweet.

  12. I love old dishes: the feel of them, the patterns. Did I see some Homer Laughlin mixed in? I have a small collection of HLC but no where to display them all such as you have. And I would like to see the apron spread out, up close. I think it would be wonderful!