Saturday, November 3, 2012

An owl of a giveaway and preserved lemons recipe...

Happy Saturday Evening.... 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 
So glad you dropped by... 

Just wanted to share a wee giveaway with you tonight to celebrate the changing of the season... 
We will now be getting ready for Christmas, eh? 

One of our grandsons visited with me yesterday and while we chatted I made this wee owl... 

As you can see he is only as big as my hand.. smile.. 

To get a chance to win him there are 2 requirements.. 

1.. Be a follower of the blog .

2.. Leave a comment and tell me what state or province you live in..

We will draw a winner on Monday night.. Nov.. 5... 
You can live most anywhere as this is such a small parcel.. 

 Now I also mentioned that we made some preserved lemons...

I love these and try to have a bottle always on hand.. 
I chop them up and put them in my salads or fish or on my oven fries or in my salsa.... yada yada yada.. smile... 

Here is one link although there are many on the web.. 

I followed this recipe and didn't add any spices.. 
Nor did I use a mason jar as I had just washed this one and it was sitting there on the counter waiting to be used.. smile... 

Well, dear ladies have an awesome Lord's Day and we will try and get together again after the weekend.. 

I will be looking for your comments... 
God bless.. 


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  2. Evening Faye, sweet owl, I`m a follower and live in Winnipeg, Canada.......would love to win the cute little owl, please put my name in the giveaway.....Blessings Francine.

  3. I am a happy follower on GFC. You know how much I enjoy my visits. Going to check out the lemon recipe. That is a cute owl, is it knitted? Oh, and I live in NYC xo

    1. Hi Barbara .. No, he is not knitted just made from old wooly type fabric... xo

  4. I live in Western New York between Rochester and the Finger Lakes. Every season is beautiful here. Your owl is such a sweet little guy. He could go anywhere. I have been a follower of your blog for quite a few years. xo from Susannah

  5. I'm a follower, I live in Wisconsin - Love your owl - I'm in.

  6. Hello Mrs. Henry~
    Yay...I love give~aways!
    Yes, we follow your blog.....and we live in WI...U.S.A :)
    The owl is so cute,
    my aunt (my Mommas sister)
    that passed away used to collect owls...
    so whenever we see a owl we say
    "Aunt Jackie would like that!"
    Thank you for the chance to win this cute lil guy!
    Have a great Sunday!
    Trust and Obey~
    Maggie Mayo

  7. Hey Faye . He is cute . I am glad you had a nice visit with your grandson . I always look forward to your posts ! I am a follower and I live in Ontario Canada eh ? A CandaBrit part Canadian, part British but I think you knew that lol ! Have a wonderful Sunday !

  8. Faye, that lil' owl is so sweet! Yes, I'm a follower & am from Alberta....:)

    I love all the recipes you always share! Someday maybe we shall eat together...:)

  9. Love that owl!!! He's a doll! I'm in Kansas, the Heart of the USA!

  10. cute little owl, they have made a come back haven't they? I think you already knew, I am in Virginia! Lemons??? uummmhhhumm! Might need to try these, I have some on hand!

  11. Faye, you know I'm a follower and where I live too. :) And for your other commenters, I live in New Brunswick about 1 1/2 hours from Faye. ;) What a cute little owl! I like it's mismatched eyes. Have a blessed Sunday. Pamela

  12. I think it would be owl-wise of me to put my name in for this cutie... don't you think?

    I live in Southeastern, PA. and just came home from a Barn Party with friends. Fun to sit down (warm up with another cup of hot coffee or two) and read about this giveaway going on.

  13. PS: I'm already a happy follower... smile!

  14. Hi Faye,

    Your little owl is sooooo cute. :) I have been a follower for almost a year now. :) Just had my one year blog Anniversary. woohoo! I live in the great state of Utah where it is starting to get a bit nippy. Winter and snow is just around the corner. YAYYYYYYY!

    Please enter me in your giveaway.

    Have a wonderful Sunday my friend.

    Take care, Janet W

  15. I am a follower!!!! Kierstead Mountain New Brunswick is my nest!

  16. That little owl just brightened my morning when I saw it,it is so cute and would love to have him sitting in my home.I live in Bridgewater Miane and follow your blog everyday.Love the receipes and most of all the beautiful pictures you post.God Bless you Donna

  17. Awww, cute owl! I'm a follower on GFC and I live in Missouri. :)

  18. Hi ya Faye my darling, so good to be able to drop in here again... and look what I see :-)
    We have an owl that hoots at odd times outside the cottage window... MY BEDROOM window.... at least this one would be silent :-) Ah, he's lovely... and a recipe. Most of kitchen is somewhere else at the moment :-) But when it comes back it will be one to try...
    State ? I am a state any way :-) How about Devon :-) Not on your side :-) x x x
    Good to see you Faye X

  19. I love the little owl, Faye. My grandmother, who passed away 2 years ago, had such a love for owls. She had owl everything in her home. Even her cookoo clock had an owl that came out to announce the hour. LOL! This little one reminds me of her. I would love to be entered for a chance to win. Thank you!

  20. Faye, I forgot to mention that I reside in the great State of Maine! Just about a mile or so from the New Brunswick border.

  21. Hi Faye..
    So cute, that owl. How fun to spend time with your grandson, and do a creative craft together. I'm certain that is a precious memory, he will always have.

    I'm going to give your peasant bread a try.. will let you know how it turns out.

    We are set to have pleasant weather here, in Utah, and I'm hoping to get just a few more outside things done.
    I bought some darling metal sunflowers, that will look perfect placed behind some of my herbs.

    May your week be full of smiles, a little laughter, and many blessings.


  22. You have a wonderful Lord's Day, too my dear. We are going to church in Langley today, my hubby pastored there for five years, we were there for 12 altogether, so we will see many dear friends.
    I love the little owl, and I live in Manitoba!
    Hugs, Cindy

  23. Happy Sunday......I'm a follower of your blog and when I saw this owl I instantly thought of a friend that has a birthday next month! I live in Southern Maine.

  24. Oh sweet woolie OWL!
    I love.
    Please enter me Granny T from Pa :)

  25. I am already a follower of your wonderful blog. I would love to be included in your giveaway as owls are certainly among my favorite things. I live in the State of Michigan.


  26. We are now followers, and we live in the south Tennessee is where we call home.
    Blessing ~

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  28. So sweet! You did a wonderful job! I'm a follower in Virginia, USA. :)

  29. I am a follower. I love your blog. I live in North Carolina (in the Smokey Mountains) but am planning a move back to the big city (to Charlotte, North Carolina) in December right before Christmas. I absolutely love the owl! It is precious!

  30. I am a follower from central Pa.
    have great week!


  31. So cute, i'd love your wee owl! Did you know I live across the pond? In the Emerald Isle!!

    1. LOL.. I think I knew that, my friend.. It does not matter..xo

  32. Sweet owl Faye;

    Of course, I am already a follower!

    Preserved lemons - I have never heard of that. I just might have to try it too.


  33. Hi Faye,

    I must try this bread...yummy. :)

    I think I am not only a follower of the blog but addicted. :) I look back on past ones all the time. I thought of you this weekend, found your chocolate chip recipe with the "secret" ingredient. My son Colin loves them so much. :)

    I live in Sussex, New Brunswick and would love to be entered into your draw for the cute Owl.

    Looking forward to reading with you all week.

    Hugs to you Faye,

  34. Hi Faye, please count me in on your giveaway, the owl is adorable:) I'm a follower and now a resident of Florida. Thanks for the chance ~ Lori

  35. The little owl is beautiful! I'd treasure it! I live in Western New York.
    I enjoy following your blog.