Monday, November 19, 2012

Just a journal thing...

Good Evening my dears.. 
Hope you all had a blessed weekend.. 

We had a lovely Lord's Day and God was so faithful and blessed us with a touch of His presence.. 
Granting  us strength for the week ahead..

This is just a short posting tonight.. 
Today I worked on getting ready for Keepers Meeting which is on this Saturday morning ... 

Trying out some new recipes, making up a few craft ideas, doing my lists , searching the Word... 

I don't like to show any pics of this as I like to surprise the girls... 
So, I will share today's work next week after the meeting.. 

The above pic was one I took when I was in my bedroom there in the last post.. 

These are two journals that I keep in my drawer in my night stand.. 

Do you know that I have kept a journal since I was 12 years old?  
A mighty long time... grin..

I did not write in it daily or even monthly ... 
Just every once in awhile..There is quite a pile of them.. 

It started out in just some plain paper folded like a notebook with some of my doodling to decorate it.. smile.. 

The one above is my latest.. 
Dustin gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago.. 

It holds triumphs and blessings.. 
And sadness and pain.. 
But most of all it holds joy... 
Joy that God gives because He is faithful that way.. 

Prayers asked and prayers answered.. 

Then the other Teddy Bear Journal is one that I started when our oldest grandson was born.. 

In it's pages are memories of our times together written down ..
Some little pieces of remembrances stuck here and there.. 
Pictures, cards, ribbons or whatever.. 

They are growing so quickly and I wish I had kept a better record ...
But it is just for me anyway... 

Do you keep a journal? 
What kind do you have?  
Just wondering.. 

Well, I must get to bed... 
I have a recipe in the crock pot that I need to check ... 
Get Terry's critique.. grin.. 

Have a blessed week my dears .. 
Thank you so much for your lovely words and visits.. 

Sending you all blessings.. 


  1. Hello Faye, Yes, I keep a journal. I can not say that I am very dedicated about it. Sometimes it is months before I write again ...then I am faithful again for a few months. It is all about our joys and our sadness... prayers for friends, neighbors and family. But my best journal is the one I keep for my flower gardens. What flowers we buy, what flowers we move from one spot to another, what seeds, what kind of seeds and the price. Then at the end of the summer I evaluate all of my flowers, all of their habits and what garden did the best, etc.. It is so much fun...I have been doing this for years. Even when I have had 500 seedlings growing in the basement under grow lights, I make sure to add all the details to my garden journal. I enjoy comparing one year to another. I have a list of my favorites, too.

  2. I have several, different ones for different things, but I neglect them too much I think. It seems I plan to write, but most often do not, the days have a way of getting away from me; me, a lover of words....,, I probably need to re-think that!

    I know I attended a conference once, and the speaker said, "write the God stories, so you can look back later, and remember,and see how He has acted in your behalf." She was telling how her husband needed a $1000.00 oral surgery, and because they have no income, and no insurance he could not have it done. But you know the ending, he was given an old car, which they sold for exactly $1000.00, and it paid for his needed surgery!! So many times, He works to help His children! In the most unexpected ways!

    I hope you have a wonderful week, and that we get to hear all about your meeting next week! Blessings, Dear Faye!

  3. Since I was eleven I write in a diary. In recent years it has become more of a prayer book :-) I think yours are very nice. I often use ordinary school notebooks. These are very beautiful in the Netherlands :-) It is so good and discharging to write our thoughts on paper and read it again later. I love this post, thank you and warm greetings!

  4. Hello Faye :) I was never one for diary writing, but have kept a journal for the boys, to record sweet memories and moments that I treasure - sounds like the one you keep for your grandchildren. I think it will be a really special keepsake for them when they are older, I hope anyway :) Oh, I do keep a little prayer journal type thing too, it is lovely to read back how wonderful God has been to us. I hope you have a lovely Keeper's meeting xxx

  5. Different times of my life I did journal. I journal everyday actually with my "to do" lists. I also doodle in them, ideas etc. for projects and I also put in recipies. Some I keep others toss. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  6. I wish I kept a journal. I try. I love the idea of a journal but then the work of a journal keeps me from truly doing it. So I guess my blog is as close to a journal as I get. I did get a wonderful idea though from someone (I can't remember who). They print out the blog posts every year and store them in a binder. I am thinking of doing that. I hope your recipe gets Terry's approval. I'm sure it will. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  7. Hi Faye;

    When my children were small my sister sent me the same Teddy Bear Journal that you have shown. I used it to record the funny things that they said. It's fun now that they are grown to look back at the things children say.


  8. I have kept a journal on and off since I was about 13 I think. It's pretty sporadic and I don't write regularly. But every now and then I get the urge to write down what I'm feeling and I always enjoy looking back on past entries.

  9. Oh Faye, I write the same way. On and off. But I do enjoy looking back and seeing His Hand over it all. Have a blessed day! m.

  10. Hello... i am a new follower from Nederland. Nice blog you have. I haven't the time to look often on your blog.. but sometimes I will scroll through the nice posts you made.

  11. Faye wish that I did keep a journal!I have started many times but seem to always push it to the side.Hope that you have a wonderful time at the meeting.Hugs,Jen

  12. I so love the idea of keeping a journal. I always forget to keep up with it.
    I truly want to start a gratitude journal.
    Woolie Hugs

  13. I think it is wonderful to keep a journal, Faye... I've not been faithful in writing to one all the time but I have kept some writings down through the years... mostly in an old notebook. It's not pretty like yours... it looks like it has been run over a few times. :) (Well worn, I guess you could say!)
    Can't wait to hear about your meeting this weekend!