Friday, November 2, 2012

Enjoying the basics....

Hello Dearies... 

I promised I would post the recipe for a new bread that I tried out and so here I am... smile.. 

Terry and I spent the day at the farm again yesterday.. 
The weather right now is so great for him to get outside chores done up there... 

As for me I always find lots to do.. 

I rearranged the kitchen... 
I know ...
 I should have taken some pics.. 

It is a small kitchen there and very basic, believe me.. 
A vintage one shall we say.. 

Terry had taken the old chimney out a few years ago and bought a new one but has not installed it yet.. 

It looks very unsightly and I tried to cover it up by placing the old china cupboard in the corner..
 It only covered about three quarters of it and you can still see it at the top.. sigh.. 

 Then as there is  not much counter space I decided to drag another enamel topped table in and see what I could do with that.. 

I think it was a good idea but now I need to get a few things from the shop to fix it up a bit more.. 
Some old crocks and stools and such..
Oh well.. another time.. 

I had been into Chapters and noticed a wonderful new book called 5 minute Breads or some such name.. 
It cost $35.00 here in Canada so I just sort of thumbed through it.. 
It looks wonderful to tell you the truth.. 

There was a whole chapter on Peasant Breads.. 
Sound interesting? 
I thought so and noticed one that was a lot like the no knead one that we make .. 
I scrutinized the amounts of ingredients and thought I may as well give it a try.. 

Here it is mixed up... 

That only took probably 4 minutes or so.. 
Then you just let it rise for an hour or two.. 
And make a peasant loaf and let it rise again...
Cut a cross  in it and bake it... 

Voila.... smile...

I did not use their method but used the basic No Knead Rosemary Bread way that I make all of the time.. 

It is HERE...

Anyway... Here is my version of..

2 cups of warm water 
1 T. sugar
2 1/2 tsp. instant yeast
4 cups of unbleached flour
2 tsp. salt
1 1/2 cups of 12 grain flour

Let yeast rise for a few moments and then stir in white flour 2 cups at a time stirring after each addition..

Add the grain flour and salt

Stir well again and cover and rise in a warm no draft spot.. 
(inside your oven is a great spot..)

Let rise until doubled.. 

With oiled hands roll into a round loaf while oiling the dough.. 
I used olive oil.. 
I placed my bread in a greased round cake pan as I had no cookie tin and I think it helped to keep a good shape.. 

When it is high enough cut a cross with a sharp knife.. 
Sprinkle on a bit of flour on top and bake at 375 degrees F. for about 35 - 40 minutes...

If you try this let me know how you like it.. 
Next time I hope to use rye and whole wheat flour for another kind of peasant bread... 

The afternoon slipped away and I made our supper.. 

We love our salads...

Then we had a bit of rubbed herb chicken breasts... 

Some of our homegrown squash and mashed potatoes... 
Just basic food, my dears... 

After Terry had put the ladders away and I had finished the dishes we headed back home... 

Just in time to light a candle or two and make a nice cup of tea... 

Life is a very basic thing here in the Maritimes of Canada... 
Just down home stuff like old farms, peasant bread, meat and potatoes... 
Then we settle down for the evening with a nice hot cup of tea and end the day with a thankful heart for all of the wonderful blessings bestowed upon us for another day... 

Gotta love it... 

Thanks for visiting.. 

Welcome to the new followers.. 
Love having you all along for the ride.. 
You guys are awesome.. 

Oh.. I had some darling company today.. 
One of our grandsons came for a visit and we made some Preserved Salted Lemons.. 
Stop in tomorrow and I will tell you about it.. 
And I made a woolie owl... 
Maybe it will be finished...


  1. WOW ! Busy lady that's for sure . Oh everything looks and sounds wonderful . I do love your English cottage salt and pepper shakers on the table , they caught my eye right off the bat as I collect English cottage tea pots and some salt and pepper shakers . Nothing like a cup of tea is there ? I am off now to make Papa and I our evening tea . Have a good evening my friend !

    1. Thank you, my friend ..... Have a great weekend and enjoy your cuppa...xo

  2. You and Terry are always busy, and that is a good thing. Your dinners always look "simply" delicious. The bread was making my mouth water. xo

    1. Terry really liked the bread. Barbara and I am making more today as we had company and it disappeared.. smile..xo

  3. Wow, you made me hungry! I am going to try that bread. Thank you! I have been wanting to make "bread" for awhile and have been putting it off. This looks like one I can do. :)

    1. So nice to hear from you Anita... ?This bread is easy...xo

  4. Hi Dear Heart, Life here is very basic, too. But we have talked about it and that is just how we like it. Faye, your squash looks so yummy. I have a couple of acorn squash out on the garden sink in the garage and maybe I will cook them tomorrow. I love it when you go to the farm and we get to see and hear about all you are doing there. Your kitchen at home is very pretty and cozy. Take care now.

    1. So glad you could come along, Sue... I wish I could get the farm kitchen the way I want it but all takes time, eh? xo

  5. I always enjoy when you share your visits to the farm and the simple home cooked meals you prepare. The bread looks really good. You are one busy gal! Where do you get the energy? Wishing you a lovely weekend. Hugs, Pam

    1. I do not have a lot of energy, my dear.. I am just selective in what I do.. grin.. xo

  6. Faye, your stories are always so restful, and your kitchen table looks so homey and welcoming.

    1. Thanks for your visit, Mary Ann.. Glad you enjoyed your visit, too..xo

  7. I'll have to try that bread recipe someday... I bet the loaf would be mangled before it ever had a chance to cool :)My job for today is to make applesauce with apples that I (well, mostly I supervised) picked last week. I hope it turns out...

    1. I am sure your applesauce will be lovely, Lindsay .. You are a great cook.. xo

  8. I'm no good at baking bread...I will have to finally try your no-knead breads. They look so good, I hope it is as easy as you make it seem. My problems lie in an old drafty house, or getting the yeast too hot or not hot enough. I usually end up with flat blobs. My mom's breads were wonderful - she also put them in the oven to rise. Blessings from this simple down home life in Wisconsin.

    1. Nice to visit with you, Jackie.. Let me know if you make the bread.. xo

  9. Morning Faye......I would love to sit in your vintage farm kitchen eating warm baked bread, cup of tea with you, cozy......thanks for the recipe, Blessings Francine.

    1. Hello dear Francine.. I would love to have you, too ... xo

  10. That bread looks delicious! More beautiful than anything I ever see in the store! And I love your dinner plates - so pretty. Can't wait to read about the preserved lemons. Have a great weekend, Faye :)

    1. So glad that we met, Tammy.. I love your blog and your visits..xo