Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just working on some projects...

Good Evening, dear hearts.. 
Hope all is well with thee.. 

Another very cold day here in the Eastern Canada...

Terry went to the farm and I stayed home.. 
I am starting to get that overwhelmed feeling.. 
So many projects started and nothing finished.. 
We have been going up there so much that I am now lagging behind.. 
Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it.. grin.. 

I wanted to introduce you, though, to someone pretty special.. 
Please let it be known that I am not a dog person.. 
We have Sammi and of course I love him because ... 
Well.. just because.. 
But someday I would like a cat and chickens and 3 sheep.. 

Never mind... 
Anyway... Meet Charlie.. 

You have to admit that he is pretty
He is a Wrinkle Dog or some such thing.. 
Dustin received his Christmas present early from his girlfriend.. 

He is showing Sammi his wrinkles.. 
Poor Sam... He is wondering what I think of this guy.. 

Well, just so I don't bore you completely I will show you bits of my week.. 

Some homemade maple granola.. 
My friend who lives in St. Martins calls me a granola.. 
Or is it a granola want-to-be?  grin.. 
You all know what that means .. Right? 
If not just ask me and I will tell you.... smile... 

Here is a bag of things I bought this Summer at a yard sale or someplace like that..

What would you do with them?  
Here is what I did to them today.. 

Remember that they are only just started.. 
I will show you the finished project in a day or so, I hope.. 
Do I have your imagination going, I wonder.. 

Then here are some pieces of vintage quilt tops..

All tea dyed and ready to be turned into something for a gift.. 
Later, too.. 
This was just our salad.. 
Using my preserved lemons.. Yummy....
I talked about them HERE..

Remember, I mentioned that I had bought an old Santa at Thrift for three dollars...

He is humongous..grin.. 
Well, I tore off all of that fake stuff.. 
Eyes, brows, beard, etc.. 
And painted and sewed on a new face.. 

Glued on some sheep's wool...

Sprayed him with some homemade coffee dye..

Several coats actually.. 
Had to lay him on a chair and dry away..

He needs another coat before I go to bed.. 

To make a nice spray all I did was make some strong 
instant coffee and put several drops of my kindred spirit oil in it.. 
Put it in a spray bottle and spray away.. 
He smells good enough to hug.. grin.. 
We are not real Santa people.. 
Christmas is about Christ but there is a bit of a child in me that remembers the fun of my Dad teasing me and saying that Santa's elves lived in our attic.. smile.. 
Sweet memories.. 
And here is another dear little thrift store find... 

I know Suzanne or Paula will want these.. smile.. 
They went to the farm for my new shelf... 

And last but not least.. 

Another salad.. 
Did someone say the word diet around here.. 
Not with that real bacon and homemade croutons.. 

Well, my friends.. 
I am so glad you dropped by .. 
You are awesome and I thank you for your lovely comments and notes... 
I just love them... 
Going to town tomorrow and then to Bible Study so I will catch up with you again soon.. 
Take care and may you have joy and peace.. 




  1. You really worked your magic on that old Santa, fabulous job! Your salads always looks so crisp and delicious and have me craving one. I like your "spray" - where does one buy kindred spirit oil?? Do you sell it?? I would love to have that Santa sent to my friend in Virginia. :-) xo

    1. Hi Barbara.. Thanks for the visit and your sweet words.. I buy Kindred Spirit Oil at a prim shop but any oil would probably work so long as you like the smell and shake it well...

  2. Faye,
    Oh, Charlie is adorable!!!!

    I loved seeing what you are up to! Crafts and food! I love the snowmen! How creative! And the Santa- definitely an improvement. I agree with you with Santa. Christ is the center, but Santa does remind me of old traditions and childhood. I don't like the new cartoony ones. I like the old fashioned ones, so I love what you did! I would never have thought to do that!!!! And, love the spray idea! It would dry faster than soaking and dunking and leaving it in the oven and forgetting about it and your husband turning the oven on... Well, you know about that one!

    Well you are just a busy gal, my dear friend! Blessings to you!

    Love and hugs.

    1. Thank you dear Heather.. I guess we are all busy this time of year.. xo

  3. LOVE the Santa - what a great idea!

  4. Sounds like you have been busy! All of your crafts look great. I need to get started on my Christmas crafts. Have a great night, Faye :)

    1. So nice to hear from you, Tammy.. Time is flying, eh?
      God bless..

  5. Hi Faye, You sure are a busy lady! Charlie is so cute and I'm sure he and Sammy will become good friends. The little snowmen are fun. You have a great imagination to think up this idea. I love what you did to the old Santa! He's adorable. Enjoy the rest of the week. It sure is cold out there! Hugs, Pam

    1. Thank you, Pam.. At least Charlie does not live here but with Dustin.. Two dogs would just be too much but he can visit.. grin.. xo

  6. You have started some wonderful projects, dear lady. I look forward to seeing the finished product. The floats do make cute snowmen and that Santa, he's huge, and he is also adorable with his new face intact!
    Have a good week.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. My goodness Faye you are quite the busy bee aren't you ? Oh that pup is soo cute I think the breed you were thinking he is , is called a Chinese Shar-Pei but this guy looks like he also has another breed in him , very cute though ! It has been cold and damp here and we are to get a bit warmer with rain come the weekend . It has been very strange weather for us here in Ontario. Have a lovely evening dear friend !

    1. Thank you, my dear.. They told Dustin that the parents were two purebreds only different colors?? Who knows... Not me.. grin..

  8. Evening Faye, love the Wrinkle pup, so cute and your Santa is looking great, so much better then before.......those canisters are really neat......Blessings Francine.

  9. Wow Faye, you have some lovely projects there, and dogs too, so cute! I love those rooster containers, what a great find! xx

    1. Hi Carly... Thank you.. I do love old dish stuff.. grin.. xo

  10. I love you sneeuwpop-hoofden ( snow heads) They are so sweet!

    1. Hi Jedidja..So nice to hear from you and thanks...xo

  11. Faye, You are one gifted lady! I love the snowmen and wish I had the gift to look at something at a yard sale and/or thrift shop and be able to make it look well great! I have been looking for some "old" dishes and have not found what I am looking for yet, but am sure I will. Have a great day Faye.

    1. Hi Krista... What kind of dishes are you looking for?? I need to call you.. soon.. xo

    2. Just looking for two that match (Chris and I), something old looking so I can set up our table lovely. Lots of times through the week it is just the two of us for supper. I love when you show us your table all ready for the meal you prepared. I am going to try the Mustard Broiled Chicken for supper tonight. Have a great weekend Faye. I am anxious to see the finished product (your snowmen). Hugs

  12. Faye, do you mean to tell me you are not a dog person? How will I ever tell Lily.... :)
    Charlie is adorable. He is so cute he might convert you over to their side. *haha*
    I'm glad you shared how you use coffee to stain your projects~ I always wondered how people did that!
    And when you are finished with the rooster coffee and tea jars let me know and I will send you my address. *grin*

    1. Hi Paula.. Please don't tell Lily.. grin...
      He is cute... I will grab your address as soon as I need to move them along.. grin.. xo

  13. Hi Faye;

    You are so creative - a visionary from your snowmen heads to the Santa. Wow.


  14. I love your pictures! The Santa looks so much better. I would never have thought of re-doing him. Your salads look delicious. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. I like doing that kind of thing, Donna.. Thanks for your visit and sweet comment..xo

  15. so cute that sammi has a new brother :) Looks like you've been busy crafting...what were the brown things that are being made into snowmen??

    1. Sammi has a new brother but he does not live here.. grin..
      The brown things were for the water.. buoys. or some such thing..
      Thanks, Lindsay..xo

  16. Wow what a cute puppy!
    Didn't you just do a great makeover on Ol' Santa Claus!! Looks wonderfully prim now!
    And the snowman heads - you're very creative!

    1. So nice to see you , Christine and thanks for the sweet comment..xo

  17. I love the vintage Santa. I also do a lot of tea staining. I love doing flour sack towels,but they do stain easy. I use my towels a lot for raising my breads which causes them to get oil stains on them. So I am always tea staining them so they don't show the oil stains as bad.

    1. Your flour sacks sound awesome, Michelle.. Thanks for your visit..xo

  18. What a cute Santa! I love his makeover. I'm trying to catch up with everyone's blogs and to say hello. It's cold here in Florida this morning! Got a hot cup of tea to warm me up. Hugs to you! Oh, that puppy is just adorable, love all his cute wrinkles.

    1. Hello dear Christine.. I know you have been busy but so nice to hear from you... Take care..xo

  19. You're right! The puppy is cute. Is he a shar pei? Our last dog was a shar pei...aka wrinkle dog. They make nice pets.
    I love the Santa. Like you, we are not big Santa people, but instead focus on the true meaning behind the Christmas celebration. I do have an old Santa, though, that belonged to my husband when he was just a small child. He is VERY old and his fabric has thinned a lot over the years. Well, he is over 50 years old you know.LOL!
    I do so enjoy your posts, Faye.
    Stay warm!